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  1. lilspeedboaty said:

    Default For all you fake *** rappers

    yo little ***** *** eating ***** hole
    i'll scare you man make you blind like a mole
    leave you smoking the j like cole
    you be dodging my bars with a commando roll

    you write like a spastic
    must be autistic
    you cant even spit ****
    you'd probs ride a big ****
    and when ur done you'd give it a lick

    ill block your airways leave you virgin
    you shop in aldi
    your dad drives a volkswagen up
    polly cant get it up
    bars dark like jeffrey schlupp
    scup scup
    brap brap
    your girlfriends got clap

    come at me
    glory hole
    leave the club lit
    burn a spliff
    snoop dogg and wiz
    i cant see ya

    your mums a *****
    skrt skrt your dads up into a ditch
    ur younger bro wears abercrombie n fitch
    once ive smacked you i'll leave you with lilo and a stitch

    0161 fanny on tap
    the tings go pa pa pa
  2. N.A. The Great said:


    I don't 3 mins, I need 3 skins. This a quick ill flow to smack you & ya mens.
    So sit down & take notes. You fools is Hope Floats, while I'm with ya mom in the back crackin jokes.
    I done son'd em all. Sank low & stood tall. Got 20 plus in the game of free flows, & I'm in the Hall.
    Gold jacket flows, smash ya brain thru ya nose. Have u hanging with Nate Dogg talkin bout you got hoes.
    I kicked this rhyme in my sleep, it must be a dream. A nightmare on your street & no one can hear your scream.
    Save the tears and the cries, I'm flipping lullabies. Cuz I sent fools to bed for even contemplating their tries.
  3. lilspeedboaty said:

    Default Ya ***** *** ***** ***

    Listen here ya little *****
    i'll leave you with a scar on your head playing quiddich
    i'll drift your pre teen pick up machine into a dich
    you mum tastes like chocolate cake shes that rich

    lettuce begin
    ill punch you and send you to the dominican
    your mum calls me vegetable the way i turnips

    your mum got aids
    she looks like shes been hit with multiple spades
    shes got a hole like japan shes been in that many gang rapes
    i feed her chocolate and grapes
    whilst i do bare vapes

    its the vape nation clan
    ive got a big hand span
    i leave you wondering why like stan
    ill hit ur little cousin with my van
    the rest of them ran
    ur mums alone cos shes on a glory hole ban
    she blows like a fan
    fire salamander

    blankt of snow
    i see ur mum and think santa
    *** *** ***

    li speed boaty at full speed brap brap clap clap trap trap
  4. Young Akol zeus's Avatar

    Young Akol zeus said:


    Miss me' Lemmi Gut Down
  5. Young Akol zeus's Avatar

    Young Akol zeus said:


    That's wack
  6. jun said:


    this is for lilspeedboaty........

    you just little league broskie,,,this that mlb pro steez
    representing for the home team
    I'm sorry you cant kick it if you don't smoke weed
    I'm going up I'm talking nose bleed
    standing on my own feet till i got broke knees
    so am i worried about bro please
    I'm the leader of the whole season
    my name aint derek but you can call lil bro jeter
    come out with that pole swinging
    bro hollering don't squeeze it
    its the A block reverend the zones preacher
    soul reaper, the falling angel, his own demon
    I'm so beast an ferocious I'm gone eat
    yea you lil boat but theres no speed
    this was a wrote free-style, of the top my dome with no beat
    I'm a contradiction like cold, heat or someone that buys hella shoes with no feet
    rhyme hella smooth on dope beats
    you don't know me..............................
    .................................................. .................................................. .................
    naw you don't though ,lil row boat
    i slaughter captains you aint even on the team
    this is white water rafting, you wont float
    with ya clown act you bozo
    cold flow this that Frigidaire mixed with dro smoke
    an catch folk thrown
    ....up in to the air bitxxxh I'm so zone
    i funk around screw ya moms and send you the vid of my go pro
  7. BadguyBacc said:


    Season 2 coming soon
  8. Macdad said:


    The door was left open, so I walked through hoping, that maybe whoever was on the other side would be worth something,but your words have been spoken and in case you didn't notice all the **** you say was nothing short of broken. In fact I'm disappointed that I'm just an average joe, who no doubtedly and easily walked all over your show, so don't feel too bad you know I'm just kidding but on a real note be careful with your girl the next time you get kissin. Should I continue to explain? Nah I'll just wait until you realise that's my **** that you taste
  9. BadguyBacc said:


