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  1. Justin Tho said:


    You spit flames dis ain't no game yo flow is corny man go join a lil boys band your lines r fading away man your to soft like sand the deathbed of calling for you to take you out of the battle if I was you I would skedaddle
  2. BackInBlack's Avatar

    BackInBlack said:


    Skedaddle? ? ? For real? Lol.

    Yes I spit flames
    This punk spits flem, or is that slobber?
    Maybe it's not a game
    Well then, somebody come and get this todler
    You'r a joke
    So are your rhymes
    You SUCK
    I'd tell ya a thousand times
    But you don't listen
    Like a KID that doesn't pay attention
    Somebody come get this
    A.D.D. remedial throwback d1ckl3ss
    Ridiculous wack b1tch, I'm sick of his
    Kendergarten tactics
    Everything he's impartin's wack sh1t
    I take the art and craft it
    Smack 'em into a backflip

    When I rap these bars of mine
    Planets and stars align
    A prodigy like me is hard to find
    I'm well trained in the art of rhyme
    And my words are my nunchucks
    So I get Bruce Lee on ya dumb fux
    Hey, I'm just gettin' warmed up
    We can can get dirtier than a porn fuk
    Wit' a born sluht and camera crew
    Might have to show y'all a thing a two
    That's exactly what I mean ta do
    So sit and listen and pay attention, I'm not through
    If rap was a pu$$ie I'd leave it bruised and battered
    I hate to leave y'all's illusions shattered
    But I could beat y'all wit' my arms tied, on a skateboard cruisin' backwards
    The pit, the vortex, the abyss keeps losin' rappers
  3. Justin Tho said:


    Lol u got me bruh I'm done xD gg your good I don't freestyle ✌️
  4. amokzz said:


    u spit flames ? better take and turn it grey no backinblack i hit the pack wit a rock in da sack cracked one ball detached ur **** got snatched by bruce lee doing that karate a kick in da nuts doing pilates u get naught wanna party? prodigy u see u cant get the vagina where did u get these lines from ? ..have u been lying son ? right run get a gun and put it to the scrotum and um * let that bullet cum u still some scum bumm ill send some dildos to u in the vortex wit fedex and get u ***** next u'll suck my **** but wont have sex ur ex must suspect u still stalk her and get erect detect in the airport
    this sort like i am are talent born tear ur rhymes with my sword and i'll make u vanish not deport get ur *** 10 years of emotional court
  5. BackInBlack's Avatar

    BackInBlack said:


    It's all good Justin. Neither do I if you think about it. Freestyling is the actual spitting of rap off the top of your head. We're writing it down. If you like rap and think you can get better. Then by all means don't stop. I'm not where I want to be yet either bro.

    Now as for amokzz...

    Yeah, you do and you'll clean it up son
    What kind of gibberish was that sh1t?
    You do pilates? What the fuk son
    I mean for real, fuk that sh1t
    And fuk you too, are you undastandin' me?
    Fuk you and fuk ya whole family
    But I get it, yeah, it's how it had to be
    It's so kind of you to hand to me
    This easy kill, these emcees is real
    And well, all you do is grease the wheel
    I'll hand you to RobbMac, not that he needs the kill
    But it helps every time a wanna be leaves the field
    You can't even begin to fuk wit' us
    I still kill lil peons like you coz I love the rush
    Almost as much as I love a good hit of the kush
    It's okay, you just can't cut it when shove comes to push
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  6. alvicopopple said:

    Default kk keep it simple

    I got hyper linkin/under-age rapper stinkin/my flow flyin/n urs stil @napkin/swagless rAp should been thrown on a dustbin/alvic is class handsome n u ugly ducklin/my bars comin up straight haha (rapid)/stay out u cyc u stupid/base and solid,level is for liguid/still @ grade 1 dont go around brag sayin u can dis me/caution pls advice i was givin/more bars coming @ u #eFfEcTs is myopic n shiverin/fact i said thin/not a kid to b kidin or jokin/u"re clown bcoz u funny/go to duty ur launderin/ur black is fade/u should b my servant/u lol smellin pant/my dope **** held u up oh..d big frend giant
  7. BackInBlack's Avatar

