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    Default Laguna Beach Identify It!

    Hey all,

    Been thinking about trying this for a while. Let's see how it works out.

    Post all your Laguna Beach questions here, in this thread. Since they will all be together, when you answer an inquiry, specify which post you are answering by noting the post number at the right hand top corner. You can also include the question in your answer by selecting "QUOTE".


    There are three postings in the thread and you want to answer number 2.
    Your reply: Answer to post/question #2 is ......

    Let's try it for a couple of days, if it sucks we'll dump it.


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    heyy everyone i keep trying to think of whats its called but i just cant the song goes like baby we ain't gonna live forever let me show you all the things that we could do? anyone know what its called

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    yeahh its called 4ever by the veronicas

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    Unhappy help!

    Well, I'll start then.
    On the Laguna Beach menu, where you choose your episodes, it plays "Over and Under" by Sheridan.
    But when I downloaded it by Sheridan, it wasn't the same person and I like it better on the DVD.

    Do you know who is the actually the one singing on the disc?

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