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    Default How would you say "May I wash the dishes"


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    You can say it in several ways. It would depend whether you talking to one or more persons, and how close or formal the situation is. It is strange for a guest to do that, not part of the hospitality "rules".

    1. A question: Dali mozhe jas da gi izmijam chiniite?Дали може јас да ги измијам чиниите?

    2. A more forceful is partly stating partly asking you will do the dishes (to more people): Ke mi dozvolite da gi izmijam chiniite/Ќе ми дозволите да ги измијам чиниите.

    (to one person) Ke mi dozvolish da gi izmijam chiniite/Ќе ми дозволиш да ги измијам чиниите.

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