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    Enter Alliance..where the roar stay vibrant
    From hibernating in the lion den...
    Still breathing fiya like a sleepin’ dragon..
    Or..I got kicks like Enter the Dragon..
    Make ya eat ya own flavor writing
    Stay stifle I’m a crouching tiger..
    But take flight like a hidden dragon
    Before ur time exist..
    I’ve been kickin’ back in the garden of eden
    I know my mind a loop hole space continuum
    Still spit bars too far for ur whole existence
    So why bother to tinker with ya very own existence?
    I’m the shadow that follow the dail..sun-dail!!
    Since the past, future and present..
    I use to is the time between..
    Now I’m that light that link the distance
    Muscle memory that twitch in an instant
    A beast that maneuver on instinct..
    Or that light that keep burning on that incense
    Just say I pray for the souls they never go extinct
    To what extend do we measure our living?
    The path I chose is to live with-in..
    Do I live to to win or live to be content..
    Or see the world chain up in a system where they live to pretend..
    The gifts n the curse the one in the same sentence
    Ya body is the temple so god is present
    This world is too conflicted..facing their inner-demon
    My intuition intertwine lines that define..
    the prime rhymes seasons with meaning..
    Inception conception deception or the voice of reasons
    Reflect the neglect to feel negligence..
    So what’s next they level the field to feel exception
    Plane the field they play the field to pain the field..
    Still aim to kill..thirst to shells to scream at the world..
    Now they feel my pain..paint the killer that society instill..
    Still we primitive to the hate that create in our society still..
    Now I paint the picture we all too numb to feel..
    Keep stealth let me snap that picture to keep the memories well..
    Well wish the cursed I was birth to tell the tales..
    Alliance keep shells..shoot thru two s’s and u can keep hell!! (Mmm!)
    I been dwellin’ the suspense elevated suspend
    Each time I pop..the roof top hop like pop’n off ya ceiling
    This ain’t for the faint off heart..
    I pop skull off like a cap with no brain to fill in..
    Pistol talk that whistle smoke out the..barrel
    Or Sbu will tell u it’s smoke out the borough..
    Now I ain’t bout that bird Rao or Rio..
    But it’s absurd when Tom-dad-on-don..or is it tom-da-don-don?
    Whatever the fucc ur on..the preacher is the sound of ur song..
    U don’t have to agree’s the same old song
    U get dealt like a long hit on a bong..
    Or might get skit over by a suv
    This spit hover over ya head like a UV..
    Nukka plz fucc around with Alliance..
    I’m quick to disconnect SBU like a USB!! (Ouch!)
    Whatever it be..u ain’t gett’n Me B..(lol)
    Serious tho G..u can’t handle me!!
    This fight like no hands Chan??
    U told this is all toes to me?? (LoL)
    I still crack a Chan neck like it’s Bruce Lee!! (Oww!)
    For real recognize real..
    N real recognize an OG!!
    The flows will make the girls go oh-geez!!
    I spit hot on g spot they pop their kneez..
    Alliance too hard..make’m pu$$y drop still shock’n in OD’z!!(LoL..Booyaka!Booyaka!!)

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    Damn so i gotta battel with with a alliance
    Defiant the mighty jun wordplay like lightning
    On my pride an **** ****ing women why you buyin dildos and lube at the lions den
    Be quiet trick the funk you gone rap
    Houdini flow flow magic spit ill cut you half
    Whats up if you gassed jump on the track let you me hear you bro
    No fear to foes and oppenets who appeared and froze
    Disappear get ghost im just **** with my serial flow
    But i like captin crunch as far as cereal goes
    Im being serious bro
    What you hearing is dope from syringes or smoke i know you love your babies momma but i get her high and then trick with the ***
    Its the sickness i know
    Im dumb wildin
    The fuxk is done is trying
    What happened with that gotti flow
    Call me daddy cause i father those who cant write that i let my son jot flow ....
    Im kidding you know that right
    My pigment im kodak white
    With a flow that nice get you high like doing dope at night
    Im at your throat like knives
    Cake hoeee
    Im kimbo you dont want that slice with the flyest
    I write with a science divided with times and theorized to have minds like the mayans
    Decisive conniving enticed by the blight
    When i write bxxtch its like
    Taking lifes and i like it
    You wont find another mother funker who spit like this

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    U get fork, struggle with knives lines, butter knives n toast..
    Get ghosted when u know ur a dead beat..
    getting beat by the holy ghost..
    Let’s froze? Only when I freeze up the ice..
    I’m too nice got ya bytch for free when she charge u the full price!! bad I shouldn’t talk about the sperm-dump..
    she ain’t giving u thanks,
    Bytch gonna charge ya a late fee to pump ya deposit in the bank..
    if she’s put her box out..
    u know she get the box plow..
    when I post up for the box out
    u know u getting the knock-down..
    Tho ur bytch get knock up but couldn’t figure out..
    who’s the baby daddy now..
    So do it like Kanye n scream out prenup..
    we want prenup now!!
    wow this a low blow like ya girl..
    this world is used up like ya old girl..
    Dimond stone flow cut with the rarest pearl..
    I got flows so sick that makes ya stomach hurl..
    do it like Big n tanqueray n make u called Earl!!
    I stay loaded like a chinese eyes
    only time u stay loaded is full of shiet all the time..
    spit them Jun bum lines n soft wordplay..
    ya just played in casket when I dance over ya grave..
    try’a devise a plot that’s un-divisive..
    like a bytch with too much thought that’s indecisive..
    punch line consist of no concise thought..
    ya fought long n lost like alzheimer bro..
    flows spoil like an old timer bro!! Hahhaa

