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    Default Backstabs (Feel free to add)

    I never know love, and I'm okay with that,
    like a baseball player, who's never up to bat,
    Why would I take a chance on a load of ****,
    contracts to which I'd never commit,
    You ain't going to get a bite of this buisness,
    all she wrote, hell call that a witness,
    to what I've been working on, what I've been striving to finish,
    my pride and my reputation, of which you'll never dimminish,
    To all who apply, don't take this lightly,
    You'll never be able to shine nearly as brightly,
    I'm on the rise, and you can't bring me down,
    *****, you can never get like me, you a clown,
    I run my life now, I make my life choices,
    All you are now, are in my head as a bunch voices,
    All I do is tone you out, and you don't exisit,
    Cuz I remember that all you are is full of ****......
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    right an im too legit
    i wont stab you in the back im tryna stick the knife through ya ribs
    i aint cool with them
    i dont think that people like you should live
    what it do lil bxxch im jun the guy who thew the brick
    i dont give a fuxk who it hit
    they might assume we friends
    say i went to school them a-k i kill em stupid quick
    they fake i see there true intent i know what its like to get hurt
    tryna take a knife and place it in the other side of my shirt
    "and thats bad dont nothing hurt no worse than being backstabbed"
    i gotta roll i tried too add to it though lol work call pimp...................

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