"Alice Cooper The Nightmare (1975)" Please help me catch words!

Thread: "Alice Cooper The Nightmare (1975)" Please help me catch words!

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  1. alice3 said:

    Default "Alice Cooper The Nightmare (1975)" Please help me catch words!

    I am very grateful to you all.


    Would you do me a favor?
    about Youtube video (above) , "Alice Cooper The Nightmare (1975)".

    I'm Japanese. Sadly, I can't catch Alice & Vincent Price words.
    So, please could someone write down their words (in English) ?

    (There is no English subtitle of this video.)

    Below part on Youtube video. (Alice & Vincent Price talk)


    Their talk is long, so I know it's very very very troublesome job.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. alice3 said:


    If you could, please fill the empty spaces below.

    V=Vincent Price. A= Alice Cooper.

    1: 07:32~09:50 part

    V:You _____ excuse me, but I am laughing,______ you, little boy,
    I'm laughing because you're lost.

    A:I'm not lost, I am sleeping.

    V:No, little boy, this is no longer simple sleep,
    this is much much more, this is the big one, the ultimate fantasm,
    the extravaganza, this a nightmare.
    You are at my mercy, little boy, because you created me.
    I am the spirit of the nightmare.


    V: Nightmares aren't from indigestion or tension or discomfort. They come from the blackness of your mind.
    This is all a part of your imagination.
    ____ little boy, I'm so thrilled that you have been blessed with such a fatal imagination.

    A:Thrill nothing.

    V: Yes, ___ makes my job so much easier.
    Now, what would you like first? _______ started _______

    A: Hold it. This is my nightmare, all right?

    V:Yes, that's collect. No _______ bar, all________, a 4 star nightmare.

    A:OK, Let's go!

    V: I appreciate your enthusiasm, little boy, you want excitement.
    That's what you _______, but first we must make a bargain.

    A:Oh. no, no, no bargain, no, no.

    V: Come now, it won't hurt, I promise. You're not selling your soul to the devil....
    You're just ______ All you have to do is to agree, Never to try to escape.

    A:Escape? Why? It's my nightmare?

    V: Good. I'm glad ______ same side, escape. What a glorious word.
    it always conjures up great visions of danger, whenever I hear it.
    All right, little boy, if it's excitement you're after,
    I'll show you some, I show you the tormenting way to incredible pleasure.
    But always remember, there is no escape.
  3. alice3 said:


    2: 15:19~15:48

    V:That's right, little boy.
    Sleep, ____ you have a wonderfully dreadful dream,
    a deliciously total feeling of helplessness.
    Fine. You _____________.
    I ___ so many _____ things in store for you, you _____________ enough.

    3: 25:02~26:21

    V: I see you come here for your education, oh that's very encouraging.
    Most children aren't interested ________.
    Well, this is my museum.
    I want to show you my wonderful spider collection.

    A:I don't like spiders, I don't like witches, I don't like you. ________

    V:Little boy, remember our bargain.
    Spiders ______ such a dearing little creatures, very much like you.
    But before I show you my most renowned prizes,
    _______, are you pleased with your excursion so far,
    I mean not afraid are you?

    Why? There's been nothing frightening yet, all's been so tame, so far.
    You don't want to wake up, do you?

    A:I ________

    V:You can't wake up.
    Well, now _____ take you ____ tour.
    Welcome to the museum of our __________.
    I'm moving right along here, please young man, don't touch the displays,
    _____ that's very cute.
  4. alice3 said:


    4: 40:20~40:51

    V:What's the matter, little boy, you look so sad.
    __________ like ____ playing with your toys?

    A: ______ just a little get carried away

    V: You reminded me when I was in you many hundred years ago,
    that's another nightmare.
    Well no harm, you're here to have a good time. and
    You must admit this nightmare is everything you wanted to be _____________,
    I haven't let you down, have I?

    5: 47:11~47:23

    V: ______________________________________
    Oh,we've got him _____________ such a splendid dream.

    6: 50:08~50:24

    V: He's coming along nice day, wonderfully demented __________________
    such a ________ selection. He fits in so perfectly.
    And more to come, little boy.

    7: 57:18~57:35

    V:Little boy, there is no need to run, you never find an escape,
    I have already told you that.

    A:I _____________. I'm getting out of here.

    V:No, you can't do that. You miss the best part. I save _____ for the last.

    8: 1:01:45~1:02:02

    V:This is what you wanted, __________ close your eyes,
    _______________ let you down, _____________________.
    You ________ so much help,
    because this entire nightmare was waiting patiently just inside your subconscious.
  5. alice3 said:


    If you could, please fill the empty spaces.

    And if you notice the words are wrong, please collect them.