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  1. Riromexico said:

    Talking Saeed Shayesteh - Tannaz

    please could someone help me with the transliteration and lyrics of this song, i would really apreciate it, cause i like ti a lot, thanx a lot
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    afsaneh said:

    Default Saeed Shayesteh - Tannaz

    (a female name)

    Tannaaz che ghashange cheshmaat --------------------------- Tannaz how beautiful are your eyes
    Tannaaz che mikhande labhaat -------------------------------- Tannaz how your lips are smiling
    Sad del aasheghe negaate --------------------------------------- it is in love with you
    Mahve cheshmaaye siyaate ------------------------------------- it is drowned in your dark eyes

    Bekhand baa khandat hamisheh ------------------------------- laugh, always with your laughter
    Ghonche golhaa vaa mishe ------------------------------------- the buds start to bloom
    Messe Saeed aasheghe to --------------------------------------- like this in-love Saeed
    Hich kasi peidaa nemisheh --------------------------------------- you cannot ever find
    Vaay ------------------------------------------------------------------- oh!

    Delam ----------------------------------------------------------------- my heart
    Aasheghe negaate ------------------------------------------------- loves your glance
    Aasheghe khandehaate ------------------------------------------ loves your smiles
    Omriye dar be dar o ----------------------------------------------- for a lifetime it has been wandering
    Halaake boosehaate ---------------------------------------------- and dying for your kisses

    Tannaaz be man negaah kon ------------------------------------ Tannaz look at my heart
    Tannaaz akhmaato vaa kon -------------------------------------- Tannaz stop scowling
    Bi to delam migireh ------------------------------------------------ without you Iíll be desperate
    Az in zendegi sire --------------------------------------------------- and wants the life no more
    Ey maahe aasemuni ----------------------------------------------- oh heavenly moon
    Baa eshgh o merabooni ------------------------------------------- with love and kindness
    Heif ke pisham namuni ------------------------------------------- alas if you donít stay near me
    Ghadre delam naduni --------------------------------------------- and donít appreciate my heart
    "If music be the food of love; play on."
  3. Riromexico said:


    ohhh thank you so much, i really apreciate your help, thank you 10000000000
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    afsaneh said:


    your welcome dear
    "If music be the food of love; play on."