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    Unhappy [SOLVED] Identify song from ringtone

    Hey all, I made a ringtone from a song on a car commercial I'd heard a couple years ago, but as yet can't find it or the name of the song. I do have the ringtone, that I named "higher". I can't remember if that has to do with the name, but it is mostly an instrumental, but towards the end the singer says "you can come around to higher ground, but..." I have run out out ideas to figure it the name, I have tried sound hound and put the lyrics into several lyric search engines to no avail. I hope one of you has heard it and knows it's name. I am trying to upload the zipped file, but evidently you have to keep your uploads under 97KB? Its currently 1.5MB. I will try to reduce it, but it may not sound worth a crap. I'll try to upload it after I figure out how to shrink it.
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    Hi, upload to http://www.zippyshare.com/ and paste the link in your thread.
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