    BackInBlack said:


    I had to come back to topple
    This fool named alvicopopple
    His freestyle is an incoherent pile of sh1t
    Not one line made me smile a bit
    No humor, no punchlines, not a hint
    Just more mundane asinine lines
    Without a trace of wit
    This fool is blastin' my rhymes
    When mine just don't quit
    Ya fukin degenerate
    This payback is deliberate
    And when I'm spittin' it
    I may be inconsiderate
    So I think you may be illiterate
    You got pride? Get rid of it
    Coz you're just a gotdam idiot
  8. amokzz said:


    yo backinblack suck my ******* ill interact with ur mother on the couch while she sucks my **** she cant act crazy and i shove my **** up another track
    u dont even rap it took u a day just to comeback ***** dont brag i dont pass dat joint cuz i smoke it all give ur mommas *** so that i can grab ur like a rat trapped i still fuk ur mother and leave a big gap
    im an animal my **** and ur moms mouth ..we compatible with a capital d like **** in her ***** its juicy now go and write something worthy better be good u be saying dont hurt me ! dont make me shoot and burst three bullets u history..
  9. alvicopopple said:

    Default it always av 2 b me

    [12:33, 9/2/2014] alvicopopplebī“„: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm de one and only kingķ*½ķ±‘ķ*½ķ±‘ķ*½ķ±‘ is back in de building hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahah
    [14:55, 9/5/2014] alvicopopplebī“„: Get up n clap for alvicopopple in d build/pure lyrics i post which are easily to read/take n use my bar for i am not selfish n greed/my punchline suck *** @rap so i am takin of da lead/if my punchline capture ur *** as slave,forever,never been free/my lyric is a gun stay out i dont wanna kill/u lost of swag pls update i dont mean u should go out n steal/k eat sum good food as for d three tye of meal/got ur a deal u r not fit/coz u cant pen dis thing i spit/so quit n practice for perfection bfore u off bit/always b d best among d rest big fish to fry a aim i shall built
    Uto wack.....
    (Pampass wrapper)
    uto wack.....
    my slogan i leave
  10. CrazyKydz's Avatar

    CrazyKydz said:

    Exclamation The Burial Ceremony

    I've never seen anything like this, what were your intentions when you wrote that piece...I mean all that sh1t?
    Were you expecting to be applauded? Your talking mad sh1t but I bet you ain't even about it,
    This clip imma empty on you gon' feel like a Laron Landry hit, Blood everywhere you'd think its a scary movie clip.
    Amokzz seems better than you, I bet your playing as backup,
    Don't take sh1t i say lightly cause I don't throw bottles,
    I'll smack everybody in yo house from your sister to your brother to your grandma and the way i'd slap yo mom you'd think im your step-dad,
    Oop Don't get mad....But wait I don't give a f()ck,
    Your words come out as gibberish you MUST be related to daffy duck,
    Im basically saying your a retarded f()ck,
    I've been reading the sh1t you've wrote and its funny how you pretend to clap lead,
    But your the main f()cking reason this thread's dead,
    Come at me acting all coked up and yo *** gon' leave with a cracked head,
    Yo mama gon' find you in the trap dead,
    I bet you a snitch, you the type to catch a case and call the feds,
    Im not scared....Cause when that mack rise im shooting for yo head,
    And if you aint dead, then b1tch you better act dead,
    I doubt you'll survive all the poppin and spraying but sh1t i'll be following up like a doctor's appointment,
    So be a good one and lay still while these clips spill,
    And for being patient and taking your lost nicely,
    I'll walk you to the door of shame and kick yo ***** out politely,
    All the tough talk you'll have it you fool,
    I've seen your type this really is nothing new,
    Don't get it twisted I'll take you out without shots,
    Ill use a Machete just to detach your stomach from your waist,
    As for you amokzz, first off your name makes no sense,
    You remind me of the QB the Cowboys had, your shots ain't going straight,
    and you picking fights with real n!ggaz, same mistake Alvico made,
    I'd break your neck with my bare hands, and sit with my feet high thinking of all the damage that I've done,
    I don't audition to get fame or make bands,
    I fight I don't shake hands,
    Act tough and I'll stomp yo ***** with the same jordans Mike had on in space jams,
    I have the glove on with a dirty nine from the trap house, with the extended clip just sticking out, makes it thirty shots,
    Ya b1tch!
  11. alvicopopple said:

