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    Ok lets keep it general ma freestyle skills incredible sendin homosexual rappaz off for some medical attention wen a speak ya cant beat me at all am indispensable every line a writes straight to the point like decimals its mataz the terrible real ya jus a phoney these crackers grab the mic and jus make noise like karaoke no replica to me a be the one and only sittin sippin on peroni some say bein on top is lonely me a beg to differ ma heads a bitter mess am sicker dont need to force rhymes out like babies wen they get delivered get the picture?

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    Default izzy unh

    Just like every legend , you die
    Not me, I ' m meant to survive
    It looks like you tried the rap
    game , but never made
    it ,
    Either that or you' re sexually
    I' m sixteen , but got flow
    you sound like a **** not even a
    pre teen would blow
    You too busy talking about girls
    that you can' t even
    I' ll make sure , posting that rhyme
    will be your
    Now your *** is here hoping for
    glamour and fame
    ***** , if your about that , I suggest
    you leave this
    rap game

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    Default kk chill

    *****z tryinna act big whilst some of ya
    behave just like pigs, am nt a snitch nd
    datz y people call me mr big. I'v gt
    swag and i rep me all the time if ya
    think am lying just c

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    Well, im in the south sittin in my house without a spliff again,
    Words relate to sounds which surround my
    sunlit residence.

    The sky is falling...
    no lies, no higher calling, just swarms
    of mosquitos formin into chords which
    Creep n crawl in,
    Like snakes, infact,
    my mate got broken into a few days back
    And smacked with a panga cos
    His phone lit his home/shack

    No jokes black, just a white guy in
    a broke shack, zulus slittin my throat
    And got my bro with a old axe.

    Thats how i live g, after 6 you history
    If u wana try puff a spliff,
    you cut to bits

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    Default paw!!!!!!!!!!

    yoo WAC rappers should stop
    making fake gangstar SHEET....they
    gat no punchlines when its kam to
    making reping my
    hood yoo every time ah jump on d
    clean n simple don't say slosh on
    mah wount be luved in d
    video fun that we will be take ur eyes up d sun
    nd see who's d GHOST....
    lots of rap battles ah already
    WON.. .. coz all ah do is win nd u
    do is WRONG...Am an hip pop icon
    nd am standing too STRONG....aiii

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    Agent FagSpitter...

    Oh, no, I don't spit for the hell of it, I know I'm more than relevant
    My common sense has been bombin' sh1ts like you ever since I first started tellin' it
    And in the present tense there's more than enough evidence to prove I'm more intelligent
    Than you fool, you're tryin' to be elegant but you started out in a deficit
    Talkin' defication, often dedication isn't prevalent, and that's what I see with you
    Yeah, it's parchment, let me enlarge it and throw the whole sheet at you
    I'm spittin' raps as you collapse, my bars are in charge, just read a few
    I think perhaps BackInBlack has proven the craft, indeed I do
    So don't speak of acumen when you're lackin' it, get vaccinated
    Put me on blast when you're not hackin' it? Get abacinated
    Lookin' past the hatred, I keep 'em fascinated
    Rap is sacred, how dare you hack and rape it
    With passive vacant bars about total bullsh1t
    You're not worthy to stand in ya local pulpit
    I just stole on you again, call me the vocal culprit
    Anger got a hold on you again? Come on and voice it

    The choice is yours, if I were you I'd back up a few feet
    Coz I'll never run from an unclever bum when my sh1t is just too sweet
    And when you rap, we take a nap, the whole damd crew sleep
    Ya knuckles are bleedin' coz you drag 'em fagit, I'm too deep
    For your petty metaphors
    Most lackin' context, don't know what ya said it for
    Not a one complex, you're the bull, I'm the matador
    Why I gotta swing this red cape at this silly fagit for?
    Yeah, it's sh1t like that, but I fight back with a sure shot, sure to make ya drop
    You at the bottom son, now take ya spot
    Mr. gangsta automaton, but really he crave the co(k
    He's just spittin' recycled pac, make 'im stop
    I'm gettin' a headache, boy I make the dead wake
    You just a head case, boy, I make the fed's shake
    I know I got ya red faced, boy, you be just a dead weight
    Get back in ya place, nothin' ya have said's straight

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    murderous intellect, reflects
    and leaves all of your assertive midget text,tripping, turning to *****,
    im burning you pricks,
    like sticks,
    said the squirell
    youre ****ed,
    unless mr slick is your chick
    you cunts are in need of
    sum luck.
    i dream this **** up,
    **** a bean, i mean, gleam
    like a cat thats strapped with a lightnening gat,
    defeating titans, striking back,
    but a bust a type alright,
    i might be back,
    cutting on life in a nike
    haha nike hat,
    i bet you like the sight of my psyche mack,
    sit inside these shacks with a tight teen track

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    Default Too Fresh

    Check it out,
    Yeeh yeeh, They call me Mr. Clean,
    N**** I'm fresh as listerine,
    They say my rhymes are mean,
    D*** I'm so hot I'm blowin steam!