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    This about to be your official crucifixion,
    Iím about to make you nonexistent with my lyrics like ur a piece of fiction/
    You keep mentioning religious schemes like ur a prophet or apostle,
    But your style and lyrics are outdatedand old like a dino fossil/
    You keep talking about *****es and riches,
    But the reality is, youíre a fat virgin covered with stitches/
    The only comparison you got to kanye west,
    Is that youíre just another talentless,
    egomaniac caught up in a kardashian mess,
    Talking aboutbeing mythical like the lochness?
    I really must digress, you must really be the definition of regress,
    i am the definition of real progress/
    Mr west, like delonte iíll take yo mama south,
    No glori-fication of the christ, only a night with glori-ahh , open wide! my willy in her mouth/
    You Talking about alzheimerís but you must have forgotten
    That yo momma will be sayin ď park-in-son!Ē While iím on her driveway and youíre away pickin cotton/
    callin urself alliance but youíre just a loner,
    All that showboating wonít save you from this beating, like maidana-broner/
    Cause i thought this was ďbattle rap,Ē not a presidential speech
    My lyrics are meant to shoot n iggas to sleep, call me big meech/
    I might get house swatted after i post my rhymes
    Because ur whole neighborhood will be dialing 911 to report my heinous crimes/
    The newsflash reads: ď another n igga dies by hangingĒ
    Wouldve thought that he was slain by gang banging/
    But lyrically any man who goes 12 rounds with me is whack
    Each punch or bullet from my chamber stance ( karate stance, gun chamber), you will be cracked/
    Iímma save my good **** for the next round,
    Iíve already neutered this b itch, taken her to the pound/
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    Tom..Why bother to test me?
    When we know u get raid like a pest be..
    Best me? U higher than a tree as a stump be..
    funny B u ain’t the Joker type but act how a clown be..
    N ya Bee flip the skirt for short money..
    My honey be sweet as the flow be..
    In the street u ain’t shiet to me..
    N in the street u are a shiet B..
    Really tho? U lost notes like a
    I ain’t talkin’ about a bank account..
    But they just keep passing the notes to me..
    U still a joke to society how a broke be..
    Be pissing poor pessimistic domestically
    Get silence like a bytch in a domestic violence..
    burner point blank at the side of ur dome..
    Bytch speak when spoken to..
    Now u know how a silencer be..
    See ya flows all fake reason why ya edited ya bars..flawed..all mistake!!
    N it don’t take much for one to know..ur’re a wallflower..
    U couldn’t even break doe.. put on a whack show..pulling ya heart out..
    Talk about a Kano..u can blow out ur heart with a cain tho..
    While I bake cake with the sugar in ya tank..
    Ur’re just as bad as a fag..but worse ur’re a skank..
    Ur point sank..ya credits low like ya flow..
    N on thanksgiving u can’t even give a fuxx to thanks..
    U against Alliance...ummm no-thanks..
    No a true “loner” no brains!!*lol*
    Can’t swirl in my lane..stop kiddin’ lame..
    u never had a dame when u spit it’s all the same..
    When I spit the 45 aim at ya frame..
    If u had a bytch I’ll spit on that dame..
    Damn Stan..ur’re just a dumb fan to me
    I’m Optimistic to dissect ya optic vision b..
    Or’re we talking about a bow-tie?
    but u never be as fresh next to me..
    I put the bow arrow straight thru ya eyes..
    that’s how a bullseye suppose to be..
    Supposedly ya composure twitch..
    In a flinch which showed ya bytch tendency
    It’s in ur dna dawg..ur still a bytch to me!!huh!

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    None of the shyt you wrote even made sense , Dawg
    Are you speaking retarded Ebonics, or are your braincells missing from getting higher than a log/
    Out of all the fake gangster talk that i could actually decipher and understand
    I did pick out a few things i can spin at you, things to bury you under like the sand/
    Firstly, i think you need to get your GED diploma,
    Go read a few books but i bet you cant do that cause your braincells would be put in a coma/
    Big words
    will turn your braincells into small turds,/
    Your body will turn into dead meat, ICU being fed on by vulture birds/
    N igga you talkin about me being higher thana tree,
    Call me treebeard, iíll stomp all over your hobbit *** from morder to the Bree/
    Youíre smaller than the actor of mini me/
    Manís talking about me bein a joker, jack napierís his actual name
    But youíre goin up against a real physical specimen, iíll break your back like Bane/
    You only wish you were as tough as bruce wayne/
    But you must be f ckin insane/
    My bullets will splatter your entire brain/
    Your mouth will be numb without thought, like you on novocaine /
    Iím just gettin started,
    Iíll cross you up like AI, or double cross you like guy from the departed/
    All of your ďlyricsĒ sound effing retarded/
    You sound like the noises my pet llama would make when it farted /
    Acting tough like you own the streets?
    N igga, iím a mother effing don, your whole city pays me in green sheets/
    I will home invade you, drug you up and kill,
    Then iíll skin you like buffalo bill/
    You ainít no true street fighter, you just another Dan Hibiki in pink,
    A joke and real clown , you got Dunning Krueger, go see a shrink/
    But iím like freddy, iíll always be haunting ur thoughts
    Iíll literally f uk your brains out like im raping 10 thots/
    Talking about carryin out ďdomestic violence,Ē
    Lemme give you your first lecter, i need these lambs to be silenced/
    Talkin crap about my ďedited barsĒ,
    I was taking out lines that wouldíve ended ur life faster than SARS/
    So you shud thank me as i did you a favor/
    I still got you as the meal to savor/
    I will cut you up like darth vader/
    Or iíll choke you out like urijah faber/
    Iíll hit your stomach so hard, youíll go into labor/
    Your ď45Ē is infantile to a Tommy Gun,
    I got way more solid rounds than you, so by now you should run/
    And ur right iíll never be as ďfreshĒ iím a geezer,
    Thatís why iíll be hanging your body ďfreshĒ in my freezer /
    Iíll have it all in my mei wes, i come armin with the whole artillery ( armin meiwes)
    When iím done choppin u, iíll confiscate ur body like the emails of Hillary/
    Round 2 is done wit u, i feel like ive seasoned this body,
    But Next round iíll Blow you up in pieces like a bullet hitting a suicidal saudi/
    I wonít be givin this Stan any Leeway,
    iíll hulk smash this fool and abuct your children like iím the phantom, freeway/
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    U wanna battle rap?
    U came to the battle
    Wanna rep ya rap like a bytch with long rap sheet...
    Ya rap so bad get put on hold..obsolete..
    Mattafact truth be told..U never had a rap sheet!
    My raps keep dap smoke out the vape piece..
    Ya daps are phony how a handshake be..
    Ok back to the Matrix it’s ya fake fantasy..
    I’m holding on to two clips..stash money..Money!
    Ok..fucc all the riches In the world..
    I’m back to rap rhapsody..
    The audacity..lame kat..U trash to me..
    Claim to be a Don..ya flow racists like ya uncle-tom..
    U’ish like a comedian going rogue riding on a bomb..
    I’m not ya typical type of stereo-typical type of niGgga dawg!!
    I’m that Nikka..with two big Caps NG..
    that can’t be found on a periodic chart..
    This elements is outta ya arts..
    when they capture ya odds n enslaved ya heart..
    I know son this life been hard..
    Heaven knows son my heart is heavy hard..
    Been coming up from the bottom n it’s been far..
    been spittin’ right from the heart!!
    This the type..of feel’n u call on God!!
    Start spittin’ write..from the start..
    maybe u get it right once in a backward DOG!!
    Wild?’s optic-lights that’s lit thru the wire..
    While my flow flood like an un-lead Nile!!!(umm!!)
    Too easy no denial..when u take en..n get left with dial...(Err!)
    I foreshadowed ur stone...sundial..
    Counterclockwise..u ain’t so smart..wise-crack
    Flow sap from ya brain like a knuckle head..
    U-ish a knuckle head that buckle beside a chicken bed..
    I’m not talk’n about a bytch u chicken-head..
    I’m talk’n u rest ya chicken-head..on ya chicken bed..
    From a yolk out the shell..
    Ya been chicken feed..
    What else’s been said??..
    The world been feeding on a chicken...dead!!
    Ok u get gettin’ book instead..
    N i was reading a book while u were gett’n book’n..mayne!! bout we put it all on the line..
    line by line ya blow’n dust??
    This that cain talk!!
    The rap game in pain it’s been on chains dawg!!(ouch!)
    This feelin’ lurkin’ like truth out the dark..
    I’ve been searching for the long..
    Feelin’ like I’m sitting above water shining thru a flashlight..eternal sight!!
    Mayne...what u know about starving at night??..
    I’ve been eating knowledge to spit out the lights!!
    U been a homeless in ya mind..sleepin’ thru the night..
    N I’m that flame that spark up the mind..tonight!!
    Ablaze in the anger that quench in the crime..
    Syllable after syllable I’m killin’ the rhyme!!
    U don’t snooze fast u lose to smash that button in time....hahahha
    Tom...U?? Against Alliance??.U losing ya mind!!!
    Like u take both l’s from alliance
    N blow ya lines at the same time!!!..huh sucka mc!!

