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    Ok f ck it you wanna battle rap? Then letís go,
    thinkin u fire by promotin **** on this forum, h oe,
    Thinkin u got the sickest flow but u ainít got the hustle,
    Thatís like a fat computer geek thinkin heís hot but has no muscle,
    This **** is battle rap so keep ur T-Pain, T Bone wrap albums in the fridge,
    In battle rap iíll bomb u up worse than London Bridge,
    You gonna experience total mayhem when you mess wit a don,
    Iím the type to put u on a leash and whip u while u mow my lawn,
    Wit no lemonade breaks,
    Cross me the wrong way and ur body will float in the Great Lakes,
    When I heard this man on Soundcloud I thought heíd be legit,
    Turns out heís just another mono tone robot, and i thought , ď s hitĒ,
    Was havin a good expectation,
    Then came the realization,
    That ur just better off bein a blog writer,
    U wrote ur raps so damn long that i burnt up my entire blunt wit a lighter ,
    And i cudnít enjoy smokin it but i will enjoy smokin u,
    U a fake gangsta rapper, u ainít even got a crew,
    U thinking u G Unit but ur rly just a jew,
    Cuz u comin here bein a cheap n igga,
    Tryin to promote ur crap song so i figure,
    That i could crash your party, send you into early retirings,
    This s hit here is a battle rap forum, quit gettin us for the admirings,
    I donít half a f uck about ur songs or ambition,
    U wrote such a long a ss essay , id rather go fishin,
    Instead of readin all that mumbo jumbo lyrical sugercoat,
    I wonít even that s hit, but lemme guess what u wrote,
    Guess number 1, you mustíve wrote about swag and gang sh it, am i right,
    Takin a peek at ur lyrics now and i see this crap under my light,
    ď yo LBR, itís the name of my crew, we got bars, tearin up all ya retards, come at me if ya wanna get shanked, i donít roll wit gay men,Ē
    You sound real hard, but u ainít a gangster, u a rap layman,
    U ainít about that life, you a white computer nerd married to an ugly pinoy wife,
    U worship Stephen paddock the shooter,
    U talk abt guns cause ur rly an ugly incel ridin a pink scooter,
    You ainít got a girl, ur mom is too fat for Hooters,
    Ur dad is 300 pounds and spills hot dog sauce over computers,
    U ainít a pimp King Henry, this s hit ainít like The Tudors,
    Youíre just one of thousands of poor chaps who are virgin suitors,
    My n igga you f uckin wit Tom Da Don King,
    U saw how he f ucked over Tyson, you in the wrong ring,
    Are you illiterate or just an idiot who thinks heís bein benevolent?
    This forum reads ďbattle rap,Ē stick with whats relevant,
    Ur on my territory so i gotta Trump you ,
    Throw u over this brick wall u ran into , and then dump you,
    In guantanamo bay,
    Itís ur execution day,
    Tom Da Don Don donít play,
    Uíll end up lookin weak like Tom Hanks from Cast Away,
    I wil-son this white airhead, know it too,
    And when the feds find ur body theyíll find my bloody handprint smilin on u,
    My insignia for the crime i will commit,
    My lyrics got u in a chokehold, u will submit,
    Like how those of islam submit to allah,
    Or how Hebrews bow to God by yellin ď selahĒ
    Recognize that this site is my turf,
    I cud kill u wit gun bars like Tsu surf,
    I could pull up schemes like Chilla or Lyt,
    We cud even throw hands like Diz and iíll still win this fight,
    This is not gnna be ur night,
    Make sure u knw which battles to pick,
    My lyrics will suck you dry like uve caught the tick,

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    Iíve been bored with my random thought
    Brought forth this seldom thought
    Big propz to Em with his Kamakazi drop..
    Reason being he made it out Salem lot!
    Iím still hot just had to take a break..
    Break my bank what I mean Iíve been rakiní up the cake!
    So much hustle I forgot to take my breaks!
    Iíve been on another plateau with different views from the top
    As dope as the flow..Iím just takin the shot!
    Call it how I see it..maybe switch up the style..
    But the money just pile up I just stop n smile!!
    Iím miles ahead of the name drop!!
    If I wanna throw out names..Iíll start the pop!
    But wait..Iím just celebrating I made it 2019!
    Itís great to take a step back n watch the whole scene..
    Iím grown from a baller still balliní tho..
    Paper keep on rolling Iím still trolling paper doe!
    Man itís just sickiní how the whole world roll..
    Really tho itís just sickiní how this whole world grows!
    Iím down with my peepz I just just gotta hold it down!!
    Rep for my city Iím still proud around the globe..
    Been on points no under_score..still soar like high stories!!
    Seek in my glory..lord plz save me!!
    Still high in my own story...
    Live by the code yíall know me..
    Alliance still seek deep within his own thesis!!

