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  1. aspwow said:

    Post Le ferry de Yagiri(French- English)

    please help me ,I can barely understand anything in French. Can anyone help, pleasee?
    French to English please ! Thanks!!!

    Le ferry de Yagiri

    Il m'accompagne lorsque je m'échappe
    Un vieil homme y pêche à la ligne
    Une pluie nocturne tombe sur le ferry de Yagiri(1)
    Je m'attache à ce sentiment, jusqu'à lui désobéir
    Je veux vivre être amoureux, être en couple

    Je ne peux pas te montrer mes sentiments n'est ce pas?
    Pourtant je ne crois pas pouvoir les abandonner.

    Le vent du Nord souffle de l'air sur les sanglots sur le ferry de Yagiri
    Sans tenir de propos, j'abandonne Shibamata(2)
    Je quitte le bateau, c'est mon destin.

    Vers où vais-je aller maintenant? ...
    Je connais bien un terrain de terre ...
    Je suis choqué d'être secoué dans cette barque japonaise alors que ça n'arrive pas dans le ferry de Yagiri
    Mon souffle tuait en approchant d'une personne
    Demain je ramerai, ce sera différent

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  2. lyrhaako said:



    I went ahead and searched for the original song, 矢切の渡し if I'm correct.
    So what you're asking for here is the translation of a translation... the inaccuracy risk is squared!

    I found this Youtube video with the Japanese lyrics translated to english by the uploader in the description. The obvious differences between the English and French translations mean either that the source Japanese lyrics are not exactly the qame (I've not rigorously checked), or one of the translator misunderstood.
    I can't evaluate these translations properly since I can only read kanas and barely understand anything in Japanese, just as you in French .
    I would suggest that you ask for a direct translation from the Japanese lyrics in the CJK forum.

    Next is what the youtuber proposed (which I think is a better translation that the French one you found, so it makes more sense than mine would):

    Please break loose, taking me with you.
    Follow me...
    The evening rain is falling at the Yagiri ferry bridge.
    Even betraying our parental feelings,
    We want to be loyal in our love.
    Please don't run out on me...
    I will never run out on you...
    The north wind is shrilling at the Yagiri ferry bridge.
    Deserting Shibamata giving rise to sad rumors,
    We cast our fate to the boat.
    Where are we destined to..?
    To the land we don't know...
    The oar is creaking waveringly at the Yagirii ferry bridge.
    Huddling together breathlessly,
    We are departing for tomorrow.

    I will nonetheless give you an humble translation (strictly based on the French text you gave, though some sentences are quite awkward) if you insist.
  3. lyrhaako said:



    I must say this song stuck to me even though it’s not really my style.
    I went back here to check and realized the uploader of the youtube video I mentioned updated his translation, and it indeed sounds better than before!

    Here goes:

    Tsurete nigeteyo
    ("Please run away with me.")

    Tsuite oideyo
    ("Follow me...")

    夕ぐれの雨が降る 矢切の渡し
    Yuugure no ame ga furu Yagiri no Watashi
    (The evening rain is falling at the Yagiri ferry pier.)

    親のこころに そむいてまでも
    Oya no kokoro ni somuite mademo
    (Even by disobeying our parents,)

    恋に生きたい 二人です
    Koi ni ikitai futari desu
    (We want to be loyal in our love.)

    Misute naidene
    ("Please don't abandon me...")

    Sutewa shinaiyo
    ("I will never do so...")

    北風が泣いて吹く 矢切の渡し
    Kitakaze ga naite fuku Yagiri no Watashi
    (The north wind is shrilling at the Yagiri ferry pier.)

    噂(うわさ)かなしい 柴又すてて
    Uwasa kanashii Sibamata sutete
    (Leaving Shibamata where sad rumors are running,)

    舟にまかせる さだめです
    Fune ni makaseru sadame desu
    (We will cast our fate to the boat.)

    Doko e yukunoyo
    ("Where are we going..?")

    Shiranu tochi dayo
    ("To the land we have never been...")

    揺れながら艪が咽(むせ)ぶ 矢切の渡し
    Yurenagara ro ga musebu Yagiri no Watashi
    (The wavering oar of the Yagiri ferry boat is creaking.)

    息を殺して 身を寄せながら
    Iki wo koroshite mi wo yosenagara
    (By huddling together breathlessly,)

    明日へ漕ぎだす 別れです
    Asu e kogidasu wakare desu
    (We are leaving for tomorrow.)

    With additional info:
    This song was originally sung by ちあきなおみ (Chiaki Naomi), and 細川たかし (Hosokawa Takashi), respectively. 船村徹 (Funamura Tohru) composed the song, and 石本美由起 (Ishimoto Miyuki) wrote the lyrics.

    矢切の渡し(Yagiri no Watashi) is the name of a ferry service (a boat with an oar) at 矢切 (Yagiri) in Chiba prefecture across the Edo-gawa River (江戸川) for Tokyo.

    At the beginning of Edo era, this ferry service using a traditional boat with an oar was started for farmers who had their rice fields across the river.