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    Philadelphia-born rapper Cassidy was seriously injured in a car accident Wednesday night on the New Jersey Turnpike while en route to a recording studio, his handlers said.

    Cassidy, aka Barry Reese, 23, originally of the city's Cedarbrook section, was sitting in the passenger seat of an SUV when an oncoming truck rammed it, said entertainment lawyer Simon Rosen.

    Cassidy was the only person injured in the crash, Rosen said.

    Cassidy was taken to an undisclosed New York hospital and treated for a fractured skull and several broken bones on the left side of his face, his representatives said.

    "He's in critical condition, and we're waiting for results from the CAT scan," Theola Borden, vice president of publicity at J Records/Artist, said yesterday.

    MTV News reported that the CAT scan results showed Cassidy's brain activity is normal, that he is heavily sedated and that his injuries are not life-threatening.

    On Wednesday, Cassidy was on his way to a New York studio to work on his nearly completed third album, Rosen said. Cassidy's first album, "Split Personality," debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Charts in 2004. His second album, "I'm A Hustla," was released in 2005. The lead single, the album's title track, was a radio hit.

    "This is a setback that we will recover from," said Rosen. "We hope that everyone will say a prayer for his speedy recovery."

    "Cassidy's a tough kid," said Rosen. "He'll make it through this."
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    finaly, rap kneeds to die!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nica.ricke
    finaly, rap kneeds to die!!!!!
    ***? that's retarded.
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    Red face cassidy Injured In car crash

    i really hope he makes it out ok because i love me some cassidy.