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    Fake kyle screemin think u can bit alvicopoppleson/ d mic general crown await him @ d embasy/ nervous @ d stage neverthless can still handle d m.I.c/ I'm feeder of google rap dats y I'm d best dat u eva seen/ boost ur flow n mke r gud rhymin wth Granby/ dis surname is included in all category of grammy/ r deliver darkness in ur @ dat is granding/ r 8 to admite it cuz all d rst of u life na me u wan b/ countless bars to d name alvico/ u cnsider me as d illiest, na mke u aim @ me so/ I'm reign of lightness u jst like black disco. 4k dis boy/ I'm d Best in ur @ ,ok Sam r see so

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    Default gotch u kyle

    I'll serve u hot flowz like food kyle 4rm
    hell's kitchen/ shove 'em down ur
    throat some1 gotta stop u 4rm *****in/
    u claim 2 be an unbeliever but ma
    flowz u believin/ steady droppin ****
    on u, u'll think am stoolin/ severin ur
    heads and pullin out innards like am
    playin/ u thought u could battle me
    precisely, ***** u must be mistaken/ I
    was born 2 battle, live 2 beat ****erz
    and dream 2 keep slayin/
    U spillin flowz but am rainin floodz/ I
    let 'em out profusely like am bleedin
    blood/ unleashin cataclysm on u punks
    like am battlin gods/ I'm 2much 4 y'all
    just kneel and call me "LORD!"

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    Default horrid

    Aweh ran out of data folks
    but back to dart a few blokes
    so strap ya seatbelt here goes...

    Driftin thru the street to meet foes,
    With a sweet blow to the nose of any creep who shows a weak flow.
    Kapeesh joe?

    Unique i know, the f k n streaks glow,
    tommie e on a bean with a beat to make
    the speech float.

    Im deep tho,
    Deeper than a reef yo
    blow sweet smoke
    Like a bowing broke in piecies on the beach /coast

    And a teary cheak couldnt handle this heat,
    They be like "**** it man its Vec, lets get the plan onto b"


    I grip ya neck, altho its hypothetical text, still
    the poet pipes riddles, chlll...
    to blow at nipht with her in bed.

    But with that said,
    If i really had to bash at you clowns
    Id stash a few sounds to smash you

    With after you drown, n after u found
    The master whips ya as s a few rounds
    Distaster compounds as masses kiss the as s of my rounds.

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    I barely even gotta try to slay you losers...

    If I want any lip off of you
    I'll get it off of my zipper
    You know who I'm talkin' to
    See I'm Gilligan and you're the Skipper
    Call me Black The Ripper, rippin' emcees to peices
    Fuk ya up like a good liquor, turn words to rhyme like a lyrical Jesus
    Aint nobody sicker, got vocab you haven't even concieved of
    Comin' from the ticker, heart felt delivery, it's literally a piece of
    Everything that I am
    Unstoppable and un-fuk-withable
    And I'll be gawdammed
    If it's possible for me to spew a killable syllable
    Every one of 'em's feelable, make ya bow down like I'm mecca
    Indellible, incredible, the microphone wrecka
    The psycho's home, betta
    Hype ya own vendetta, coz I've been cleva
    From a time before the dictionary definition defined it
    And now that the planets and stars are in alignment
    I can finally go forward with my ultimate assignment
    There will be no confinement
    Of my soul, I'm in control, dedicated to destroyin' foes
    Upon this firmament, I am their permanent woe
    Unreal tournament, I am the victor and they are all brought low
    I need no encouragement, there's not a minute I do not grow
    Like Limitless, I'm takin' over the show only I need no NZT-48
    My only options were die or be great
    So I'm swingin' with the force of a heavy weight
    I'm in a deadly state
    Enough to dominate when I operate, knock you outta my way
    If you thought you could beat me you've been led astray
    Betta get back to ya cave and meditate, betta pray
    Coz I will not hesitate to put you away

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    I'm here to burn the fables
    And turn the tables
    Learn if you're able, 16 shots and surely one's fatal
    Straight out the stable, labled a little unstable
    So I might put one in ya capillary
    If ya claimin' you're an advasary
    If this is a cross that I have to carry
    Then all a y'all be foes I have to bury
    Mortuary or cemetery, it's all the same
    Mind games, seeds of a prodigy, in this oddyssy, it's all insane
    And I'm addicted to the sick sh1t, I guess it's my ball n chain
    So heroes fall in vain
    And caint nobody stop this
    Coz I'm on top of this
    Straight out the black necropolis
    I'm here to bring this rap apocalypse

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    (alvicopopple called me out but after this I am ignoring you, I could barely understand what you wrote)

