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  1. blueberrybear said:

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    Salam and hey to everyone
    This is my nice friend Lartisto, I would really like to do a lyrics vid for him, but dont understand what he's singing because i dont understand arabic (
    could anyone help please?

    just write lyrics with latein-letters and english/german translation pleeease

    greetings from germany
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    larosa said:


    well my german is way too bad,I can only remember "viel danke"

    BTW this is tunisian action,french words are written in red

    fi waqt mel awqat saret dans une ville 7keya tchabbah le film
    once upon a time a story happened in a town
    senario mte'ha twil t'hir ki tasma'ha
    its senario is long,you get perplexed if you listen to it
    tetkhayal el deux roles ,l'histoire bdet bzouz as'hab fil ecole
    you can imagine two roles,the story has begun with two friends at school
    alors hatta el tawa sans probleme
    so until now there is no problem
    sohba safia m'abiya bara'a mtaa sghar
    a pure friendship ,innocence of children
    wehed weld flen ayech labes alih
    one,a son of someone,living in wealth
    welekher zawali el waqt yel'ab biha
    the other one ,poor,the time is playing with him
    mais waldih jamais khallouh mouhene
    but his parent never left him humilated
    met'awnin al khobza bech yeghlboo layem
    they are (his parents) collaborating to make a living,to defeat the days
    t'adew layem we kebro ezzouz as'hab
    days have passed,the two children are grown -ups
    fi ghamdhet ain faraqhom ezmen el kadhab
    in a twink of an eye,the liar fate has seperated them
    el fqir familtou mallet mel hmel thqil
    the poor one,his family got sick and tired with the heavy burden
    krah mel qraya we y'es mel figure
    he went out of school,got desperate from the faces (he meets)
    ama riche kamal wssol win ken yahlem
    but the rich one has accomplished his studied,and reached his goal
    walla qadhi kbir ytabbaq el kanoun we yohkom
    he has become a great judge,applying the law
    tawa el mouhem chouf ech sar fe nihaya
    now ,what matters,look what happened in the end
    ba'd essohba wel echra elli bdet behom lahkeya
    after the friendship and gregariousness which the story started with
    wfet bel fqir wella saraq marbouta idih
    has ended with the poor one becoming a thief,handcuff in his hand
    w nharet el qadhiya sahbou elli hkom alih
    the day of the trial,his friend (the rich one) is the one who judged him

    fiha hkaya nahkiya
    this is a story I tell
    ha rwaya likom nerwiya
    this is a novel I recite it to you
    ha edonya ghaba n'ichou fiha
    this world is a forest in which we live
    echkoun fiha yefhem m'aniha
    who does understand its meanings?

    tet'adda layem we yji nhar jdid
    days pass and a new day comes
    tasma' be jeunesse sghir met b suicide
    you hear about a youngster has suicided
    lqawah mit marmi bahdha eddar
    they found him dead near the house
    c'est sure enno lmoota wraha histoire
    there is a story behind his death for sure
    elli sar qesset hob kima ay tofla we tfol
    what happened,is a love story like between any girl and boy
    howa zawali we hiya kima ndedha el kol
    he is poor,and she wants to live like all the other girls
    t'heb tekel we telbes ken bel ghali
    she wants to eat,to wear everything expensive
    tmoot al aicha fi chateau ali
    she is eager to live in a high castle
    we fi lila me lyeli jeha chkoun elli tehlem bih
    and one night,someone she dreams of has come to ask for her hand
    andou le mchari' les villas et les voitures
    he has investment,villas and cars
    nsset hek el meskin we qeblet bel khotba
    she forgot about that poor one,and has accepted the rich
    b'qa ma yetqabelch hatta elli nhar essadma
    until the day he got shocked with the truth
    chefha b'inih weqfa maa ghiroo
    he saw her with his own eyes with someone else
    galboo tejrah we dmoo' selet men inoo
    his heart got hurt,tears have fallen from his eyes
    we fel la fin thirou ki tchoufha kharja be zgharit
    and in the end you'll get perplexed when you see her getting out with joy (the day of her wedding)
    howa meskin kharej men darou mit
    and he is going out dead from his house (during his funeral)


    well,I did my best,greetings from Tunisia
    life is Super good
    (this is bull ****)
    if you seek arabic translation,PM me
  3. blueberrybear said:


    Thanks a lot
    Or in german..."vielen Dank" hhhh
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    larosa said:


    Quote Originally Posted by blueberrybear View Post
    Thanks a lot
    Or in german..."vielen Dank" hhhh
    you're welcome
    after all the words I rememberd were wrong
    life is Super good
    (this is bull ****)
    if you seek arabic translation,PM me
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    miroclubist said:


    larosa, you know all arabic accents ?
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    larosa said:


    Quote Originally Posted by miroclubist View Post
    larosa, you know all arabic accents ?
    only my accent,egyptian accents,libanese and syrian
    life is Super good
    (this is bull ****)
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