[SOLVED] Hard Rock song... Ba-bang ba-bang bang

Thread: [SOLVED] Hard Rock song... Ba-bang ba-bang bang

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  1. TheMusicLuvR said:

    Red face [SOLVED] Hard Rock song... Ba-bang ba-bang bang

    I was channel flipping while driving the other day and I heard this vaguely familiar rock song on one of the stations... but the station was too fuzzy for me to make out the lyrics.

    It was pretty hard rock with very heavy guitars, drums, and bass, but not quite a "metal" sound. It had to be from at least the last 20 years, more than likely the last 10. Some of the verses were sung, but there was at least one that was "rapped." It seemed to be partly about war and partly about struggling in an urban ghetto. The chorus had distinct lyrics that sounded like they were "Boom badda boom ba-bang ba-bang bang." The only part of the song that was totally clear was when the rapper yelled "A PORNO FLICK" at the end of the verse...

    Anyone know this one? I seem to remember it being played a lot 8 years ago.
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    Mixalopoulos said:


    Kid Rock - American Bad A.ss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt84J7U75e0
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    Mixalopoulos, that's definitely the right type of sound, and really close to the chords, too, but it's not the right song.
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    bugmenot -- that's it! Thanks a zillion!