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  1. TheyCallMeDan said:

    Post 2 Things Here

    Hello guys,

    Two things that I wanted to throw out there were: I am indeed looking for a lyric writer. I myself have been playing the guitar/mandolin/uke/bass/(basically most string instruments (as well as percussion), since i was 9 or 10 (I am 17 now). Although I am a confident musician and performer. I am no good at song writing :/ so I was looking for a collaborating member to help me do so.

    Second of all, speaking of collaborations. I wanted to maybe start a YouTube Cover/Original Song kind of channel. If anyone would be interested to work with me on that as well you can email me or simply ignore it this part. haha.

    But anyway those were the two things that I wanted to throw out to you all.
    Thank You and have a good one.

    Email Me (If any questions on either topic) at: theycallmedan0 @ gmail.com
    Or comment bellow

  2. ouss16041988 said:


    i'm interested
  3. Victor Sklyarov's Avatar

    Victor Sklyarov said:


    Interested also.
  4. Kerri Faye Yates's Avatar

    Kerri Faye Yates said:


    I would love to help if you are interested!
    ~Kerri Faye