    I do it for the culture that y I can't retire (DAB)
    If I leave... this forum is going be over run with wack mcs and horrible liar's
    Rappers talking about a life they don't live
    Or claiming b*tches they never hit

    You dudes is rubbish, better yet u lack substances
    LA n*gga wet u dudes up in Grandma bucket
    Open carry so I show my burner in public
    Don't trust them new n*ggaz like Uncle Ruckus

    I was going talk about 45
    But what the point when Im in streets of North Korea celebrating Babylon The Great demise

    Call me a traitor my allegiance was never to this flag or my slave holder country
    My allegiance only to the Most High and my community
    So when it judgement day don't come to me seeking immunity

    Every one kneeling but the message was lost
    When u kneel before the anthem then stand lock arms with yo white boss (DA F*CK IS THIS?)
    A moment a silence for Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Philando Castile and the other souls that was lost.....

    I pray for hours before i try following the same righteous path of Jesus when he carry the cross

    Mind lost, with wicked thoughts... I want enter into new world
    Where there 100 virgins, that servicing... wearing nothing but white pearls
    My cousin pull up... he always has the finest herbals
    Reminisce about the stupid sh*t we did, as kids, in this sick world


    Spittin circles of verbals I come with the heat
    Ready to rule like impatient son plotting the death of a High King

    But this a son of a hot head that y a n*gga bang
    Blue flag carring... u see the C's in my name
    With tounge vicious, I'm pulling dames
    That highly educated... she give me DEEP conversation that expand my BRAINSS

    Expand my aim this a American Shooter
    Pop u n*ggaz in California and all they way in Bermuda
    Engraved on every bullet is the word Hallelujah
    That y church say Amen when I murder thoes intruders

    That enter the land
    I see their plans
    Divide conquer... I with my Jewish and Muslim brothas and we taking stand

    And I ain't alking about court system.. see I understand at early age ain't no justice for us black floks
    Confederate stute in front of courthouse with all white jury?... yeah young n*ggaz h*lla woke

    If she thick then I'm h*lla stoked
    She ain't trying f*ck u... because u looking h*lla broke
    Pistol on me at this Trump ralley... I'm in back sniffing up h*lla coke

    F*ck the NFL... let my n*gga Kapp back in league
    And u can eat d*ck if you don't agree with me
  10. _SBU said:


    Stop that, you’re not Badd’re damn awful kid.
    I’ll put Badd in a box like I’m god in the Pandora myth.

    Speaking of Badd in a box, like confession booths,
    Badd’ll never get good, he’s redemption-proof.
    A senseless youth with reckless moves, I bet hell approves.
    Damn, I’ll get rid of Badd like I blessed the room.

    Feeling Badd? like destitute and lepers do?
    Feeling Badd? that’ll be the death of you.
    I used to feel Badd, now I’m in a better mood.
    The only badguy who raps tight is MF DOOM.

    Whoever’s said they’re feeling Badd should be feeling bad.
    And if they are.. then I’m really glad.
    He ain’t big and bad like Oswald Cobblepot,
    Or got a shot like Revolver Ocelot.

    Yo I’m gonna make Badd pay.
    Like I do in my job every damn day.

    Raise the ante here..oh. I’ll son Baddguy.
    Yo, you hate Spaceghost.. you’re on Brak’s side.
    Heard you damn cried when the Technodrome collapsed and Krang died.
    When the Deathstar blew up you nearly went out your damn mind.

    Call yourself Baddguy?
    I’ll turn up to your funeral in the black tie you were hanged by.
    You’ll get clapped like you rapped right.
    No I’ll take the broken bone from a lamb thigh and let that shank slide.

    Boy better ackrite, at least get your facts right;
    You ain’t a badguy, just a bad guy and that’s why.
    No, when most foes burn they burn mad bright..
    Just a strawman that won’t catch light.. that’s a bad ‘guy’.

    Incoming literary reference, stand by..
    You’ve got the least-stats and your fam bite like baddguys from Anne Rice.
    Nah your fam bite.. not like Vlad’s vice, more like gadflies.
    Baddguy must be mad high, that’s why.. I dispatch fly attacks like you hang-glide over SAM sites.