    You’ve got speech impediment, mine is heaven sent
    Divine like the kind that drags your soul to cloud 9
    Grab your Halo, strangle you with it, leave your corpse in the abyss
    And fill the Belly of the Beast with my clenched fist
    You just got baptized, be proud son
    I’ve been in this game since the fiends land
    I got a sick wordplay, you’ve got a sick habit
    Claim you a rapper but rap 1/50th of Lil Wayne
    See the difference between me and you is that you can’t compare between me and you
    It’s like comparing Poseidon and a sea monkey, Tsunami and an igloo
    You just an average joe while I am G.I Joe

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    (I really don't know or care if alvico called me out, I can hardly get what alvico's saying anymore)


    You n/ggaz said im sick, I might need another check up,
    You just called me out dawg that's where you messed up,
    All you n/ggaz rapping that high pitch but i kill sh/t with no conscience,
    Even my boys throw bullets with 4 9's like kaepernick,
    Talking ****? I appear and you disappear that's magic trick,
    I got your life in my hand like a dice, some monopoly sh/t,
    I dont trust you n/ggas so the metal's on my hip,
    I'll make this gun whistle like a kettle in this b/tch,
    Im going hard im always in tech mode,
    Im getting cheese, dont give a f\/ck if im lactose its ridiculous,
    Bang bang like i come from chicago, Diving in that money like michael phelps with the goggles,
    You aint never been through what i been through, you aint never seen n/ggaz take their last breath, you slower than a pinto,
    Im a big dog lil n/gga you a f\/cking mutt, break fast n/gga my dogs would eat you for f\/cking lunch,
    You f\/cking up to think that you can f\/ck with us, You think that im sweet? I'm at your neck just like a buttoned up
    If im down to my last, imma jab n/ggas, right hook left hook, put you to sleep like snow white you f\/cking nut,
    Im the craziest and the best, imma do it for the lady's name tatted on my chest,
    Imma take your life, call me uncle sam n/gga. My barz are f\/cking the thread up with no condom,
    Im the hottest im bombing sh/t like osama,
    Its just the other night I f\/cked your...ha ha ha,
    Im spitting flame, and you spitting but you have bad breath.. halitosis,
    Im wavy like the ocean, im getting brain call me a psychic, Your b/tch she tryna blow me,
    Two horns like a viking, treat it like instagram hit it twice if I like it,
    Now thats certified.

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    The reaper is back,

    Alright, Im coming through this thread like a youngin on a mission,
    I've never had luck so I disregard that superstition,
    I grabbed your b/tch hair power tap her in submission,
    I started chasing my dreams now plenty money is what I vision,
    Im spitting real ill like its yuck in my teeth,
    Got these n/ggaz trapping on the corner dying in the street,
    Check me, I never give a sh/t about my haters,
    I never take a step back im like an escalator,
    Everyday i wake up i swear its grind time,
    Im thinking bout my future only benjies (Benjamins) on my timeline,
    But im outta this world all the talk is for the haters,
    You thinking you better than me? Please, you is a weirdo,
    Im a thousand yards deep you aint even near the goal, you like damn tho,
    Cause you not about to blow up,
    Said you wanted to battle me but you scared your bars didn't even show up,
    Think your life amazing then you better hit the oprah,
    Only time you act hard is when you porn watching,
    I already know how to roll, you better get the rocking, when i was writing barz you was probly out shopping,
    Thats shows you don't go hard, f\/ck with me and imma start poppin,
    I ran outta rappers to eat I need a new jar, I got this thread on spin like 360,
    I pray to God I live to see fifty, When I reach the grave the barz coming with me,
    I see yall tryna steal em yall fingers kinda sticky,
    Got you thinking everyday like "how am i gon' stop him",
    Sorry there's not stopping this, wanna know more bout me,
    You better study astronomy or ask an astrologist cause next to the stars is where I be,
    They cant handle these bars they asking for a recap, barz so strong it'll leave you decap'd,
    Apply pressure to your brain until it relapse,
    You could put me under dirt or where the bottom of the sea at,
    Imma get up and walk right out of it,
    You still tryna figure it cause you think that's some counterfeit,
    All this trash talk, damn i catch a lot of it, All these talks with no actions man im tired of it,
    Life is too fast so imma slow down a lil bit, anything that comes off my dome is sharper than a cutlas,
    You sold one or two bricks oh wow, Never was a b/tch you talking like instigators,
    Ready to bring the heat to you f\/ckos, incubators, custom made purple and gold like the lakers,
    But im all about my bread, white and potato, like my cream cheese spread flat.. bagel,
    Twirling in the toaster watch me pop up like an ego, Started from the bottom like im playing with some lego,
    I'll beat you to the buzzer but their aint no crunchtime, you n/ggaz lining up for beef what it is a lunch line?
    Im feasting off you "rappers" everyday that's my lunch time,
    Beefing is irrelevant, The chickens come in crispy,
    Snitching? No not me. B/tch? Nope not me. Get the beat raw leave it fried call me papi,
    Bar for bar, punch for punch call me rocky, Don't take a stand for these n/ggas cause they awky,
    Thinking you a red and white sign? Then try and stop me,You wishing this was twitter where you could just block me.