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    Dear Vector
    You're in the wrong sector
    So I'm comin' at ya like a cannon ball wrecker
    I'll cut you up and eat you for breakfast like Hannibal Lector
    Dissect your whole verse and expose it's insides
    To prove ya will be the losa from here to the end times
    Your bars are erratic like wind chimes
    Eternal dissonance, when you're spittin' it, there's really no need to defend mine
    You couldn't defeat titans if you ate your vitamins, I'll bury you and you'll never see the light again
    You might be back? Well even if you write again, your vocab lacks in biotin
    I still have more braincells than you even though I been gettin' china man
    Let me give you a little bit of enlightenment
    Your bars are light weight punchin' bags
    Now I'm not prejudice, but I've been known for punchin phags
    You're on the precipice already so why not come and see what tortures my dungeon has
    I'm not a hater but your bars got the vapors, what a pungent gas, no function, alas

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    Default monkey kid is hungry

    alvicopopple iz a Lyrical
    Monster stepping in wt lethal flows.
    Sending garbage MCs to their
    GRAVEYARDS >>> Itzzz now a
    decade n u FREAKY CLOWNS
    haven't gat laid. Oh folks, look!!! D
    brain damage disgusting FAGGOTS
    r chasing HENS. Buzzzz off u KINKY
    DOGS >>> Snowflake iz so sick at
    blasting monstrous lyrics 4rm his
    mouth datzzz filled wt 4 inch
    CANINES >>> Bout to tear up flesh
    n store blood in d refrigerator to
    chill n drink as LIQUOR >>> Wackos
    imma ur worst nightmare. I'm lyk
    DEATH!!!!! More lyka patient zero in
    d APOCALYPSED... go easy vector/$appien sappien cant compare wit homo erectus/d population rise okk i need a cencus/venom vico is ur manhood ache when pissin/kid just come on board singin dissin/for no reason/

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    Default no post gushhhhhhhhhh

    just like a king i'v been out on a
    recess/making money living life in
    excess/so many *****s wanna
    trample on my success/no matter
    what you can never stop my
    progress/am keepin it real/doing
    big deal/too many enemies o, they
    trynna get me kill/just name ur
    price ***** and i will foot the bill/
    no matter what am here still/
    flexing my rhyme skill/this is just
    the start/no evil in my heart/sierra
    leone's best rappa ***** i top the
    chart/dis time i take the lead/
    smooking rappas like weed/am on
    my paper chasing until my soul
    bleed Young rappers with big panpas
    dont 4gt ur slippers take out ur
    map n look at ur atlass n tell me
    where do u stop wht class am
    ready to kick ur *** if u wont to
    locate me use compass gud night

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    Oh no, look everybody, it's alvicopopple
    Don't mess wit' him y'all, he's so hostile
    But the truth is he'll still be a peon when his bones become old fossils
    I'm sorry, I'm so awful
    But seein' as puttin' chumps in their places is not unlawful, I'm a go ahead anyway
    I'll come in here and make this muthafuka topple... any day
    Every day, style of a heavy weight in every way
    I'm the comet wormwood, you're a little meteor
    I divest in my words good, that's why they're meatier
    Now bow down like a nerd should, coz ya cannot beat me sir
    It cannot be more simply understood, I'm a king where the weak be sir
    I started out with a spark but now combustion has occured, it was only a matter of time
    So now you muthafukas must be absurd if ya think ya can fuk wit' the mad hatter of rhyme
    There's only one ladder to climb, and that latter is mine
    I'm leavin' y'all behind, essentially in sequence see, it was providential considerin' my potential, so you can take that as a sign

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    I can rap your bullsh1t kinda rap too... easy...

    I'm comin' for my chedda
    N***as all know I'm betta
    I keep my peice on a leash, ready for any vendetta
    Increase the deceased, n***a, it's whateva so if ya wanna get beast, we can feast, peeps this barretta
    N***a, you can eat this foreva, you gonna die slow, I'm a make sure it's painful
    For fukin' wit' my set I'll make you swallow this chrome and send ya home to the angels
    Your body just dangles, bloodstained Kangols, posed, I choose the angle
    And for sure YOU WILL lose the tangle
    So I hate to bruise ya mental but it's pivitol
    N***a, they wont even be able to identify ya from ya dentals, which is critical
    That's what'll happen if ya play gangsta little boy, I'm a criminal
    I might just up and shank ya, and hang ya by ya genitals
    It's so pitiful, you thought you was on the come up
    Now ya just so miniscule, just anotha dumb fuk
    Think I'm a show ya some pity fool? You got me fukked up
    Aint no doubt, I'll take ya back to school you mitch bade young punk