    Baddguys get hacked like I’m XCOM on the Blacksite.
    I’m taking out Badd like this kid’s getting baptised.
    I ain’t choose to cruise with crews, I got shanghaied.
    That was a lax smite. coz he lacks might.

    I’m the kinda titan that snaps pines easy as baddguys like that can snap spines.
    Please, the reason ain’t even damn size, could be stacked like Shaq’s height.
    The reason ain’t even damn pride, coulda spat lines on Pac’s mic.
    The reason ain’t even his lack of respect, he can have mine; yeah I’m mad nice..

    I’ll turn up at the eastern gate of his secret base armed with tea and cakes,
    Deep debates, leave at eight, even clean the plates. I’m that nice.

    Same appeal as Quake from S.H.I.E.L.D; I’m beating Baddguy by a landslide.
    Heroic feat, I could go and beat Baddguys with my hands tied like a Chan fight.
    Please, he’s ..Baddguy?
    You couldn’t even beat Jun, how you gonna defeat mankind?

    Just give Jun a nudge and he’ll spin round like Inbound.
    But back to you and I.. uh.. Jun thinks he’s Jin now.
    1st place in the game. and I ain’t talkin Link’s town.
    I’ll leave Baddguy exposed like a slit down a Sith’s gown.

    He thinks he’s a Baddguy, that’s his self image.
    I should try to act nice, that might help with it:
    You’re not really a bad guy, just a sad guy.
    Yeah you’re ‘that guy’.. that guy nobody sat by.
    Wearing shades indoors to hide black eyes.
    And that’s fine. that’s fine, it’s not your fault.

    Your villainous power ain’t to kill and devour,
    Just an innocent coward, simple and dour,
    Your only hope’s to whimper and cower.
    Yeah I ascended from a pit to a tower..
    If I chilled for an hour the Earth’d stop turning,
    The stars would blink out and the birds‘d stop chirping.
  11. lilBig said:


    I have a rap I wrote I would like to add. If there is anything you do not like you can change it.

    Life is hard don't think it's not don't judge me you better stop don't ****ing with me I got a Glock I keep it strapped my hip. Don't make me pistol whip you with my rhymes I am pretty good most of the time. When I walk into the club all the girls start screaming my bling starts blinking my phone starts ringing I am cooler than cool breeze hotter than the stove top I make all the women's ***** pop do you want me to make you drop I don't think so, so you better stop you're not a man I will put you in a trash can. Do you want me make you drop I don't think so, so you better stop. I got a nine in my right and a 45 in the other hand did you hear me man I said got a plan. I am with the MK5 did you hear me man I said I got a clan.

    I come from a life of riches everybody just thinks I think about is partying in *****es but I've been through a lot of ****ing **** in this life I almost died in this life. I walk around this town by myself in this life no one around Who bothers to ask if I want to sit down and hang out and without a doubt I know people talk **** about me because I can't see I'm not a ****ing dummy. But if they ****ing sat down I got to know me they would see I am a really cool fool and they would want to be my homie but they just judge me in advance and cause fights and make me upset some nights but somehow I wake up every morning with a smile on my face even though some people are disgrace to this place need to get put in their place getting punched in the face even though I think fighting then cool I believe this to be true some people act uncool and should not be at this place or in this town if they can think twice before I roll the dice and they get put in their placed with a bang bang you better think twice before I roll the dice.
  12. King_rap2021 said:


    I'm that youging that steady and slow
    Cocked back good and I am ready to go
    You wanna be ***** but you don't understand you never will know

    Don't confuse this ya'll, you can loose it all,
    I can put it where you sleep before you get a chance to move it all
    I don't mack like a nother rapper doing my thing flip this beat, come on

    I'm affical mother****er I'm street certified,
    Rumors circulate *****s heard that I died
    I was on vacation clear in the mind
    I was staring at ya watching giving the rhyme

    This ain't me at my best this is me at my rest
    Pulling pins what you see should I stress
    What you do should I test
    I'm a do it just to cause a little hassle
    What the **** do you want son I ain't a little rascle
    This s***s not casual

    When I'm flipping this verse you ****ers da worst
    Rhyms hit ya hard and leaving ya in da back of a hearse
    Cuz I spitting this curse and rippin the earth

    I do it all day everyday repping the bk
    Watch what you say or ur *** I'm gonna slay
    Wit a tech nine or even a bk
  13. lilspeedboaty said:


    your nans getting drilled
    catch me on pro clubs
    get 5 star skilled
    catch ya nan knocked out
    so now shes drilled skilled pilled and ***** filled

    i dont do a levels
    a geographicly own any adventurer out in the wilderness
    the sun the sunset and tress are bliss

    ill slap ya ***
    louder than a drugged up slapped up pregnant goat
  14. _SBU said:


    Alliance and Lilspeedboaty.. these rappers bore me..
    Please believe, I’ve got beasts sat before me..
    I’ll tiger strike, Life of Pi their swagger shortly..
    Flip the quotes to match the story where Little Boats an’ Al are gory.

    Y’know, coz, in Life of Pi the little boat’s an allegory, like, if you flip the quotes to match the story, that’s..
    ..that’s crazy.

    I ain’t done killing Jun, Kinng and Baddguys.
    If this is the new wave, truesay, I might hang five.
    Boaty wrote a whole verse in lower case.. oh. that’s wise.
    Now i’ll flip Little Boat, at least teach him to caps ‘i’s.

    I’ll hail Boat like Panama.
    I’ll nail Boat like Naglfar.
    Yeah I put Norse myth in battle bars.
    But you ignore smithin’ battle bars.

    I know Little Boaty ain’t into the rap scene..
    Bought some Big Pun once but it just made him angry..
    ‘They told me that this disc featured a shanty!’
    ..Ashanti? ah forget it.

    He likes some light house music, not street rappin’.
    He greatly rates Drake.. the sea captain.

    Homie’s a no-name..
    Boat’s so slow, like.. ‘I thought we were buoys yo’.
    And he know a devil made me destroy Boat.

    Said ‘anti-Noah: devil made me des..’
    Pfft, catch up.

    First: he namechecks a lot of popular acts in his raps.. honestly.
    Second: he says stuff like ****, **** and ******, I mean, constantly.
    Third: It seems a lot to me like this Little Boaty got lost at sea.
    And across the three.. tried relying on stars to get where he wants to be.

    Little Boaty’s obsessed with cox and he lacks rhythm.
    His rat bitten rap system hurts worse than scaphism.
    Fam, listen.. Boat don’t float if deep thought is the topic.
    Put an anchor through his brain; I see-flaws in his logic.
    Stop it.

    Wait for Boat to start barking on me like I’m Darwin at sea.
    That’s a Beagle joke. no? bet he’s staring perplexed.
    He keeps on about *****, damn I swear he’s obsessed.
    Now he’s fairly depressed and it’s barely suppressed.
    His crew don’t show him love, just.. varied neglect.
    Oh Boaty got no crew, he the Mary Celeste.

    Mary Celeste.. right, cos he abandoned craft.
    Give him the W, before the anchor part.
    Check it.. even if he plans, departs.. scans the stars and standard charts..
    Watch Little Boat get smashed apart like cannons sparked and snapped the mast and left him in a Kraken’s path.

    Please, it ain’t even that hard to drop battleraps.
    Boat seems out of place like the ark atop Ararat.
    And Boaty don’t belong on street because..
    If he tries to land anything, Boat’ll need a doc.

    But I don’t condone street violence. (unless he’s dyin’).
    No one’ll show at Boat’s wake but em cee ‘liance.

    You know, like, funeral wakes and boat wakes? emcee Alliance and them sea lions? Uh.

    This knave’ll.. try reams on high cees and flow ‘til a..
    Nah, just playin’.
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  15. Alliance said:


    This open season..all the more let the story set in..
    where does all the words begin??
    set in-in a setting; dawg days,
    blue sky, white cloud as the sun setting..
    furthermost the most ferocious
    to bring more versus from coast to coastes..
    hurl like a hurricane thru the damn coastes..
    flow so wreckage it blew the damn post
    grim reaper in the sky just flew the damn ghost!
    Fake news, I wish it was all a hoax..
    One for my Puerto-Rico folkz..
    Fight on u know it’s Cotto yo!!
    Code of honor when the strong die..u can die a hero!
    I’m here tho feeling the lives at ground zero..
    Before Barbuda was ground zero..
    They were jiving on the island like it was ground zero!!
    My heart is heavy..pray for the folkz that felt so broken;
    hopeless..plz lord let us cope this!!
    Let’em play their countey music in vegas..
    pray to those if that is ya last..
    like they say live ur everyday like it is ya last..
    When I bust it’s like a natural disaster cuzz..
    One day it was koo n then the storm form above..
    No sea above me no man above he..
    But lord I don’t ask’s a merciful life..
    The struggle is real still scuffling in that daily strive..
    strife’n life style in that cold night..
    it’s a blessing to wake up and see another daily light..
    still hold on even tho there’s no hope in sight!!
    Or bless those that are lost who couldn’t see another light of days!!
    When day break let keep praying the stray will find their ways.
    Best believe after they dwell in the flesh..there’s life after death!!
    My light will rest let my soul progress..body and mind manifest!!
    I put it down for those who succumb to the surface..
    the plateau cover those who couldn’t resurface..
    suffocate to see their fate but couldn’t escape the crust surface..
    life is like a box of chocolate..we couldn’t eat most of it!!
    Wish we could eat it all n read the note that came with it..
    U made ya bed so now u can lay in it..
    When they make ur bed..I pray u the best..
    Sweet reminisce when it open casket..
    bitter sweet memories when u close’em!!
    Born a lone die alone..
    the clothes on my back I don’t need’em..
    Words on the street I spoke’em..
    Mc in the forum I provoke’em!
    Hungry in the game I came to pay homage..
    U ain’t gotta be in church to feel tormented
    Even in the house of god..they pop shots..
    better to be in the house of the lord when they pull ya cards..
    ya number is up..when they pop that shot..
    do good live good rather than in that melting pot of hell..
    that’s a hella of a thought!!
    I can be a cannibal that hasn’t eating in days..
    when I jot down those thought!!
    Ur in for a treat when ur heart is out on the tray..
    I murder mc n hang’em out for display!!
    I don’t even fucc with lil Yachty
    what make u think I play with lil speed boaty anyways??
    Show boat n no gloat no dope in ya load that can compare to my smoke..
    choke’n on dope that louder than ya coke..
    no shows in ur boat..u can be a mere mortal and dream to be a goat..
    drink from ya cans n beer bottles but still can’t mirror ya own smoke..
    ya rap kings? Or has been? But it never happen..spread L’s in BK?
    That’s a rap thing..wrap sling..not ya crack rock
    I unwrap rocks like King David when I brought fourth..
    solid force..slay giants Like Seahawks n I ain’t even in New York..
    but when I do rap BIG it ain’t lil..ur N/A cuz I’m the greatest!!
    No drawn gun...I just spit Pun..tho the coffee pot is hot..
    I don’t drink coffee just do it like Em n trump hard..
    I still flip my lid flip u are the N? Or is it IamtheN??
    N to nothing..cuz ya never N anything..
    but bad guys do dies in the ending..
    young’n get the lighting charge need a Z to ya bar..
    what I mean is ya phone is dead..
    get lighting plug all I see is Z’s in ya cell bar..kindda far fetch??
    Ok..sbu get the usb lighting charge to zeus bars..
    bamboozle ya damn hooligan..
    pit bull flows like getting maul again..or if ur in the lion den..
    then sbu must be the Lion King..
    U called on me..I’m a nut-case I’m just gonna discharge again..
    just in case u think u’re fighting Jun..
    I got more tech that spin harder flame kicks..
    similar to Master Ken than ya Tekken.
    Really bruhh..S’s who ish u kidding??
    I came to wreck King in the rings with more judo hold and neck spin..
    Im at the top of my as the tip of the pencil..
    my penmanship sees no the glock that scream out deagle..
    point 45 that blank point 45 and put a hole in ya side..
    I came back like Jordan and make Jordan cry..
    Alliance keep fighting still boxing hard..heart of a hard-knockz life..
    still defiance such a real champion just called it the sweet science!!(Nukka!)
  16. _SBU said:


    Alliance.. hi.

    You drink at home and live alone..
    I’m ripping out your innards slow,
    Keep them for a minute though,
    Then fit it back, if it’ll go.

    Wait, in case you didn’t know..
    What? word.. I’m different yo..
    Like ‘live alone’ and ‘liver-loan’..?
    Just run that back from the top if you missed the note.

    Uh.. and if you missed the note..
    When I pulled out the organs.. that’s an inner joke.

    This guy Alliance.. like Poseidon next to Little Boat..
    Bites like jaws, I think we gonna need a bigger boast.
    Inbound had a slick approach but he’s slithered home.
    Baddguy thinks he’s a bitter foe. biter yes, bitter no.
    Kidda, yo.. you ain’t my bitter foe you my little bro.
    I taught you a lesson, hoping that your wit’ll grow.
    Didn’t though, it lessened and diminished slow.
    Jun might snap on me.. coz he brittle boned.
    And Little Boat..
    Little Boat sails his ship alone..
    Yet when he brings a flow we’re all skippers though.
    Ya know? coz we skip a load?
    Like when Alliance starts crying, spilling out his innermost:
    “My light will rest let my soul progress..body and mind manifest!!”
    uh it so?
    Oh this battle rapper’s in killing mode.
    Only himself that he’s killing though.
    Check it:

    Baddguy got Alliance: Suicide Squad.
    ‘Ick!’..stab ..Mayan suicide god.

    Wait, wait..
    Hold up..

    I was just wondering which match was near best..
    Just wondering which fan to fear next..
    I had to think about it, since I lack a clear threat..
    So here’s a breakdown of how the battles here went:

    I mean..

    N A The Great got Alliance.. common sentiments.
    The King got Great.. fostered reverence.
    The Great got Little.. dropped in eloquence.
    The King got N/A.. lost his relevance.

    Ok that wasn’t entirely.. actually factual,
    But to fit with the scheme it was naturally practical.
    Since Robb Mack’s gone on a massive sabbatical,
    And most of you here are, uh, rap-incompatible.
    I broke the bodies down slow, like an amateur cannibal.
    Boaty, homey, my calibre’s ‘cannonball’.

    Plus.. we got LilBig here acting irrational..

    I’ll ‘LilBig’ lyricists yeah, they’ll get crushed.
    In the comp acting larger than you are, you’ll be next up.
    If motorboaty wanna get in my face then he best bust.
    This a vet against ten pups that ain’t even sick it’s a check up.

    No Einstein.. it’s a check up.
    No.. ein stein (it’s a czech cup).

    That was silly.
    Lemme bring it back yo.


    No man’s an island but Alliance comes close coz he just coasts and sunk Boats.
    ‘Inbound’ should change name to ‘Run Home’, and these are text battles so how comes Jun chokes?

    N A The Great? the honour’s minimal..
    Just N/A coz the ‘Great’s not applicable.

    Alliance, you don’t know allegiance..
    Served King once, now known for treason.
    Served twice non-consecutively. Grover Cleveland
    I write rap for my own appeasement plus to please a host of demons since my sins are known as legion.
    Sunned, I’ll take your bones and bleach ‘em.
    I’ll take the win to spring up and summarise your fall. “Open season”.
    I’d flip Alliance’s lines, except, first I’d have to go and read ‘em.
    Nah, I did.. and it ain’t even like I don’t believe ‘em or oppose the reasons..
    But this is just battlerap, we ain’t campaigning for global freedom.

    That was light. Pale Fire: King’s a phoney.
    Kiddie’s still busy tryna pick emojis.
    Alliance, cry me a river slowly..
    Yeah whatever floats your Little Boaty.

    Alliance got Boaty. Black Armada.
    The King got Alliance. Magna Carta.
    Alliance got Great. battled harder.
    The King lost to Baddguys, acts the martyr.
    Baddguys bashed Boat, battered armour,
    Until Alliance got defiant and I sacked the harbour.

  17. tomdadondon0522 said:


    SBU, you about to visit the ICU, iíll do a bit of a name flip and like an angry Asian iíll end your life and hit you with the BUS.

    Or we could do it in a cage and id SUB you with a RNC, you about to be a victim of my hands like when glover got knocked out by GUS.