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    For a rack you'll get shot over green like a poolstick I got bars on deck like a cruise ship they call me a lyrical God so when I give you that tre pound like a Mexican handshake ion hesitate to let my cans spray this hell on earth ***** thismust doomsday.. Stone cold heart like a steel chair if he play superman put em in a wheelchair oh **** gotti go loco an fire da ocho his head gonna break up like ice tea an cocoa I'll catch you in ya ride **** back an flash the Wesson n spill your guts in the backseat like taxicab confessions

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    What do you mean you a lyrical Jesus?
    Thats the Lord of Hosts,
    His name is a sword you goat.
    Suppose, he came today,
    would you ignore this post?
    im sure you joke and spoke his
    Name in vein to broaden your jokes.
    Im sick of you runts
    you think its kif to play with the dark
    i pray you get smart,
    Cos we aint here to laugh when
    We depart,
    In a blink, taken, to live
    With the king until the day
    When the kings of satan finally get to have their
    their swim in the lake.
    Youre dim and your fake, just another useless scale shed from the skin of the snake.
    im sitting with faith,
    rapping with a grin on face,
    Dear Lord Jesus,
    Please deliver us from these
    Miserable gays.
    And insidious kitties
    who think they pretty and great.

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    Default 3 words shift

    Watkind b,

    3 word shift,
    Just playin it with spray on beats
    and sweet nurses.
    Yeah she work it.
    Ive been hurtin.
    For sum time, the rain delayed
    the sunshine bt im here to remain
    For fun time
    its certain.
    Next gear,...
    The 2nd person of this triple threat,
    3word shift.
    I cripple feds, asnack bfor i sit my
    Head on river beds.
    I deliver these text, chills like lead in until
    you trina awake but the
    Shiver left your spine in a state
    and im not trina be strange,
    just rhyme like games, sometimes
    You need to find a new
    design to keep your lines on the brain
    Which bought the train to the 3rd
    Station. arv
    Placed and buried in a case that
    Kept ya tastbuds varied, but you get
    Zippied up, carried then shotties shift up
    savvy, 3 word shift, the worst thing my man
    Is that your chick got married
    To that bitc hpunk harry
    The virgin

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    *****s proxy to the oxy, letting the drugs take over they whole ****ing body, they soul leaving the plane, realization hit me harder than a soul train, it's been eight whole years, and 3 more years later Michael Jackson died and everybody feared, that pop would never be the same, everyone compared to MJ will always be considered lame, the *****s in the game just doing if for money they don't care bout being real they just worried bout the fame, ima hit you in the back of the knee with my cane, **** a cripple, **** a hemophilia too, red vs blue, can y'all *****s get a clue? Purple is a much better hue, that will eventually lead to a ****ing peaceful view, if it takes the death of a black teen to unite us then that's quite sad, cops vs who? Nobody, because the black community can't seem to stop catching bodies, sometimes I just lay up in bed uncontrollably sobbing cause everybody robbing, and everybody mobbing, hood rats need some ****ing food stamps so her ***** is the only thing worth lobbing. Kool aid in a coffee mug, cereal in a butter bowl, trash under the rug, for dinner some *****s eating lunchables, trash bags from Walmart hangin on the door knob, putting mad salt on ya corn on the cob, this is real ***** ****, all my life I done been around *****s passing the blunt telling me to take a hit, I'm a passive schoolboy, and them *****s activists, they called me ***** whipped, cause I didn't wanna empty a clip, on a random blood, I was surrounded by mad crips, them *****s took a quik trip and got gassed up, I was the dude all the *****es passed up, but they gone want ya kid when he get cashed up. FLIiraq in this *****, a murder charge to us is a slap on the wrist, it's a war and everybody getting slipped up, no lacking, don't wanna see a pig unless I'm packin, cause them *****s let the power go to they head, they think that they a god rather than a cop instead. Cops been wrongly killing for a long time, this corrupt government, is action gone be taken by the *****s that govern it? If our guns get taken then y'all's do too, we not gone let y'all play us like a fool, you throw shots at us we throw shots back, got the heater in my back pack, you see the assembly of blacks, we gone make y'all mu****as back track, **** a gangster, that goes for the police too, **** mainstream media, y'all trying to keep us in the dark boo! Y'all showed Robin Williams, and yes that was sad too, but where's Ferguson, the **** happening out there is not cool, the First Amendment is being violated, when blacks get together, y'all mu****as just love to hate it and *****s in the hood's bloodthirsty tendencies is never sated,

