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    Calling on God..
    The sky's something I'm dying to get in touch with..
    One day we'll rise to live above it.
    Writing cliff notes for those sitting on the edge.
    Hoping what this pen drops down gives my folks an uplift..
    Done with living low
    Life is more than just dough..
    Money comes, money goes
    Nothing's richer than your soul
    Nothing sittin' on the stove
    So what's with all the clothes and cars
    Temporary treasures that forever dwell in coves of the cold hearted..
    Most just want a father that's close
    Not far from home
    Mom's all on her own
    Still raising grown kids..
    Tryna build a road with no bricks
    So over being broke, I should just roll up a smoke for a fix
    But I don't
    I'd rather get high off my dreams
    And live life like tonight it's gone' cease
    Ain't no need to die young
    Scribe my own time machine through these lines
    I believe my old soul's still a teen at times
    Though I've grown
    I still see it when I'm thinking..
    Try not to do it often
    Action overrides talkin'
    So I'm speaking through weekends and nights spent working off the clock
    Always on it
    No time to watch it when envisioning the profit..
    The root of all evil
    We all grew up without a cash fern
    These days I'd rather light a match and watch the bags burn
    Ash out the past, and pass the black to the future
    Let illumination consume every fast turn
    Blackout on these tracks
    Had a need for speed
    Mashing on the gas
    Been returned the Mac
    Blast from the past
    Full clip in my hands grasp
    Grippin' on the trigger like I'm Mad Max
    Mad glad though, can't even act
    Clapped the stars, center mass
    Turned what I imagined into fact
    Faced it with mask at first
    Until I realized who I am
    Just another man searching for his path
    Kenotic plans washing all the dirt off my ave
    My people hurt, use these words as anesthetic
    Rap medic
    Blowing minds until I'm breathless
    Resuscitate your worth
    Feel alive from earth's lifelines
    Intertwined since birth
    Designed to tie you in with the heights you deserve
    It's time to fly because there ain't nowhere to run now
    People rolling blunts up, til' trees deem us stump town
    Sprout into the now or be forever afraid
    I once set out to be timeless, just to find things get better with age
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    That's just fantastic writing there StadiaMania, really satisfying rap poem. Care to look at my newest? "the empty moon" Thanks