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    Default Heard in KMART in the 2000s [SOLVED]

    To me, sounds exactly like the group M2M.....but I have checked every song they do and haven't found this song!

    The lead singer is female and sings in a very "breathy" way.

    The line from the chorus is "Every day.......Every night......I....."

    Now.... the word "I" above is sung for a long time....several bars......really prolonged. The song is slowish and melancholy.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I have been looking for this song for over 10 years.

    PS: There is nothing on Google, so if you search Google and write back about results found there, that's not it. I have searched and searched and searched.

    I am hoping someone personally remembers this song and can help.....
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    Default [solved]

    This was SOLVED. It was the group Cinnamon, the song was "Me as Helen of Troy". I obviously misheard some of the lyrics. It definitley had the "Everyday Every Night" line, but that's about it.

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