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    Default Xebat mawludi - Jiyani Min (Done!)

    They are by the same artist xebat mawludi and the song title is: Jiyani Min.

    Thank you in advance.
    a nice song!!!!!!!!!!!! Video
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    Halo there...

    Jiyani mn - Khabat Mauludi - My Life

    Jiyani Min la new nigahi toya My Life is in your Destiny (face)
    Khayali min Shaw Pardgahi toya My Dreams are your Curtain at nights
    Wara ba pekawa bin , Miny bechara la zhin Let's live together, I am a homeless(he doesn't have fate) person
    Ghairi to nima kase I don't have anyone else expect you
    Esta to bo grtuta qin?Why are you angry right now?
    be to chon sate miny bechara sarkam How do I live without you?
    Magar amjara ba yakjary safarkam Unless I travel forever this time
    Brom lam shara Gullm I will leave this city(Place)
    Charaka kam dardy dillmto cure my heart's pains
    To nabit kwana amin, If you don't exist, I am not exist too
    Giroday Ahu dillm I am wailing to the pains of my heart
    Gar brom yadt la sinam dadamenetIf I go, your memories will stay on my Chest (heart)
    Shady aw khamai min narawenetThe happiness never makes me happy
    Taza magri ka darom, dazanim baesi tom Don't cry If I go, I know I am your Nightmare
    Namawe charrashin, harchi takhsira la xomI don't want it, I am pessimistic. Every mistake was my Fault

    Wish you enjoyeeee it
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