So maybe I just didn't dig enough on the site before I posted here, but I couldn't find an American Eagle section for anything other than in-store. This seemed to be the most relevant place to post this question, so here goes:

Does anyone know what this song is?
WARNING (for those of you who are unaware), the ad is for lingerie, so girls are walking around in it (and sometimes less). If you're not comfortable with that, please don't click the link.

Some of the lyrics:
Keeping good company always makes me feel [true?] blue.
With you right by my side I could live a hundred lives.
Baby, won't you come with me?
Do you want me, do you need me, baby?
Do you want me, do you need me, baby?
I know I'll need you, I'll always be true
If I keep my head straight and keep my sight set on you.