    Your basic *** style got me in a deep slumber, like god damn how could anyone willin to battle you even make it through your lame and whack *** lyrics, you gof a basic *** style,

    You should honestly contemplate your life and consider a different hobby or career option, Your calibre aint a ďcannon ball,Ē you just shoot blank rounds ,you arenít hot dawg, youíve got no hot sauce, or chili, u just use ketchup ur mild/ ( hot dog pun)

    Stop talking some **** about ďalliancesĒ or ďkingsĒ , you aint a lebron james with his big 3 youíre just a bench warmer, or I could call you another

    Luke Walton or another SUB, you a bench warmer , you have no talent or skills, iíll posterize you and baptize you, might as well call me your Father , iím in ur room ****ing ur mother

    Like Delonte when he shagged up Gloria, iím ur new step dad , pay me your respects and be a good little boy, battling wit you is like physically fighting a kid,

    Such a sad sight to witness, you act like you can analyze every battle and break down each play by play like youíre working for fox,

    But in reality itís you whoís gonna be in the spotlight, you talk about your sins being a legion but what you really meant was your skins are in lesion, u might have smallpox/

    Get real dawg, you call yourself a vet against pups, but youíre the one who sounds neutered, i should ďpoundĒ you and put you down for good, put u outta ur pain,

    Of choking and sounding like ur a broken record, u unoriginal, you have no creativity and you lack depth, youíre a princess, iím a Warrior, battlin u is nothing for me to gain/

    Call me mr splash brother, chef curry here got depth and sauce, this boy arty ( boyardee),

    Youíre just a sad story, itís a shame that iímma have to end this faggot quick, iímma Milk Harvey ,

    Dent, you ugly like Two Face, head caught your tails, you gonna get this bat, man, what a Joker, iímma be the Bane of ur existence, call me Tom Hardy/

    You think youíre different but i laugh at your rapping ability,

    Youíre different as in being classified as having an intellectual disability, you dont even deserve to have kids with your peanut brain, you shud consider infertility/

    Cause you said, this is battle rap and iím ready to eat any *****z alive in this comment section like Iím an african cannibal warlord at a feast,

    ****ing with Tom da dondon, the mafia head, you must be stupid to say the least.

    Iíll cap-one ( al capone) in you, tommy gun style, my hat wonít even touch the floor, thatís how easy the work will be,

    Iíll end this rhyme by sayin to my future opponent that your rebuttals mean jack **** here ,

    Cause i dont play games, send me your address , **** battle raps iíll meet you face to face and put u in fear.

    You cant hide behind ur lyrics and expect to win this battle, ive already won, this whole bows down to me like im their majesty,

    If you even dare to battle me or rebuttal, go ahead but ur lyrics just represent a travesty/

    Of what will actually happen in real life. Youíd get ****ec up for real, i fight like jon jones with the strength and speed of lesnar and cain,

    Ive got semi automatic skills, iíll spit out bullets in real life and splatter ur brain/

    You thinkyouíll beat me with rebuttals and talk **** about my username or my style or lyrics but youíll have nothing to gain/

    Cause in this game youíre either gonna get killed or slain/

    From my lines like u odíd on cocaine!

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  18. Raorrye23 said:

    Default Drop it

    Quote Originally Posted by quickill View Post
    The rules:

    1. Battle the opponent above you
    2. No more than 2-3 minutes allowed to write your rap
    3. Freestyles only, nothing you've been working on
    4. No edits or revisions allowed

    Let's go

    Hustle like Iím broke
    Your **** is just a joke
    Itís all on me and I bet I never choke
    I killed your flow with a freestyle
    You can rap back but it might be while
    Until I reply, my oh my
    You lames workin bad bishes twerkin
    Stack my racks up cuz Iím puttiní work in
    She popped that ***** til she said it hurtiní
    I donít care, treat her like a ho
    CREAM til the end all a hustler knows
    Just how it goes, ya I suppose
    Watch that bish drop straight to floor
    Flipped that *** over put on fours
    Here I come, woah bish woah
    We ride 84s, we tote 44s
    Talk that ish get your head choppíd off
    Yeah Iím out I beast I boss

    Dafu bruh? Lame..
    so lemme be clear,
    homies a faker,
    stealing some bars is all good an fine,
    but taking a whole verse,
    thats crossing the ****ing line,
    I normally shred ****ers like you, but, instead...
    Na.. Who am i kidding?, still gonna verbally stomp your head,
    Picking someones line apart deffo aint smart,
    next time i'll use you to wipe a wet fart,
    then you can say your playing your part.
    dont steal someone elses fable,
    cus i'll put you in a box i made outta ya mums kitchen table,
    i spit so much fire your ashes are incinerated,
    yo, someone else step up cus this kids been obliterated
  19. Alliance said:


