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    Default possibly french song

    Heard a song while in Morocco.
    Not sure if it was on the radio and so recent, it might have been on the drivers mp3 player (it was a bus so I couldn't ask him).

    Soft vocals with a female singer.
    An accordion (probably)
    The lyrics were possibly French, but I'm not sure as my French is terrible.
    There was one phrase which may have been in English, it sounded like "Sure I wish that I".
    The lyrics also at one point went "Ay Ay Ay", but this is not easy to search for.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Could be female singer version of the Spanish song Ay, Ay, Ay, which was done in English by E. Humperdicnk in '67 as How Near is Love?, or Cielito Lindo.
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