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    Default back

    hi hunny,
    so im back it seems, just
    had dreams and backinblack was with his man eugine,
    holding hands and
    **** it man i had to can the dream,
    and i had no real plan to get back asleep so here is goes two stones get thrown at your ovaries
    a little moment leaps and flow leaks all over peeps, im prone to poke
    a geek. if her peach is sweet. like clover leaves, but i must be merry
    cos this fairies chief is hilarious.
    so wheres the dust tinks?
    i crush the vits and sniff em up,
    sip a cptn, hook em up
    n flip a rap with gooder stuff
    little raptors get their diddles blasted, cos the riddle masters
    got the little bastards filled with
    killer skill asthma.
    i keeps it real faster than a deal
    of that coke lighter than smoke and a dope viper with hope.
    nope that raps not on my scope
    either, i choke spiders.
    but keep a few for a bloke
    tyler, alone in the road fighting.

    next tone

    so what happens when you try touch pure energy?
    it ensures heavilly that your nerves are burned n turned to jelly b,
    you sound like heavyD with a bright gown and some vaseline.

    i glanced around to see whod take a dance with me, but ive advanced
    alas your gassed double S to convey the speech

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    Just listen, I'll show why my sh1t's glorious
    Pay attention and I'll demonstrate why I'm victorious
    After this yo, don't go tellin' stories it's
    Well known that your sh1t's spurious
    Everyone knows you're curious and besides gettin' blasted
    We're like "I'm not sure if he's not gettin' shafted,
    But that's sure the way he's actin'"
    Fruity like Clay Aiken when you be rappin'
    And none of your rhymes make any sense whatsoever
    But I'll give up because, fuk, ya so clever
    And I've never lied, no, never
    Lots of artists choke but you choke better
    Choke on every dope letter of every word that I put together on this quick sixteen
    Somehow it's only foulness that comes out of ya mouth it's in need of some listerine
    You wanna get into a p1ssin' contest? Well you drizzle while I p1ss a stream
    Who exactly are ya tryin' to impress? Coz it certainly isn't me

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    Default sup

    you could never be gloryfull
    just a circle inside a cubicle,
    you cute but still i always
    mute ya grill
    then i
    shoot to kill.
    the black is back and vectors making him laugh?
    il grate your face on my plate and give ya mate less than half.
    im streching your thoughts and boss i bet ya vexed with the force, **** a lector its the vector thats digesting your forms.
    ive extended the horns,
    your rhymes like a 7 year olds,
    so grab ya umbrella yung ri ri cos in this weather you fold,
    you the regular, im BOLD
    with groove just to better the soul
    i move a letter with a view of ****in treasure and gold

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    Default To everyone...

    You all are crazy as ****,
    Thinking you are the top hit,
    As you rap all about sex,
    And blowing each other's brains over text,
    Thinking you are Lil Wayne or even Eminem,
    But you are nothing close to them,
    You think that you are nice,
    Like old Obie Trice,
    But when you are rappin',
    It sounds like your mother is crappin'
    Crappin' all over the rhymes,
    Thinking that it is the New York Times,

    You are like Papa Doc, cant carry a beat,
    Or even resist the urge to not repeat,
    The same **** over and over,
    As if you were like Grover,
    From Sesame Street,
    trying to bang a girl with your tiny *** meat,
    Your girl always lets out a fake moan,
    When you are sexting on the telephone,

    Yo I make money by the billions,
    As you angry kids start your tiny rebellions,
    You are starting brand new controversies,
    Because you dont like the music industries,
    I dont even see rap as a genre of music,
    Just a ****ed up ruse or a a dumb *** trick,
    Spittin' lines out by the pairs,
    Thinking you are as unique as the fairs,
    This crazy *** rap is over,
    You are just a wanna be or a poser,
    Yo heres the mic, no need to be like Mike,
    Because you cant dance or play ball,
    You are just a dumb fat *** ****,
    Whose words were just splattered to the wall.

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    niqqas run frm u bro cos u sound
    others try to skip ur line cos they look
    battling withu i won't risk cos it's
    your line are so weak check mine they
    are burning...
    u woke me frm my my xlp jst bcos u
    gays like cunning...
    punk *** rapper nxttime pls say good
    it once i'll say so that's ur final
    i won't be going further so better start
    coz nobody here ain't feeling ur
    hey punk u need some lines so go
    start buying...

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    thanks you little chipmonk,
    alvicopopple *****-punk.
    your name should fist a
    couple or just suck a couple
    ***** buv.
    what are you saying b?
    i think this players saying
    i don mean to be the one to
    say it g
    please just move along and
    play it clean.

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    time to rhyme and have fun with this rap thing,
    the lyric axe swings,
    split, ya splat-then.
    i skate a track, n clip ya vein
    in pain, you lay on back
    theres no way to say if youll
    remain or detatch.
    oh yes *****,
    i must not forget
    to per.sist,
    that youve started to leak
    from your
    i pick a pocket
    and get fresh with ****,
    drop a set with wit to
    up the core pressure a bit.
    but its sick cos
    i dropped in, a few genuine gs
    just rocking, crafting their own,
    unlocking and mastering zones unconscious,
    but anyway, i gots to go
    i dash home anonymous
    synonymous to the way that
    i smash stoney

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