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    Is alliance code named for having multiple personality disorder?
    Are you sure you didnít purchase your lyrics from the psych ward, for a quarter?/
    First youíre ramblin about being tough with a rap sheet, then you talked about heaven,
    Then you probably got hungry, and spewed some **** about chickens , ur iq is equivalent to someone aged 7/
    I thought you came to battle rap ,but youíre more harmless than a fly,
    None of your lyrics even had bad intentions, but my lyrics will make grown men cry/
    You spewed **** about the matrix? Fuk wit me and iíll school you like iím morpheus sonning neo,
    You ainít the One to beat me, iíll kidnap you and hold u hostage like the olympics in Rio/
    Thatís the difference between me being on this don shyt,
    You talk a big game but youíre high on illusions and false hopes , like you had a long bong hit/
    My body count higher than the victims from all the movies featuring Chucky,
    Your ďbody countĒ is non existent, my victims topple one by one like iím playin Domino, call me lucky/
    You should check out My Deadpool, itís got a sea of bodies,
    I strangled my victims with Cable, then went out to hang out with some hotties/
    Iíll make this chicken run, cause iím about to behead a ****,
    You napoleon dynamite, Iím the scorpion king, The Rock ( movie scheme)
    Iím about the Mafia life, Iím a made man heading for the bank, a baller,
    You just a soft criminal, no body count, white collar/
    After i cut you up into reeseís pieces , and break your fingers into kit kats,
    Iímma hack up and mould your bone ,
    Into toblerone/
    Iíll ship ur corpse up into Mars , make them aliens Snicker/ ( candy bar scheme)
    You ainít a hardcore ď nikka,Ē
    You just a phaggot, an azz licka/
    You are a ***** but you donít eat out, you swallow whole,
    Going down on lexington steele, or prince yashua is your lifetime goal/
    Iím ron jeremy, danny D, my ďcockĒ makes the ***** go wild and wet,
    You just a cuck, you let others bang your girl on set/
    Iím MJ, you kwame, you a rookie, iím a vet/
    Iíve got way too many Aces in my deck, this like tennis, game, match , set /
    Stay in your lane, you about to be a victim of a post, her eyes asian (posterization)
    Cause my D makes yo moms or ur girl squint from the sensation
    Donít step into this ring wit me, iím the lord of the ring, call me sauron or dark lord,
    Alliance, you got multiple personalities, you like smeagol ,gollum , no sword/
    You talkin about cain, but you shud be in an asylum, you insane,
    One day you wake up being a gangster, the next day you as white as john mccain/
    Battlin me dawg, you just burying ur own casket,
    U got a psychiatric disorder, u shud be in a straight jacket /
    You ainít an ďallianceĒ cause there nobody else around,
    Once i cure u from ur illness, u wonít be lost, youíll feel found/
    Now sit tight and breathe, the nurse in ur ward gnna get ur pills,
    Iímma cash this easy battle money at the bank, no coins all bills/

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    People, you all talk about my stuff like theres
    are so much better
    My **** makes you girl more wetter
    I'll have her bouncin on my ****
    Like she was in a bounce house
    But instead we'll be in your own house
    wearin your mom's blouse
    Knock your *** out like Mike Tyson
    By my son Bryis
    Don't get to scared*
    poor kid not even your friends cared
    For the real rappers out there I give you props as for yourself stick to your day job as Santa's little elf

    People, you all talk about my stuff like theres
    are so much better
    My **** makes you girl more wetter
    I'll have her bouncin on my ****
    Like she was in a bounce house
    But instead we'll be in your own house
    wearin your mom's blouse
    Knock your *** out like Mike Tyson
    By my son Bryis
    Don't get to scared*
    poor kid not even your friends cared
    For the real rappers out there I give you props as for yourself stick to your day job as Santa's little elf