    Default crazykydz stop d slumber

    Alvico own Rap/game change? I spit fire_ u love beef_kk i will learn 2 b a cook_ minister of rap_ ain*t blood? Am respected in my hood? Soon as we drop Flow every1 say it is hard? We study rap? Rap game for short? Is in my blood_ real ****** show respect? RESPECT 4 de Rap game
    U mention alvic when u Rap_ new day_ new thug in de game? Take de mic like thug? Battle like crase dog_ get it from de killer flow _ lay low? so let roll_ ok! Mic check? Game change? What took u so long 2 drop rap_ cuz am a born rapper? Fear no soul? Flow heavey just like bag for wage_ so deathly just like soul for trade? Free style Yeah? Kkk rap game 4 life_ stay with de mic still are die_ wit an easy life_ crazy kydz av money stress_ street battle rap game_ so let roll? Roll de dice 22-1 play to win/stop slumber make d dream/it seems/u loose/n i win/i throw rubbish in dustbin
  12. BackInBlack's Avatar

    BackInBlack said:


    I'm feelin' lazy, it's 6 somethin' in the morning. Both a y'all's sh1t sucked, didn't even bother finishin' 'em. Y'all are lucky I'm even respondin. Wont even dignify writing a new verse. Just hit ya wit a few older ones. You guys are wack. Lol

    I'm fresher than a sucrets
    Like a constapated siameze twin, I still don't give two shits
    If ya don't get that then ya must be too dense
    So listen coz I make intense sense
    Like a dictionary definition
    A perfect engine is less efficient
    And I'm no longer impressed by dissin'
    I'm not Ethen Hunt but you can guess my mission
    It's not impossible, in fact in rap it's probable
    That I'm a tear down any and every obstactle
    In front of my opticals
    Coz I'm colder than a truck full a popsickles
    So you better get ghost
    Coz ya weak prose don't even get close
    To my flows, I don't jest boast
    I shred hoes from the east to the west coast

    It's The reign of the dark one, BackInBlack, The Sandman
    Been wit' it since day one, Rap Attacks like a lyrical Van Damme
    Blam! Blam! Get smoked like a Chong Joint, boy, I'm on point, yes I am
    You can get slammed by an avalanche of vocabulary
    So don't tary in the pathway unless you want a muhfuka to meet ya halfway wit' the axe I carry
    The axe I bury in ya back and carry you and bury you in the back of the cemetery
    Sh1t's just logical, not mythological, far as I know it's you that's been a fairy
    So long ya no longer think it's a sin to marry
    I'm in a very, devilish mood, and oh well if it's crude, I don't give a sh1t that it's rude
    I'm up in this bich wit' an attitude, no gratitude, I'm mad at you
    Coz I'm mad, insane as the mad hatta dude
    No concept in my mind inside of longitude and lattitude
    So keep ya mouth shut homie, until the rap is through
    I probably got demons on me, and I bet they laugh at you
    I've been droppin acid too
    But I'm on top and I'll devour ya like the crock in Lake Placid fool

    There ya go ya weak a22 scrotum scruffers. Ha! I'm a be laughin' a long time at that weak sh1t you fools brought.
  13. alvicopopple said:

    Default aaa boss,boy

    Small kid wanna chop beef/but ur teeth is incomplete/mic check alvic on d beat/listen to d narrator now embrasse ur seat/today mehn ur mom got 2 b our 18 meet/it sound odd/but she aint sweet/but ur sis look tasty a bit/i own freestyle/u got 2 memorize d script/camera rolling action/keep it shut coz u dnt function/using simile i will used personification/i want 2 marry ur mom/no need sayin furnication/basically equiped wit educatiion/
  14. ROBBMACK's Avatar

    ROBBMACK said:


    Of course I see you with one eye closed,
    I'm winking at you aiming my rifle..
    Let a slow breathe out before the light show,
    then leave you out of breath, last words stifled...

