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    Default Ljetno Kino Big Band & Vlada Divljan -- Najlepsa

    Can someone translate to English? Thank you for your time!

    Svakog jutra Sunce izadje
    ona me kraj sebe pronadje
    probudi se pa me pogleda
    tad je najlepsa

    Tad me prodju slutnje najcrnje
    sve se oko mene okrene
    jer me ona tako pogleda
    jer je najlepsa

    Kada hoce ona ume da
    da me nosi sve do oblaka
    I do sunce I do meseca

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    Najlepsa - The Beautifulest (or "the most beautiful" whichever suits you more xD)

    The sun comes out every morning
    she finds me beside her
    she wakes up and then looks at me
    at that moment she's the beautifulest

    That's when I get over the darkest suspicions
    all of it turns around me
    because she looks at me like that
    because she is the beautifulest

    When she wants to, she knows to
    carry all of me to the clouds
    And to the sun and to the moon
    眩しいでした ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ チガウゥ

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