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    The game all twisted..I’m pissy
    Fucc around n get u nip..Rip to Nipsey
    All I see is the chaos I’m at lost for the cause
    Reach from the nature the lost..
    rep for the culture..where they nurture..
    Word is bond let them words be born..
    N we’re all bound to live for the call
    I’mma ride do or die keep one loaded..
    rep it one shot one pop..
    To keep it in one feelin’..feel me..pause
    Lets connect the bars..n yolo for the cause..
    I keep it hot like gun charges..
    Bottle up until I pop off..
    My mind is too stray but I stay laser str8..
    Let’s pray for us all..they can take one of us..
    But they can’t take us all..
    I’m all in even if we destine to lose?
    Naw..truth be told..we all winners
    Cuz God got his soul..
    We soul brotha..rep from one corner..
    reach out to all the corner of the world..
    This battle of the luv n all under heaven
    In due time I keep paying my dues time
    Keep it lit and put it down for the lines..
    Alliance still spit it hard n keep it rep’n the rhymes!!

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    I’m here to breathe new life..
    All I need is one light..
    One night with one mic..
    Do it like God Son..
    Be that children of the light..
    I know this cheeze cake
    just top the frosting
    Flow chillz stone cold Steve...ok..Austin!
    Fighting back cuz I’m box-in
    Orthodox with the box drop
    when I’m popin’ off top..
    Thunder shoot..100 shots in
    On mark hit targets like a marksman
    Easy chump I pump clipz..
    Get ya hip blitz hollow tip zip in..
    It’s hostile when the holster is toss in..
    Ok..whatsup with all the klick klat..
    Bandwagon talkin bout cannon that..
    It’s mad hat when gat is gaggin..
    Zig zag..thru death toll..the pole keep climbin
    Ok..this lets put it down for the souls that’s restin
    Get my blessin’ sneezin..beat the beast with-in..
    I’m all in for the win-win..situation..
    Make ya moves in silence..who they eyein’
    Get the doe..get the flow n throw it back in..
    Alliance still popin’ shotz...
    but they forgot their God with-in!..ugh!!

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    I never meant to hurt your sensitive feelings in this snowflake age,
    Being that your lyrics are young, and that you still need to be breastfed in a cage
    You’re the type of fake gangster who carries a water gun,
    The type to claim he watches ¬ďpower¬Ē when he sings spongebob¬ís ¬ďFUN.¬Ē
    The type of fake gangster who uses teddy bears for Target practice ,
    You’re so stupid you wore an ape costume while practicing guerilla tactics
    Your lyrics are as dumb as a special ed kid trying mathematics,
    You came to this forum years ago expecting to rule,
    Got your *** kicked by a Jack of all trades, like a mule
    Clearly someone ran out of fuel
    If i recall , in 2018 your lines were quite long,
    While i was away in 2019 and yelling ¬ď free hong kong¬Ē
    You had all this time to be a better virgin of your self,
    But when i came back after being long gone off the shelf,
    I realized that i’m still making you my bi tch,
    Ive swept this series like a broom of the great white witch,
    This place will not be wonderland for you, it’s full of m-Alice,
    After this battle , Alliance will be sucking my **** in my palace
    Calling me Don King,
    Then he’ die stiff and white like the girl from the Ring
    Even after all this time i still got the better rhyme,
    So don’t be better just relax and drink the corona wit a lime,
    To even battle you is a heinous crime,
    Each lyric in my rap is like the bullet of an AK gun,
    Deeply penetrating u right in ur bun,
    The last thing i gotta say for now before i run,
    Is to say hello to ur mom cuz she about to have my son

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    Holy smoke...let me get my composure right...
    This felt so wrong like a 2020 bad bite..
    Hold up..I’m not here for a fight..
    But it’s a slaughter house when I sleep with a mask on at night..
    Ok easy chump I get it...the bars is high
    I set up standard one so the glock just slide..
    Pop a shell?..what I mean is the safe on lock still?..
    Go for the kill..really tho they just stuck on quarantine feels..
    Feel me tho?...Fucc ya feelin’ I’m back to steal ya field..
    This ain’t baseball tho but I’m back to bats ya grill..
    Ok far fetch..I get seeing lines and etch..
    I’m not really myself but still I kill all ya shiet..
    ***** keep yapping and watch the mask
    Comes off..u be in the casket...
    So no telling this is face off..
    I ain’t hitting right but I’m still reachin ya..
    Ur’re still short sighted like it’s a blinded lights..
    This ain’t pink Floyd but u still gotta respect that neck boy..
    Ok..I’m getting coy..lets start the looting..
    When I see window breaks n scramble eggs I’mma start shootin’
    Maybe it ain’t the time for that..
    But I ain’t got no cops in the chop zone..
    So they start popin’ kats..
    This is lawlessness prophecy playing out in biblical rap
    It’s a wrap most y’all kat still lost in the bag..
    I reach in my u hefty carried heavy in the bag..
    I ain’t slackin bytch I got ya draggin body in the bag..
    U Tom da Don?...but still a bytch in that bag..
    I ain’t talkin fag but u still get smoke for that..
    I might still be reachin but ur soul ain’t far to grab..
    I burn a bytch like u fast like the whole city is going mad!!

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    This is a super cool

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