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    I'm majorly known as golden crown.i write music lyrics in different genres especially hip hop,Rn B,rock.the themes are mostly reflective of life circumstances and hurdled situations.i also do poetry and movie scripts[plays].presently working on a poetry book hoping to complete it soon.i like writing..wouldn't mind posting some..:-)
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    #1playing shoulders
    [i need shoulders..i need shoulders]*2
    two strings give more strength
    more muscles mean more breath
    you be black or you be red
    ain't matter where you bred

    i wonder whether its true to be blessed
    coz every other time i sleep i dream I'm shot in the chest
    cant really tell I'm stressed or only feeling depressed
    coz the pain is heavy on my chest n i feel so pressed
    feeling creased n ill placed...
    n these walls they closing in leaving me misplaced
    world growing smaller n these clouds moving so fast paced
    lost in the whirl wind n you dont even know...
    how you ever got there in the first place
    life is a large circle I'm running a small one
    its crazy the tension is more packed in the small world
    when you walking lonely in your sole path with your lone heart
    n wolves they howling when the light is dimmed n the path is dark
    these boulders they heavy they black they blocking your path
    n its no use tryna roll them off when you ain't strong enough
    you ain't bold ain't brave enough
    your strength is worn out you only weak enough
    n when life sends out its punches you keep blacking out
    boxers would keep blocking but your style ain't good enough
    we need shoulders...ill ask you to lean on me
    when your back is up against the wall ill be right by your side you see
    leveling boulders by shoulders flattening life's roller coasters
    n we'll be walking through leveled path brightened by shining stars
    double hands better than single i know you knowing that
    so i wont lock myself in my world like I'm behind the bars
    trouble shared half done that say is more than words.
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