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    N igga, what the hell did i just scroll through,
    Was reading Your basic azz style and i havenít gotten a clue/
    Of how you even think of yourself Worthy, u gone too far,
    Beating me? Uíll need some Magic , iíll break u wit a jab, bar by bar/ ( jabbar, Laker Scheme),
    Your whole ďrapĒ was written like a child with apsergerís,
    Youíre just a fat trump supporter at home eatin burgers/
    Callin urself a demon, but this is ur Doom
    Iíll Tommy Gun you like a real don, iíll tie u up in an interrogation room/
    You came into this battle fresher than meat on a Hangar,hook,
    Cross uppercut, callin urself tyson ? Look/
    Iíll Bust-er rhyme, my pen too ill, put u in a cast/
    knock u out like mr buster douglas, punch lines too fast,
    So call me busta rhymes, your time runnin out like an hour glass/
    Iíll save u from experiencing embarrassing times,
    I wonít even call u out for repeating the same rhymes/
    After iím done wit u, youíll be auditioning with mimes/
    For you, The lights will shine, your soul sold,
    ten count not needed, you will be out cold/
    Go outside, You need to exercise, go hither,
    Or Rather an exorcism, get foot loose, if her/ (lucifer, footloose movie)
    Man shows up, you should defend her honor,
    Too bad Iíve got the best sharpie, you just a dull spur, matt bonnar/
    You a f ag, proud of cross dressin in a blouse,
    For ur effort iíll plant an Oscar, Dell, a hoya all your house/ ( oscar dela hoya, oscar award, dell laptop, hoya plant)
    Wearing blouses? N igga u borat,
    Soundin like a f aggot , iíll stomp on u like a doormat/
    Iím done roastin this pea king duck, iíve made him cry, askin for hugs
    I shud lay some Daffies, bury u with Bugs/ (looney toon scheme)

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    This is ludicrous, far from disturbing the peace..
    The piece crease the lines that define the iron..
    Smoke screen filter flows stretch out iron-lungs..
    Lunge forward—toward the goal I become..
    One as nature unfold like a metatron..
    got this 44 that breaks in 2 cubes..
    Fucc what’cha been smokin’ on..
    If this a Morpheus conversation with the One..which one??
    Or get hold up to the sun..Lion King scheme..chosen one!!
    Or born of the flesh..a dying king still..
    Or is it Simba as in Leo?
    I got the master key flows..
    enlightenment soul that makes the Matrix slow like Neo!!(Eerrh)
    When u face ya King..ur gonna learn how to kneel tho...
    Which master do u choose?
    Just to keep it real yo!!
    Real-lies between the reals n u!!
    This cold world feel like biting the steel whole..
    Wait hold on...deuce-deuce that’ll mute ya dude..
    Silencer..*phew-phew* will murk ya fooz..
    U don’t swim with sharks in the pool..
    Dummy u can’t swim even if u drown in ya drool..(LoL)
    in school ya got bully n label a tool..
    In class I label the tools..
    When it’s time to duel..
    I lock n load..n sharpen the tools..
    When that time is fuel...
    U gas up in confuse n burn in the fuse..
    Rage in the fume too consume in ya own doom..
    There’s a hard lesson in life..
    N that start with cleaning ya room..(umm son!!)
    Dust the dark off ya window paint..
    N let that shine..shine thru..
    Don’t forget ya lost ones but keep the real ones next to you..
    I keep it on just to be armed with a few..
    Flow spew out the canister..
    Like a deep Canyon with breath-taking views
    I know some of ya kats don’t even have a fuccin clue..
    But I stay lit..with the lights like illuminating the sky with the blue..
    Keep open ya sight..paint vivid scripture one or two..
    Do it like Pac..scream out fucc the world sip a brew one or two..
    Be a street disciple and decipher the sign that cypher the rhymes..
    The rhythm incline to formulate the conscious divine..
    the mind that streamline were subconscious lies..
    I’m living in that equinox so let the speaker knockz the spirit in mine..
    Let that system pop..drop that 808’s..
    N let that sound liberate the mind!!!..(huh..deuce!!)

