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  1. Tiny Laura said:

    Default Pls help me!!

    Hello to all
    I know this may sound crazy,but I'm looking for a song I heard in Greece in 2007.Unfortunately I don't know any words from it,all I know is that it was a man and a woman singing,the woman was blonde and had curly hair.I heard the song on TV loads of times,day and night,so I believe it was a big hit back then.
    If anyone could help me with that,I would really appreciate it,it's really important for me to find that song.
    Many thanks
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    WannaBFluent said:


    what kind of music? traditionnal? gansta rap? pop?

    maybe it was this : Δεν φεύγω Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης
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  3. Tiny Laura said:


    It was a dance song-ish,but a slow one,like a sad song.The one you sent me is sang by a man and the one I'm looking for is sang by a man and a woman
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    Amethystos said:


    Based on your description I can't be right ...
    but the song that was a hit back in 2007 summer and was a duet is the following

    It would be nice to describe the video if you remember any details.
    "Gilgamesh, where are you hurrying to?
    You will never find that life for which you are looking.
    When the gods created man they allotted to him death,
    but life they retained in their own keeping"
  5. samanthap said:


    Difficult though