    Enter Alliance..where the roar stay vibrant
    From hibernating in the lion den...
    Still breathing fiya like a sleepin’ dragon..
    Or..I got kicks like Enter the Dragon..
    Make ya eat ya own flavor writing
    Stay stifle I’m a crouching tiger..
    But take flight like a hidden dragon
    Before ur time exist..
    I’ve been kickin’ back in the garden of eden
    I know my mind a loop hole space continuum
    Still spit bars too far for ur whole existence
    So why bother to tinker with ya very own existence?
    I’m the shadow that follow the dail..sun-dail!!
    Since the past, future and present..
    I use to is the time between..
    Now I’m that light that link the distance
    Muscle memory that twitch in an instant
    A beast that maneuver on instinct..
    Or that light that keep burning on that incense
    Just say I pray for the souls they never go extinct
    To what extend do we measure our living?
    The path I chose is to live with-in..
    Do I live to to win or live to be content..
    Or see the world chain up in a system where they live to pretend..
    The gifts n the curse the one in the same sentence
    Ya body is the temple so god is present
    This world is too conflicted..facing their inner-demon
    My intuition intertwine lines that define..
    the prime rhymes seasons with meaning..
    Inception conception deception or the voice of reasons
    Reflect the neglect to feel negligence..
    So what’s next they level the field to feel exception
    Plane the field they play the field to pain the field..
    Still aim to kill..thirst to shells to scream at the world..
    Now they feel my pain..paint the killer that society instill..
    Still we primitive to the hate that create in our society still..
    Now I paint the picture we all too numb to feel..
    Keep stealth let me snap that picture to keep the memories well..
    Well wish the cursed I was birth to tell the tales..
    Alliance keep shells..shoot thru two s’s and u can keep hell!! (Mmm!)
    I been dwellin’ the suspense elevated suspend
    Each time I pop..the roof top hop like pop’n off ya ceiling
    This ain’t for the faint off heart..
    I pop skull off like a cap with no brain to fill in..
    Pistol talk that whistle smoke out the..barrel
    Or Sbu will tell u it’s smoke out the borough..
    Now I ain’t bout that bird Rao or Rio..
    But it’s absurd when Tom-dad-on-don..or is it tom-da-don-don?
    Whatever the fucc ur on..the preacher is the sound of ur song..
    U don’t have to agree’s the same old song
    U get dealt like a long hit on a bong..
    Or might get skit over by a suv
    This spit hover over ya head like a UV..
    Nukka plz fucc around with Alliance..
    I’m quick to disconnect SBU like a USB!! (Ouch!)
    Whatever it be..u ain’t gett’n Me B..(lol)
    Serious tho G..u can’t handle me!!
    This fight like no hands Chan??
    U told this is all toes to me?? (LoL)
    I still crack a Chan neck like it’s Bruce Lee!! (Oww!)
    For real recognize real..
    N real recognize an OG!!
    The flows will make the girls go oh-geez!!
    I spit hot on g spot they pop their kneez..
    Alliance too hard..make’m pu$$y drop still shock’n in OD’z!!(LoL..Booyaka!Booyaka!!)
  20. jun said:


    Damn so i gotta battel with with a alliance
    Defiant the mighty jun wordplay like lightning
    On my pride an **** ****ing women why you buyin dildos and lube at the lions den
    Be quiet trick the funk you gone rap
    Houdini flow flow magic spit ill cut you half
    Whats up if you gassed jump on the track let you me hear you bro
    No fear to foes and oppenets who appeared and froze
    Disappear get ghost im just **** with my serial flow
    But i like captin crunch as far as cereal goes
    Im being serious bro
    What you hearing is dope from syringes or smoke i know you love your babies momma but i get her high and then trick with the ***
    Its the sickness i know
    Im dumb wildin
    The fuxk is done is trying
    What happened with that gotti flow
    Call me daddy cause i father those who cant write that i let my son jot flow ....
    Im kidding you know that right
    My pigment im kodak white
    With a flow that nice get you high like doing dope at night
    Im at your throat like knives
    Cake hoeee
    Im kimbo you dont want that slice with the flyest
    I write with a science divided with times and theorized to have minds like the mayans
    Decisive conniving enticed by the blight
    When i write bxxtch its like
    Taking lifes and i like it
    You wont find another mother funker who spit like this