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    Where I'm from, reel it in means get in the house before you get shot. We don't know or talk about the cash a lot, if a lot of money touch a ***** hand he might get robbed or snuffed out, and leave his body out to rot. Tossing and turning, cause this world is such a nightmare, uncle beating on his girl, "Man why they gotta fight here?" It's not a pretty sight there in Flint, the scent of death and poverty is mighty strong. Teenagers drinking hard liquor and abusing the bong, I wouldn't be surprised if the military was ready to drop a bomb. Cause it's a war zone, and somehow people gotta cope and make they money so they slang a little coke, the only thing not broke is our spirits, that's pretty broke too but next to the finances it's actually pretty cool. In school I used to hate it, because my so called friends pushed me to get in a lot of trouble. My momma mad so she gave me a whooping. Good looking

    Got on punishment, "Oh you got a secret DS hidden in your room? Ok then run it then." Them times on punishment probably saved my life because if I was free to play outside I would've been with my *****s A.K.A future gang bangers also some busters in more ways then one. Would steal toys and go to my momma like, "Look at this toy I won!" Come back to Flint to run into my homie sipping coke and rum toting guns this ***** done lost his whole mind. His momma can't put a belt to his behind, she simply just rolls her eyes and not because she's annoyed. She's a dope fiend, codeine sipping mother, and plus she's used to praying and hoping her male sibling gets out of prison and doesn't end up soaking blood. Smoking bud to numb her pain of an abusive mother, and gets hungover to silence the demon that continues to hover over her head adding more demons instead. Her son dead he was shooting lead, she remembers him laying in his bed she can't believe the streets had took him from her.

    The next day policemen on the scene of where she lay she od'd now her son and her will never live to see another day. The next day the choppa sprayed and now her brother got laid to rest too. This is the life on the streets *****! I put my life on this beat *****! I won't cry in defeat *****! Cause I been a winner since the day I was born, victoriously blowing the horn real talk.

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    My city cold as my flows and my glock hot as my pot, with the crack inside of a trap, and I rap and proceed to wrap *****s up in a body bag, and you *****s lagging behind, **** Jay Z and the beehive, this is free rhyme, shouts out to Ab- Soul and his three eyes. And I proceed to eye *****es behinds, too scared to even say hi. And I'm high off of life, no need for a blunt or a kite,

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    Yo crazykidz,you bit?h nikka,

    Who this crazykid steppin to bruh, you wack face it cant relate to me bruh, ya **** is garbage, mine is spirtual meaning, class is in session kid take notes to this lyrical meaning, fuk ya propaganda, im the cops on this track now get ya fukin hands up, i will demoish this track, osama with nukes, drop an atom bomb on this fagg!t crazykid sucking off dudes, am i being too harsh? Fuk it, no respect for the kid ill teach this little bastard some manners, my whip topless like pole dancers,ok enough wit my cars, scream aaahyugit like ryu uppercuttin ya jaws, take ya chick to the room for a menagetwa, toe tag this fag, dump em in the river no need for a body bag, talkin about shoe strings? Ill fuk up ya day it will change like a mood ring, arsenal tearing ya up lets see how fast ya pivot move, ya shady i can tell you a timid dude, crazykid is a disgrace to his own race,dont fuk with L.A. body not found not even a trace

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    Hey Vector
    I'm comin' to get ya...

    Oh, so you wanna play Mr. Minister?
    Well listen now to Mister Sinister...
    You think that you're righteous?
    Tell me how pious your life is...

