i need pills for my nerves caz they hurt and im worse than before
got my mind is insane full of hate and this hoes just bleedin and they wont let me breath
i smoke reds to the head and it doesnt make sense
caz the crack and the meth and the stress and the weed is a bless
from gods earth and this girls are so gross givin birth droppin kids
and this kids pray to god pray to him pray to who pray to me

im the don im the king im the son of a *****
from the wound from the cross adam and eve fuuuccck em all
be decease im the disease watch for me im like aids i infect till your weak
then attack ur insides and i wont let you eat
caz im dark and i bark like a dog like a beast from the east
i need peace i need god i need him
theres a six and a six and a six on granmas old crucifix
mentally im not here im just lookin for a fix

physically figures i dont fear
only him the big star in the air is the sun is the moon night night
i dont care
im the cool and the calm and i got the world in my palms
broken legs broken wings ****in broke *** dreams
take me out like abag full of trash and recycle me maybe i wont sin

but im curse i got thirst and i flirts wit the *****es and i wont **** wit snitches
thats the rule of the book live your life play it cool fucckkck the world caz is cruel tell the kids fuuuuccck the school
fake *** history in the books teachers know or there just puppets too
they just tryin to pay the damn rent ****in up generations below them

I.M. L.I.E.