Someone write with me?

Thread: Someone write with me?

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  1. C-NOTE said:

    Default Someone write with me?

    Heyy there fellow lyric writers!

    I would like to write with someone and make a song with them. Anybody interested the please message me!

    I have been in the game for 4 years now so i know how most things are, i don't have any writing problems anymore so you guys are bound to learn a thing or two from me

  2. ouss16041988 said:


    yes i can write with you why not
  3. C-NOTE said:


    Quote Originally Posted by ouss16041988 View Post
    yes i can write with you why not
    Yeah sure, is there somewhere we can talk constantly that you don't mind talking through?
  4. ouss16041988 said:


    By Facebook?
  5. Victor Sklyarov's Avatar

    Victor Sklyarov said:


    Please look at my started threads. If the general mood suit you do not hesitate to contact.
  6. Kerri Faye Yates's Avatar

    Kerri Faye Yates said:


    I'll give it a shot if you're interested!
    ~Kerri Faye
  7. Anastasiia Smolia said:


    are you a singer or instrumentalist?