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    Seems like youíve been let out for leisure,
    The psychiatric nurse mustve toned down ur chronic seizure/
    You in the same Presence as The One Above All?
    How I Marvel at the idea, u wanna go out on your S.H.I.E.L.D before your fall?
    Thatís a superhero scheme, but you ainít a hero,
    You a mortal, kombat wit tha don and uíll freeze up, sub zero/
    You mentioning pac and Simba, but u must be donning krueger (dunning krueger effect)
    only king youíll ever be is in a dream,you still drivin for Uber/
    I pull out an inception scheme
    For Every delusional schizophrenic fantasy, iíll enter your dream/
    Iíll further mind f*ck you, ur brain gonna turn into ice cream/
    Your situation - stuck in Limbo
    Youíll be like Steve, without a Job, talkin like a bimbo/
    Save the embarrassment, i will sun you,
    Every verse will ďburnĒthrough ur paper skin like the green,
    Ur Azz gets scorched, no lotion, no Vaseline/
    No Ice Cube to cool u down, they shippin in on Friday, gotta visit that Ghetto Vet/
    But today is your fry-day, i got the Heat Check goin
    After iím done bangin sleeping beauties, youíll be back to sewing/
    U ainít a puma, you boaring, pumbaa,
    You a fake gangster, go back to zumba/
    Lion King? Please, Battlin me, uíll be Scarred for life,
    The only king youíll associate wit is Tom Da DonDon, except ur like Nala, a wife/
    Or rather youíre my bytch ,
    you still a virgin, u need Mr Hitch/
    Iíll son u like an infant, wanna be lilo or stitch/
    You ainít a made of money, get off the green, wicked witch/
    U even mentionin the matrix shows you still havin delusions,
    Call me your Reality King, my c ock will give your mama anal contusions/
    I donít need to be the One, but ur a Neo-phyte, a newb,
    You a 40 year old virgin, you ainít even touched a womanís boob/
    Donít count in breast feeding of ur maís nips,
    You a p ussy, you like to suck male d ick tips
    You a phag who uses grindr,
    d ick pic shows up on ur phone, cause u set a daily reminder/
    Thatís why u call urself Alliance,
    ur a victim of ďStop the Silence, against domestic violenceĒ/
    U roll wit a brokeback crew
    They Come in a pack of 22/
    Itís not even consensual,
    Itís a gang rape, but they promise it ainít intentional/
    You ainít a west side crip or blood,
    You ainít doing gang banging, you eat out male crud/
    I should get a victim impact statement
    Did you get r aped in the bathroom or in a basement?
    Was it Michael Jackson? Or was it a Monk?
    Do you remember who did it, or were u drunk?
    Were you underaged, was he big and black?
    Did he do it from the front or from the back?
    Itís okay to come out and admit you were raped
    Itís not like our conversation is going to get taped/
    Your secret is safe, i wonít open the lid
    I know youíre traumatized since u were a kid/
    Every hole in ur body, penetrated
    And the force that was generated/
    Was enough to give you a slur
    The whole event was such a blur/
    You started talkin like a retarded crip
    You literally got fukked so badly, from toe to lip/
    Now go back and ease the trauma, get a hit
    And be sure that ur still using a rape kit
    When ur screamin ďwest side til we dieĒ
    Or any of pacís lines as you cry/
    Is that an instruction to anally rape u a certain way?
    Does ď west sideĒ to you mean a sexual position since ur gay?
    After iím done battlin u,
    Youíll break off from ur brokeback crew
    Youíll change ur name from ďAllianceĒ
    To something that resonates with Art and Science/
    Youíll never wanna associate with events you had to pass
    Every name similar to ďAllianceĒ will remind u of gettin phucked in the a ss/
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    Here addressed to Tomda-internet-killa!!
    There’s nothing u say worth quoting..
    Ya shiet played out..n u wrote this??
    I’m asleep this shiet aint even half-wokish..focus yet..
    I’m on that jet..jet..Jetsons..jet-laggin’
    Ya swag don’t do it..fag..keep saggin..
    Ya gag is up..u swag like a fag..
    That got nip in the buttz..
    But no pun intended..ya bunz indented..
    Clip in until u hear the *klutz*..
    Plug’ up..*pai-gow..pai-gow*
    Like seeing double vision..
    Like eating punches from Pacquioa..*Pow..Pow*
    U just get black-out before the night is black-out!!..(ouch!)
    U funny fat boy...tuck the tech..n give u tummy tuck..*pow*..
    Com’n now!!..this like “How Sway??!”..
    If ya think u got bars that’s raw...
    Ya more krazier than Kanye!!..*yikes*
    Ok..I know u infatuated with fag-lines..
    I paused...u never-mind..
    When u honk ya horn..n try’a spit..
    U like to spit it in a gay-porn..
    Ok we get it..u get turnt-up try’a prove a point..
    I got the racquet turnt-up n point..
    I don’t take score I just lit up the joint..
    I keep it straight with a pen-point..
    U ride the curve on a rainbow
    like u missing the point!!!..(yuck’a)
    Ok..what’s the use.??!.U’ish confused..
    when u lose to fake news??!!
    U never got’s confirmed!!.
    U can’t handle the truth!
    Broken..defeated..beaten from the abuse..
    Why keep beating urself dude??!
    No lying my flow so’s Alliance..
    rising to a higher plateau..
    Biscuit-heatin’ rising up the doe..
    I flow cold..ya mind on MK?!.Sub-zero?..
    Chill-Bytch!!..Where’s the sandwich at??!
    I like my sub cold..serve cold cut trio..
    Pop..Deagle..brain splatter like it don’t matter..
    popin’ out like an afro..
    I spit thru ya whole existence..essence..strato..
    This battle is over before the iron rattle..
    Scadaddle..I rather count..sheeps n cattle..
    In my castle feet up load a bowl up smoke’till I sleep..
    Ya flow so’s a bonus for us..
    if u can plz put ya note-book to sleep!!(ZzzZz!)

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    Scroll through history,
    Develop that Curiosity , life is a mystery/
    Go through the books, and youíll find
    That Dons are some of the baddest mofos that come to mind/
    I ainít got time to address every line or slur
    Your writtens got me bored, im seein a blur/
    You out here thinkin u tupac shakur/
    Beatin you? no biggie, iím Nas-T with rhymes,
    If i see you, you gonna be thewalkin dead, rick grimes/
    If u on that jet, i bet the driver asian
    an old and blind chinaman, iím the new generation/
    My mark, is ( marquez) too deadly, i take the mound/
    You can be pacman, face on the ground,
    The mic mutes on your end, no sound/
    Thatís how Sway goes for you,
    Your lines so bad, get the crew,
    They Take this fake candy wrapper,
    Throw him out wit his lines in the crapper
    You choke harder than conor mctapper
    Mentionin yeesus,
    My savior is jesus
    I crucify f ags and g ays,
    You crushed by ancient boulder, broken into Lays,
    These be your judgment days ,
    If this a ball game you get crossed, each quarter
    I Nail each jumper, im a sniper shootin illegals near the border/
    religious scheme,
    Easy shyt i spit like im in a dream
    All your punches whiffin and missin,
    You so hyped up, but now youíre hissin
    I roll wit each punch line, shoulder roll , philly shell,
    Call me mayweather or pernell
    Itís funny that you associate with ďscienceĒ and smarts,
    You wouldnít even figure out the rules to darts
    Battlin me, youíd better stay be awaken,
    Close those eyes and youíll up like the girl from Taken/
    Since i mentioned judgment I strike a plea bargain,
    spare you from harm, but no more jargon
    im the Bane of your existence,
    Itíll be long Dark Knights, keep your distance/
    Your lyrics cheap, Pennyworth, alfred-o
    Pasta wit no sauce, tomato,
    My lyrics are allegory and cave deep, plato
    Callin me crazy like kanye west,
    Boy your girl must wear fake breast
    You shudvep played your Kards right, i must a Test/
    My girl a fine diva, Gail Flirtin, Kim,
    Your girl looking like Corpse Bride, Burton, Tim /
    I only score 9s and 10s on the deca scale,
    Your girls be atrocious, hecka -stale/
    Lookin like rosie o donnell, what a fail,
    She so dumb, she speak no english, only braille
    Your girl so ugly, sure she isnít male?
    Since you mentionin that in obsessed wit dic
    How about we switch it up and talk abt ur chick?
    Your ďchickĒ is actually a thai tranny
    She ainít got the goodies like a fanny
    She looks like spongebobís granny
    Lookin like mrs doubtfire, ugly nanny
    She turn medusa into stone
    US navy Band members wud shield their faces with a trombone
    A she-he, your jenner-ation whack,
    Id assume youd go for thick and black
    Instead, you went straight for the nut-sack
    You had 3 billion choices,
    Couldvd listened to the right voices,
    Instead you chose a ladyboy brotha,
    You couldve chose to bang his motha,
    But you donít go straight ahead,
    Bad with da erections, youve even bled/
    While im pimpin fiery hos,
    Youíre whackin it wit oversized cheerios/
    You sure you in a brothel
    Cause you like eating bruh-hole/
    I will pull a kanye line, i love Power/
    Like kanye youíll get jumped like Swan Lake,uíll cower/
    Call 9/11, tell em you jumpin from Out the twin tower
    My lines got you hurt
    Put you on suicide alert,
    Go back and get the pace maker,
    This is ur Last Ride, you dead-man, Under Taker/

