What is a best song about bestfriends in love but cant be together?

Thread: What is a best song about bestfriends in love but cant be together?

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    Default What is a best song about bestfriends in love but cant be together?

    So my ive been bestfriends with him for 5 years now and its been a year since he expressed his feeligs that he wanted to be more than bestfriends. I didnt have any feelings for him back then though but he insisted and promised that he ll wait for me no matter what. So hes been waiting for me for a year now and i sort of feel like ims starting to have feelings for him but things are so complicated im like so twisted right now. Our families, friends, and even his ex really makes things complicated for us to be together. I want to be with him but i feel like i shouldnt, i dont want to risk our precious friendship either. I need songs that suits my story, for my bestie to be able to understand. Pop music is more preferable. Thanks.
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    i don't think music has the power to solve your problem, or even to make him understand your situation, unfortunately... your story is very common nowadays. the thing is that generally, people fall in love with eachother but not at the same time. here it's a little bit different, because he still love you and he is waiting for you. you know "bestfriend" relationships are very complicated between the two sexes because they will get attracted almost all the time.

    i think what you did wasn't the best choice. because during this entire year, he loved you and wanted you to love him too, while you didn't. do you know how it can be difficult for him? how did he feel? what came in his head when he saw your eyes and your smile?

    i'm not here to judge you but i would like you to understand that if you can't be with him, then you should have run away from him since the day he expressed his feelings to you. because you made him suffer, and now, as you start to get feelings for him too, you will suffer as well.
    when you can't be with someone, and you know it, don't make him hope he can be with you or he will suffer and then you too.

    but now, what is done is done. you need to step back, to think, and to realize what is the best for you. i can't tell you what is the best choice, because i don't know your situation, even all the songs of the world can't give you the answer.
    if you love him, marry him. simple. but if your parents or his parents are against this union, then you shouldn't. don't break the link with your parents for a lover. family love is eternal while love is (often) not. and don't break the link with his parents because he will blame you for that one day (when one of his parents will die for example).

    "don't marry the person you love. love the person you marry". you have to be careful of this feeling : love. it's often just an illusion. and the most important thing is don't enter marriage thinking that all you need is love.

    i hope you'll solve this situation quickly and be in peace with yourself. and remember that if you want answers, don't follow lyrics of romatic songs and so long... but ask to Almighty God.
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    "Different Drum" by Stone Ponies (featuring Linda Ronstadt)
    Them that can, do; them that can't... memorize Artist and Title
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    oldie but good (IMO of course). Gloria Estefan - "Cuts Both Ways" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkpyBlEwTPk