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    LBT in Nashville, April 30


    I saw Little Big Town in concert at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, April 30, 2013. They are an amazing group! This and Shania in 1998, are the two best concerts I ever saw. They lined up: Jimi, Kimberly, Karen and Phillip. They filled the Ryman with harmony, all four singing at once. They only needed three musicians: lead guitar, bass and drums. The drums provided a huge beat. LBT prowled the stage. These people are stars! Kimberly was devastating in her super-high heels and black skin tight pants. I made note of the way Karen's hair crosses above her right eye. She is a fascinating woman! Jimi and Karen sang together on "Your Side Of The Bed." The crowd stood on its feet and went wild during "Pontoon," "Tornado" and "Boondocks." Karen wore her hat for "Pontoon." Kimberly wore her shades.

    Where The Pavement Ends
    Little White Church
    On Fire Tonight
    Front Porch Thing
    Your Side Of The Bed
    Leaving In Your Eyes
    The Chain
    Can't Go Back
    Shut Up Train
    I'm With The Band
    Good As Gone
    Night Owl
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    Default The Chain

    The Chain

    Little Big Town turned "The Chain" into a monster. Fleetwood Mac's rendition is meek by comparison. Jimi Westbrook rages from the depths of his soul when he screams, "If you don't love me now, you will never love me again!!" Chills run through me, something that hasn't happened since early rock n' roll. I'm in love with LBT. I saw them at the Ryman in April and will drive to Louisville (my hometown) in December to see them again. Little Big Town exploded with the Tornado album and their new producer, Jay Joyce. I went out and bought all their previous CDs, and every song is good. Part of the problem before Joyce was in the packaging of the CDs. Titles on the cases are hard to read. Jay Joyce also produced the Chief CD for Eric Church. He knows what he's doing.

    Jay Joyce
    Little Big Town official

    We all recognize Keith Urban emerging from under the stage to demonstrate his guitar god-ness.
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    PONTOON - Little Big Town