    If Jesus came today He'd chastise you for fukin' wit' BackInBlack
    He'd tell you that you better pray forgiveness for the sin of bein' wack in rap
    Coz I'm here to claim the title son, aint gonna be nothin' left after that
    Let me school ya in rap 101, ya fukin' wit' a predator in it's natural habitat
    This is rabid rap so get the picture, I'm a eat you for breakfast
    Caint tell me about scripture, I read a lot when I'm restless
    Life is an adventure, hatchet man on my necklase
    God knows I'm the victor, and He knows I'm young and reckless
    So don't test this, I'll come back wit' quotes to put out your fire
    Sins can be forgiven, that's how I'm livin', don't get tangled in the mire
    Tell me you've never lusted, never given into to desire
    You think you can be trusted? Tell me you're not a liar
    And then you'd be lyin' again
    So what kind of message are ya tryin' ta send?
    Holier than thou? I'll not bow, you're just a man
    And you just got ya 4ss whupped once again

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    Default 4 All Of Y'all

    I scan y'alls bars and all I see is nonsense
    Y'all passin' time wit' asinine lyrical contents
    Meanwhile I bring style as I drop hysterical bomb sh1t
    That'll make the crowd kill in the mosh pit
    Evolvin' often, coz I rap wit' tenacity
    And I'm never soft when I rap to my utmost capacity
    So come and get lost in my flows rhapsody
    If ya caint hear it then closed caption me
    Naturally, I'm a bit braggadocious
    But that's because my raps ferocious
    Only a few on here can even get near and that's the closest
    They'll ever get and sh1t, I still haven't even written my magnum opus
    You f4gs are hopeless, the extermination continues
    And I still don't give a fuk if my slurs offend you
    Coz I'm here to end you wit' my word ginsu
    So it looks like I got a lot to tend to...

    In my rhymes not a syllable is killable
    In every line, every single word is feelable
    So stop the childish fukin' weak sh1t and give me some real competition
    Coz so far ROBBMACK has been my only real opposition...

    It's been so easy beatin' y'all into submission

  18. The Following User Says Thank You to BackInBlack For This Useful Post:
    ROBBMACK (12-14-2014)

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    Backinblack. ......

    Yo back in black, I'm not feeling ya raps, twist ya top off rearrange ya snap back, I'm the lyrical genuis, my demeanor is flawless, too much **** in ya mouth knock ya teeth out so ya jawless, this rap **** is out Yo league I've come to leave ya jobless, like a thief in the night put slugs that will get ya shirt wet, I'll call ya bluff, I'm the lyrical king hence the name so hush, back in black illiterate princess, fuked with the wrong boss put ya on my **** list, you got a death wish, I'll fulfill ya fantasies, buck shots to The dome put you out Yo missery, so bow down to this greatness, I'm sick and tired of this fake ****, off the top of ya dome but it don't even make sense, big Benjamin spenda so I guess I make cents, keep wit ya tatactics, wiggle splitta the minigun make ya collapse do a back flip, Whats with ya wack ****, you don't pack a tool matter fact you don't even pack ****, like crazykids its time to get ya minds right, before that 45 hit ya temple to get ya minds right

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    My message to all you wack mc's and f_ck boys.. .......

    First off get ya pen and pads out, eat these cupcake "rappers" facil as a handout, al-qaeda at ya doorsteps unleash the wrath and smashout, im merkin these wannabes, demolish ya lyrics put on ya best suit so Whats it Gonna be, hit ya in the spine paralyzed from the waist Down,plant the bombs with ya moms when she ridin the greyhound, im a ticking time bomb yall cant relate to my skills, hang ya *** but drag ya *** on the back of my car like a 5th wheel, im the D. C sniper but i know who my victims are, catapoult out my trunk sneakin and shootin from inside the car, infused with deadliest poison, sick thoughts in my cranium, doing shows from low budget stadiums to overcrowded palladiums, im a beast and yall are lunch meat, pick yall off one by one y'all better jump and run like a track meet, im in first place in this wonderful sick place, im living proof the struggle is real and y'all livin to twist fate, im just the actual mc supernatural, over the whole international, ya basic raps are horrible its understandable, you coulnt keep up on my worst day, im from the alamo city im number one in the league and that's what the spurs say! ! San antonio ,Tx . reppin

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    Someone hurry quick give me a standing ovation cause I'm sick son, 3,2,1 times up swish huh? OK let me get my rhythm in motion, the eliminating terminator ya need bifocals to focus, hocus pocus poof ya gone, calculation big denominators a classic hit on each of my songs, you one hit wonders I'll give you ya 2 mins of fame, spit flame, get brains, from ya main Dame, I do skyscrapa business talk with powerful people, big things I fly high similiar to an eagle, my passion is freestlyin these sick flows, to hopping out of suicide trick doors, get back, step up, get wet, sprayed from the tek, or the Nina 9, from ya top to ya knees in ya spine to knock ya socks off, sped off pedal to the medal in order to Dodge cops, caution tape around ya home consider it a hot block, pop pop at ya feet make ya Criss cross and hop scotch, OK back to reality kid, fuk ya mom and ya spouse oh I already happily did, I'm a boss of my own who can manage me, ****?

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