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    I'm a little secretive in showing my arts to the people.

    The blot spewn streets of people sewn
    together, a new chapter beheld for the worlds mass
    to change their domestics
    in which these carcasses creates a roof to live!!

    But every art has its flaws...


    and a single drop of blood,
    stains my notebook...............
    God is this necessary, your trials, but this?!
    My sincerity.. I f
    eel is lost

    A feeble touch of inspiration, a just spur.
    A moment of, and I am the motion of which is just about to be realised;

    A new roof of Mankind! To rid the world of ever rising obesity!

    Still, this fester plagues my nerve...
    .... .... .... the skin is not as durable as I thought, needs more stitches, might be to rigid, need to loosen it up, pull it tightly again, gentle now, needs to be perfect, people have to see, what I see..

    I must think again...like my great Father
    used to dwell

    to Hell.

    But it is simplicity in itself
    this...umbrella a black I'd forgotten
    covers my problems after all.

    Even their shadows whisper here
    a peculiar pattern conjures on the ground
    just as I, whom under it all
    mend an imprint on this macabre day.
    What will people think, when they enter the alley at noon?
    ...Oh wonders...
    I will meet them, with open arms...

    to give myself a token of sympathy
    for the punctured web dangling there and reeking in the early winds..
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    I accidentally deleted my last edit note, but I took this off the shelves again, and redid some parts which needed some overhaul, I think.
    I thought it had some raw emotions to it, which was really surprising to read again hah
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    Yea there is defo some raw emotion in there. But what i the most about this is the intriguing phrases sprinkled throughout. I confused myself a lil bit tho bcs in my country of birth a "roof" is also a very common slang for protector or cover. That could be a mafiya type or it could be a social or even gov entity. But "roof" is so generic anyway so i would think that it's to the reader to see it as s/he wants to

    Nice piece, really interesting!
    Music is what feelings sound like
    Listen to the Love
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    Thank you for the reply, I'm glad you found it interesting. Ah yes you are right, roof could actually be misinterpreted in that way!