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    U no just bad-man
    Money too short no Bruce Wayne..
    Back-crack just bruise Wayne??
    My flows crack on the street..insane!!
    U O.D’s on injections just Bain!!
    Fucc the click-clack..gun talk
    U small talk, breath stink need a tic-tac
    Ya flows shot..Asap!!
    No Tip u just get a bytch smack..
    U lack style that’s that panache,
    ur flow less than average!
    There’s more layers to cabbage..
    I’m a savage that will blast ya cabbage!!
    Try’a dig for personal but dug deep what I personify..
    realize I’m beyond ya league..pipsqueak don’t try..can’t defy..
    This life of mine is a definite struggle..
    U can’t catch or match my hustle..
    Tom da Don? Who the fucc u fooling son..
    I admit u step up a little bit but get cut down..
    I ain’t talkin’ branches I’m smoking the whole tree now!!
    greenery leaves that spring up after every spring..
    Ya fall short on every season,
    Get body cold in the winter..
    I stay summer beaming..
    Dope fiend for that crack smoke..
    Obesity stay big mac with them fat folk..
    Or I can crack ya back with that mac tho..
    Funny..young money like birds with no molla jokes..
    U still paperless no plastic just sad broke..
    No daps in ya swag lose vision bi-focal..
    No commas or decimal just get decimated tho..
    Hold up..this that Push ya teeth flow..
    That make ya feel emotional..Kleenex n Drake..
    Wait..I body quake ya like u gettin body like Drake..
    this no escape lets rake the leave over ya face..
    expect to meet ya fate..
    I ain’t gotta kill ya..ur ya parents worst mistake!!
    I entertain the thought and grill up this beef..
    But really tho I just fork up the steak..
    Peak at my style n u thought u learn something..
    Copy my style n maybe u can earn something..
    Or maybe u think ur’re great??
    Look I don’t want u to be good...
    I want u to do better than great!!
    Maybe some day u can earn ya own food on the plate!!
    Ya doom when u think u can step up to this sage...
    I don’t bully youngster..
    I just scribe the bullet with ya name!!
    Now play the game to feel derange..
    I don’t need the handle u the pain..
    Stop...paint pictures so vivid with no brush..
    This is too easy...lock n load..while ya flows get lock and cuff!!
    Don’t scuffle with cop..hands up and don’t shoot!!
    This ain’t no booth..but u can fit in a casket too..
    Too much violence this world is drench in blood..
    U wanna talk like Pac n get pop like thugs..
    I just spit n chew that food for thought..
    U lose to content when that conscious rap drop!!..huh sucker!!

