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    Default Xebat mawludi --- Legelma Be(Done!)

    Can anyone help translate this song into English?
    They are by the same artist Xebat mawludi and the song title is: Legelma Ba

    Thank you in advance.
    a nice song!!!!!!!!!!!! video


    download >>>
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    Hi there.. We are going to translate the songs according to our times, sorry to delay.

    Xabat Mauludi - Lagalm ba Stay with me

    Giyanakam, gar zhint nawet lagal mna.. Oh darling, if you don't want to live with me..
    Gar atawet dast lanachet la gardna, lagal ma ba If you want that hands always are on my neck (You always hug me), Stay with me
    lagal maba, la piyaday rwaw asao Stay with me from walking together toward sunrise
    la bedari, la araqi rash rshtna, laglma ba, lagal maba From sleepless nights, from sweating of grief, stay with me. stay with me
    Tekra bchin xor darbenin lanaw gomy tariky u hawri chilknda Let's go together to take the sun out from the dark lake and the dirty clouds
    Lagalma ba, xo ta amro lagalmabuystay with me, you have been staying till today
    La kwe malay daryay azadi bebna Where are you from the endless liberty sea?

    * The other parts are repeated...

    Wish you enjoyeeee.
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