Paul Baghdadlian- Gyankes (ARMENIAN)

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  1. dj 7moody said:

    Exclamation Paul Baghdadlian- Gyankes (ARMENIAN)

    English translation please for an Armenian song, thank you!!
  2. marmora23 said:


    Hi there,
    I hadnt heard this one and although he is shouting the words, I did manage to translate most of the song that was clear enough to understand.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

    My Life

    my life....
    i havent understood what was the point of your love for me?
    it was a riddle......
    becoming a traveler today
    i canít go forward with it

    frankly, im unable (to go on) from the warmth of your kisses
    my memoriesÖ tear my body away from you

    a fall day passes
    to find your heart
    with the petals of your tears, let me come next to you
    your lips are glasses
    to press you tightly against my chest
    and let me get drunk in your blue eyes (eyes like the sky)

    when im far from you, i start to come closer
    Iíve fallen in love
    im entranced in ur love, i have no way out of it

    im saying the prison of love
    has become my heavens door
    from that fiery kiss, my lips havenít gotten satisfied (enough) of them
    and in our garden of love
    roses of every color
    bow before you when they look at you

    let everyone know in this world
    let them world know youíre an incredible, blue rose
    ah, youíre truly one of a kind