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  1. JeffOpium said:

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    what we learn to believe
    is we believe we can learn
    but there are no facts
    just perspectives
    ideas birthed of ideas that remain stolen
    these words mean nothing and hold no essence
    they are just lines in the wake of a thought's presence
    there is nothing to explain
    but something in everything
    we can not define this as we are not defined
    what is word but a feeble excuse to ramble
    and blather the incoherent sounds we wish
    none of us know
    yet believe we do
    and the idea of our ignorance escapes us into a field of arrogance
    and trivial perceptions of realities
    reality is just a word
    a word is just lines
    but what do i know?
  2. ElegantButler said:


    Socrates would be proud.