    I shame, with scenes they've never seen, the illuminati ..
    You claim who's ill, is you and not me?

    I don't analyze flows, I poke your anal eyes in..
    The blood Ana lies in flows til she's cold, and whitened ..
    Your flow comes once a month, so anals what you like then..
    With no period, why end getting widened on nights end?
    Be polite men slide in smilin' or at least with a slight grin,
    to ease black, he's frightened I might pimp his tale with my pen..
    No, no conjecture needed, my pen's might will write this guy's end...

    You lack pride when you write, why try'n enter the prides den?
    Just because you like lying doesn't make you 'like' a lion..
    More a lil feline, pissed that it fell nine times to real feel lines..
    More a big *****, lying open after a lying mime packing nine said, "she'll feel mine"!!

    In two minutes oxygen won't meet your brain, that's what the noose's for..
    In two sentences you went from a soar loser, to just soar and looser..

    Now that you are that, will you merc for cheese?
    Think a rat thief's life's led with ease?
    More often than not the rodent gets squeezed..
    You can get paid but ROBBMACK's owed fees,
    mercy gold for simply keeping the butcher's Mic sheathed

    Why man, liken yourself to a Lycon?
    A beast who hunts while the lights dim..
    Your rhymes are about as dense
    as the by product of a spent incense,
    mine are about as tense..
    Flowin hard like a river through bends,
    clouding your camp and filling your tents..
    If I were Siamese I'd love a twin,
    If it weren't a him and attached to 5th limb..

    I don't think you'll be made to blow,
    I'm sure that's a decision you simply chose..
    You describe bnb as 'sorta' dope..
    Finally you're getn close,
    you're not what you eat so...
    dope is definitely a no!!
    Your 'sortas' are long, you've longer to go..
    A good start would be to stop battling gnomes..
    They can't respond not even with groans,
    but I can right from my phone
    with an ap that makes your last post known..
    But I know what you'll post so mine I'll postpone..
    Your rhymes I see thru, resembling ghost tones,
    which makes complete sense since you yourself are post mortem..
    I see your directions to kill me with boredom
    Its workin buts it war fam, so you'll have to put work in
    I'm growing aroused due to your death flirtin..

    I'm so underground I'll go home when I die,
    Then lie with the enemy as I've buried many men's tries..
    Most of them met fate once I dug up thin lies..
    Then lies a thin line between binge crimes aimed to end mine
    and let them shine til the tenth time or again send them cryin
  15. Krate said:


    U mother****ers so whack u get slapped out the booth il have more competition shittin alphabet soup, so u know who ur battling il give u a background its was last may that i ran away from the nuthouse, coz a demon creeps in my soul when i get on the beat, last rapper collab ripped his throat with my teeth, and u wanna **** my girl its ok if u pay, the ***** will suck ur **** good for 20 bucks and a J, and the way y'all write rhymes is scary its like u pick random words on random pages of the dictionary, if we ever met it will be ur last day, il part ur limbs with a blade i broke off a box cutter and force u in a crate and the krate in ur mother
  16. Mr.Slick said:


    Aight let's go my rappin is artistic and yours is autistic. I really don't know how I do it I guess it's just simplistic. Now your raps are a joke all you did was choke. Rappin how you your rich ***** you broke. I just awoke. From my slumber I'm so good Lookin all the girl want my number. Your ugly as **** you look like a godamn duck. And when it comes to ***** man you really suck. I just ****ed up your gang I ran them over with a car they tried to run away but they didn't get far. And This was over by the bar. I hope you know what im sayin cause ***** I ain't playin. Your about to get killed next so you better be prayin. Or Imma be slayin. I only spit the truth. For example last week I ****ed your girl in the kissin booth. She sucked me so hard I made her break a tooth. Haha my raps are authentic made they get your attention like a diamond or jade. Your raps are dull like the shade. Ooh you just got played your a forgotten memory all you do is fade. Are you tongue twisted can't think of anything to say. Other than I'm gay. Man cmon that's really stupid and lame. My raps made it to the hall of fame your raps made to the hall of shame. To beat you is my mission and when you talk **** your givin me ammunition. So listen close to what I say cause this ****in fag says he isn't gay. Shiiit Man your wastin my time I just left you speechless like a mime your raps aren't even worth a dime. And when you do rap it's considered a crime it's simple all you do is rhyme. **** man I'm done with this battle your soft, **** you I'll let the next ***** finish you off.
  17. alvicopopple said:

    Default hmmmmm skiddle

    Small kid wanna chop beef/but ur teeth is incomplete/mic check alvic on d beat/listen to d narrator now embrasse ur seat/today mehn ur mom got 2 b our 18 meet/it sound odd/but she aint sweet/but ur sis look tasty a bit/i own freestyle/u got 2 memorize d script/camera rolling action/keep it shut coz u dnt function/using simile i will used personification/i want 2 marry ur mom/no need sayin furnication/basically equiped wit educatiion/
  18. alvicopopple said:

    Default truth

    Bcoz i av sex wit d girls in d family/u go sad instead of been happily/since i came step son i see there as been no merrily/it was not my fault i was paid 2 av ur mom strip/u act rude/thinkin u r still dat kid in school/mistakenly misunderstood u av mix wit sum bad boyz/who try act tough but all noise/go easy u still breastfeedin/admit it/laylow slow down/nice family/but poor background/feelin all he sound/school time/i guess d alarm/oohhhhhh ****/when i spit/ enough but im not givin' up 'til I get my respect /Why you think the only thing ,u jump out of ur skin bcoz u wanna fame/cast d blame/all d shame/
  19. T-Jay said:


    yo im new to this **** but havent you seen the new kids on my block they're Hot 24/7 i see cops, do i really wanna know who shot 2pac? Call me if you make it to heaven for this 9's bout to be in your mouth like i did deven, you say you got mac 11's well i got fists of heaven, You rat! you probably behind 9/11, some people think they goin' to hell here in michigan but i know im goin' up to the seventh heaven ***** sucka lemon pucker up and kiss my *** how's it taste my gas so thick you could slice it with your hand cut so slit'it'll cut'chu in half make you tittle'spit'it'll Dead, Not a Twiddle little chance your alive so go scribble with a Cripple fiddle, my Rhymes make your bones brittal, Don't make me zap'ya, Don't make me Cap'ya if i can't find ya ill map'ya, DEATH Cap'ya .
  20. Mr.Slick said:


    So you think your all that who do you think you dr. Seuss cat in the hat your lyrics are pathetic after I'm done with you your gonna need to call the medic they are stupid they make no sense bro come up with somethin better your so week I can choke you with a sweater Imma be shredder and shred you to bits I bet your a white cracker named ritz I bet if I hit you you'd be knocked out in 2 hits. Why you gotta act so tough when I'm done with you your gonna say you've had enough and then start to huff and puff cause your out of breath I beat you so hard after this your gonna need your own body guard. Go ahead get one ****. C'mon and show me what you got im on the hunt Lookin for somethin good I rap so good I know you wish you could you should it's easy as **** but then again it's out of skill and luck you ain't got none of that ****. Keep tryin maybe you can be as good as me beat the rest rise and be the best I can tell god put me to the test and see if I could pass. I got an A+ and beat your *** you failed and got nailed I'm only 12 and showing you up. I've ready own and this battle has just begun well this is stupid so I'm done I believe I killed you and I didn't even need a gun