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    I guess you came back for some more roast,
    Must've missed xmas dinner, even tho u were the host
    Talkin about me bein a mistake or talkin about the Dark Knight,
    You gonna be just like Bruce Wayne- Parentless after this fight
    Clearly u grew up without an educated parent,
    All these misspelled words in your lyrics are so apparent,
    If you actually spent more attention with retention,
    of information in class rather than spending time in detention,
    then I would've definitely felt every punchline or rhyme,
    Please don't tell me this is your prime,
    You couldn't even string together a cheesy sentence,
    You should pray for forgiveness, ask for repentance,
    Every line you spit is full of grammatical cancer,
    You should quit rapping and become a ballet dancer
    To be a true Don or gangster, you can't put away class,
    But you know nothin of "class,' you flunked every grade, no pass
    The only Brain you have, is the size of Pinky Mouse,
    The only cells you'll ever know of, are where u'll be locked up outside ur house
    To even put you in the same Par with the Don?
    You a birdie, messin with the Eagle,
    You about to receive a murder so illegal,
    Face reality, and stop hittin the bogey,
    My lyrics above par,except this ain't a golf game,
    Your lyrics way below par, our skill ain't the same
    No fear of lethal injection gonna stop your fate,
    You'd better pray that it hasn't been outlawed in your state,
    Your flow is dried up, no Juice,
    Bishop got you in check-Mate with the Steel, ain't no Bruce,
    Gonna save you from your Dark Knight,
    Times like these, u'll wish u had a Stark Light,
    U ain't an Iron Man, my bullets will rip flesh
    ribcage be broken from your chest,
    This ain't fiction, no resurrection from the dead,
    once my bullets penetrate your head,
    the lights will go out, it'll be Dark Ages,
    You gonna feel this Black Death, Bubonic rats have left their cages,
    The Dawn of Death lingers,
    You can feel the chills of the afterlife in your fingers,
    This rhyme gonna be your official Death Note,
    Every lyric I write, choking ur throat,
    Trying to come up with the antidote to your L,
    Ur can't cure a (Kira) cancer cell,
    It's malignant, these losses to me spreading in ur genes,
    The trauma keeps u more awake than drinkin from coffee beans,
    Every battle, feels like the morgue, always catchin a body,
    Soon u'll be a Dead Man, like Owen Hart, and Piper, Roddy,
    I'll Rock on, my Legacy set in Stone-
    Cold, blooded , like Jake's Snake, my lyrics Sting to the bone
    Every Roman's Reign must end,
    Not every Hidin Reich's poem will touch a friend,
    After this battle, u'll be MIA on this forum , go hide in shame,
    Go back to your momma's basement and go game,
    U've been a member for almost 3 years,
    I'll bar you out of this forum lyrically, u'll be cravin for free beers,
    Ur dealin with AAA level beatings,
    After this, you'll be attending AA meetings,
    In fact, ur better off writing to me drunk,
    Your lyrics are stinkin up this forum, like a skunk,
    You shout out Thug Life but u more peaceful than a monk,
    In every round we've battled, you've never had an edge,
    I've body bagged you so many times, and thrown u over the ledge,
    If every one of ur responses was personified in flesh and bones,
    I'd have a cemetary of body bags buried under grave stones,
    I'm feeling like the Collector,
    except I'm feastin on ur soul like Hannibal Lecter,
    Soon u'll just be a ghost on this forum, a spectre,
    Ur soul will belong to the afterlife-sector,
    U'll change US citizenship, ur gnna be a defector,
    U'll be workin in a sweatshop, makin cereal boxes for Vector
    Ur life is caught in ruin ,
    Thought beatin me was a shoo-in,
    Ur murder scene grisly, bare ( grizzly bare), body attacked by a Bruin,
    Better not be suin'
    My lyrics leave u bein dissed-able
    Stiffer than a table,
    U'll spend the rest of ur life playin Fable,
    in a wheel chair,
    with diaper care,
    Aliance is no match for the Don, battle rap is my lair,
    wooooooo!!! beatin u is just part of the state of nature, boy, call me ric flair.
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    Yo man, get my Name right if u using fighting words..
    Nerds..this bird so absurd..
    Ur a bytch in his feeling n it hurt..
    Why talk about stone when ur in the dirt..
    Rehearse ya curse..n ya verses in the hearse..
    Reverse ya words ur’re a dyslexic nerd..
    When I dust off the bible verses, I’m takin’ u to church!
    Loaded like Lux I’m putting in the work..
    Ur flow is sinning, take’em to church!!’s indecency we breathe the same air..
    Cuz U cook whack crack in the lair..
    My flow is a problematic to ya grammar errors..
    Or live in an era, death before dishonor!!
    I live the code of warriors,
    While u see death around the corner..
    U getting cornier..blur in the cornea..
    Calling that cataract..get ya acts together..
    Wait a minute..u spitting fiction get ya facts together..
    Damnit..I’m dame, barricaded to hold heavy water..
    Ya flows damnation u need holy water!!
    Ok..this is where bad-man begins..
    U claim to be the Don..but u never win..
    It’s like u claim to be the Dark-Knight but have both Parents!!
    Look that’s a blessing for ya essence..
    If it weren’t for them..there’s no lair in the basement!!(urrr)
    Take ya L’s like u walking up the stairs..
    When I spit we don’t fight fair..
    I got flairs..I sit on like air-chair..
    Ya head ain’t right but I’ll get u there..
    That’s a bboy scheme with helicopter views..
    It’ll go over ya head..n u don’t even have a clue..
    Man screw this..u want gangster talk..
    U walk in a block..talking glocks, circle around the clock..
    U clock-in project hallway..but stay in the same spot!!
    Why pretend like ur a G-unit..when ur’re a G-U-not!!
    This bars of mine is Nasty..u can run with Escobar..
    Ask Nas since a rapper that he hasn’t influenced?!..
    Now ask urself!!..which one of ya lines that’s relevance?!(..ouch!)
    3 years in the forum all I did was stack bars!!
    N U!! Brokeazz can’t even afford drinks at the bar!!
    Man I hustle with sharks n have shark-fin soup..
    Ur’re a wanna be clown n run the show like the media do!!
    I can spit until the face is blue..
    All u do is take L’s every time ya Dark-Knight moves!!..(oww)
    Man..this is too introspect..u can’t respect the cause..
    U lost urself when u got no soul to call..
    cuz ya dialects ain’t intellect at all..
    I’ll connect the dots like conversing the dialogue..
    N u can’t get the analog!!(oww)
    This shiet has gone too far..
    but ya short with ya verbiage..spit garbage..
    I had to fast-forward what u brought!!
    Cuz if this the realest shiet u wrote..then ur’re a fraud!!
    This like the lost ark!!
    When u running wild with random thoughts!!
    When u came to battle..U prepared to rot..
    Cuz u ain’t got no arsenal..that can touch my arts!!
    Or any lighters that can strike an arc..
    Far from the path but all road leads to Rome..
    I roam all corner of the universe..
    Where my soul claim home!!(ummm)
    Or give u some Blackthought..
    built Rome in a day and destroyed it last night!!
    I’m done with today..tomorrow’s the morning sun light!!
    This like the burst of lights that shine thru the rhymes..
    Thought process that pass the prime..
    I’m at the phase in wisdom....
    where I don’t lose any..I just gain time!!!(ummm)

