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  1. Famouss7x7 said:

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    Hey, are there any members on here who would be up to help me by helping with writing songs for non profit tracks that I would sing over? I would of course give you all credit for anything you help write. The music will not be sold and will just be for fun. I would really appreciate it if someone or a few people will be interested. Just shoot me a PM if you would like to help and I will give you more info on the track I would like to be written.
  2. ouss16041988 said:


    I'm interested
  3. Victor Sklyarov's Avatar

    Victor Sklyarov said:


    Me too.
  4. Kerri Faye Yates's Avatar

    Kerri Faye Yates said:


    I'd love to help if you are interested!
    ~Kerri Faye
  5. yronen4 said:


    Quote Originally Posted by Kerri Faye Yates View Post
    I'd love to help if you are interested!
    I would love too... I'm writing my own songs... tell me if you are still interested