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    Ur punchlines and aggression have toned down,
    Your fading quicker than Foreman in the 12th round/
    I didnt even have to pull a rope a dope tactic,
    Ur lines are a ss, it (acid) buildin up lactic
    If i mess around with this game i get dat triple double,
    iíll mess around wit ur name, bury u under rubble/
    Alliance got two letters that represent u well,
    got a screen name wit an ďL.Ē
    Dons donít take any losses ,
    We too busy bein ur bosses/
    And ur Alliance gets divided and I conquer one by one,
    every bytch in ur family gnna give birth to my son/
    Ur bloodline ended,
    Ur battle woundswill never be mended,
    Who claimed that I was Batman like an insistence?
    Iím simply the Bane of ur existence,
    I Break bats with ease on my knees,
    Like how id wit ease, break ur niece,
    MLB style, wooden bat broken into two -piece
    Watch the Don run Junior Mafia like Lil Cease
    Claimin to be Nas heir, u failed to get The Message , young kitten
    I said this battle was over long ago, It was Written
    Dons like me donít imagine If I ruled the World,
    My Rage will be unfurled,
    Hos Impressive to have built rome, eh?
    Except im about to erupt on u like Pompeii,
    My lyrics gonna turn u into ash,
    These clothes lines Hit u like JBL at the great american bash,
    Like i wonder who wears the pants ,
    U or ur 70 yr old aunts?
    I wonder why u shyt at rap, is it in ur jeans?
    Ur Mamma told me ur nuts are the size of beans,
    Ur daddy shudve jacket, jacked it,
    Cause ur really a waste of sperm, he shudve hacked it,
    U ainít a vet like me, i got the scar-face,
    Say hello to my little friend, Da Donís gun is out the hard-case,
    Wit my gun i will spray, paint , brush this can called ďalliance,Ē
    Lose in shame, hide forever, like the Mayans,
    And How many Ls do I gotta add to Allianceís name?
    no matter how many Ls u take, ur lyrics still sound the same,
    So many Ls but u still aint grown in this game,
    So many Ls, but u still Sound so lame,
    I guess it was worth the fame,
    Ur always the guy who lost to the Don King,
    Better pay up, or end up dead in the wrong ring,
    This ďarcĒ of failure for u will not halt,
    Runnin out of lines, u need another lyrical vault,
    If I kill little baby alliance, i pull a gene snitsky, ď it was not my fault!Ē
    All is fair in love and war, so donít hassle
    I wont spare u like Batman, I Punish like Frank Castle
    Iíll finnish you, little shark,
    For Alliance, Heíl sinki, in the deep blue dark
    Ur Only resemblance to Loaded Lux the rapper,
    Is that u both got multiple Ls in ur name, except u a candy wrapper,
    U got whack candy azz bars,
    And u choke worse than a patient wit SARS,
    Ur typos are worse than an Alien language from Mars,
    Chokin until ďur face is blue,Ē
    That line is suspect, but itís given me a clue
    That u aint straight, u really dont go that way
    U g ay,
    Cause u mention ďblack thought,Ē
    And i just caught ,
    That Black thought be code name for ur BBC craving,
    U said that line but what is ur mind enclaving?
    Alliance got a fetish for male B-DSM , to feel
    Alliance might as well get checked out , under the DSM-V
    U even referenced the ďtake me to churchĒ song,
    Failed to realize the content , which is oh so wrong,
    U thought about a song that celebrates g ay marriage,
    Shouldíve been more careful, and kept ur thoughts safe like a carriage,
    What an honor to be part of G Unit squad,
    Except ur lyrics are worth 50 Cent, no wad,
    No stacks of ur bills have size,
    No side chick, u a mutant like the Hills have Eyes,
    U walk around wearin a disguise,
    Ur life was full of innocent lies,
    U never had Blood or Crip ties,
    U werenít fed vegemiteit was smushed flies,
    U An Abomination ,i can hear Frankenstein say ďrise,Ē
    Too ugly to even work mcdonaldís fries,
    Outcast, leader of the Outsiders,
    Iíll make u my bytch , go serve me ciders,
    Go have an orgie with Rohanís riders,
    Ur era gone ( aragon), ur chick pale,
    Bone skinny like Lego, lass, ( legolas), make ur d ick fail,
    Cant get hard for her, what a sorrow, man ( saruman),
    Get to the local brothel, ask if u can borrow one,
    She be ur new prancing pony, shadow fax,
    But I cut her down like Gimli, battle axe,
    Now u can call me the lord of the ring ,
    U sexually confused, she-lob-e, iíll stab u with Sting,
    I condemn ur Black Speech,
    Come close, and iíll choke u out like frankie, on matt veach,
    This battle is decided,
    Alliance just got conquered, and divided

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    Default Apologise

    Let me apologise for what I'm about to say to you
    You're Alliance? Got a team? Bring them I'll Diss them too
    You're use of words just amuse me I swear this kids a fool
    The 8th wonder of the world is how this kid passed elementary school
    Call your family members and tell them that it's time to mourn
    Try to come back I'll diss you so bad you'd wish you never had been born
    I hope what I say has thought you a lesson
    Been reading your raps for some time now and they're just not impressing
    I'm sorry I think you should simply get a new career
    There's a difference between us a very huge barrier
    I appreciate the fact that you tried
    But the ones who told you, you could rap committed the sin of lies

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    Young buck i dont even know where to start,
    Thanks for attempting to be a part,
    Of this personal duel
    You about to add fire to my fuel
    Your whole post was supposedly an ďapologyĒ
    When I finish u, work another job, otology
    Like Cena, u wonít see me shootin the glock,
    metal points strike u at the hour, like a clock
    Talkin 8th wonder, but i pile up bodies and bones,
    Cause my vicinity, Skull Island, vegetation and stones,
    I rule the wild, call me kingkong,
    You a weak asian child, ching chong,
    Ur Sex life mild, small ding dong
    Go form a group with Alliance,
    U can suck each other and discuss science,
    Alliance gonna have his first recruit,
    Heíll be excited for u to suck his liíl -fruit,
    U can both go audition and upload to g ayforit
    Itís only a matter of time, just waitforit,
    U a tranny, u g ay , u ainít straight,
    Ur name ďolaty,Ē is suspect, mate
    Cause u an ďol lady,Ē missing the ďD,Ē
    U replaced it with the letter used to spell ď tits,Ē TĒ
    U fantasize about giving men a taste of ur breast,
    U full of estrogen, no Test
    Sit out these rounds, lebron gettin rest,
    U donít deserve glory, a shame she Go west
    Ur getting an L, Bow, pow like iím ron artest
    When u come back to reply with a shyt verse,
    Make sure u change your name and gender first,
    Somethin more manly,
    Maybe Steve, or Stanley,
    Go on springer, make sure the episode is contextual,
    Be in That series entitled ďDude, try a transexualĒ
    Or maybe a series about being a cuck,
    U entitled ur rap ď apologise,Ē like we give a f uck
    Ur the type to be jacking off to Daisy Duck,
    Ur the type to be hittin on an underaged girl,
    U a pedo, ud make chris hansen hurl,
    Come back with a few burner accounts,
    My rhymes are air jordan, urs have no bounce,
    Today was ur last day of bein a bad rapper,
    Go retire and go back to bein a chronic fapper,
    U never even had a prime, so please retire,
    Go jack off to backstreet boy, singin ď you are my fire,Ē
    N Sync it with alliance, go form a g ay choir,
    Every song u two sing together, uíll be holdin hands,
    Uíll both be suckin, wearin rubber bands
    Heíll be holdin ur d ick, he calls it ďlil D-wayne,Ē
    Wit a more annoyin voice than t-pain
    Ur studio full of cum stain,
    U both shud go give each other bum pain,
    Yeah form a golden shower wit alliance, g ay Dubs,
    Go snuggle wit each other like little cubs ,
    U both give each other oily belly rubs,
    OLady go make me a sandwich dish,
    U prob got a p ussy that smell like fish

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