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    Here is translation for "Kotiteollisuus - Silmä Silmästä, Hammas Hampaasta", which was requested in a private mail.


    Yhtye: Kotiteollisuus
    Levy: Maailmanloppu
    Kappale: Silmä Silmästä, Hammas Hampaasta

    [Verse 1]
    Johtajat marssivat, alamaiset kannoillaan,
    kuin aaveet jotka ei löydä koskaan maataan, kotiaan.
    Ne juosten kusee, eikä varmaan milloinkaan,
    vallanhaluaan, verenhimoaan saa loppumaan.
    Jumala on kuollut, ei se mitään, täällä pärjätään ilman sitäkin.
    Optio-onnelaan käyn sisään, niin kai tekis taivaan isäkin.

    On taivas rajana, nyt otetaan, (silmä silmästä, hammas hampaasta)
    Kiire on olla paikallaan, (silmä silmästä, hammas hampaasta)
    Isien synnit toistetaan, (silmä silmästä, hammas hampaasta)
    Näin maailma pysyy radallaan, (silmä silmästä ja hammas hampaasta)

    [Verse 2]
    Kiristää puku, kello painaa ranteessa,
    kun täällä rimpuilen, tanssikengät lehmän paskassa.
    Navetan haju, leijailee ilmassa, taksin ovi käy,
    ja olen jo toisessa paikassa.
    Kapina on loppu, kun saan valtaa, minut jauhetaan koneen osiksi.
    Kohti onnea käymme yhtä jalkaa, kunnes muutumme vaivattomiksi.

    [Refrain x2]


    Band: Domestic Industry
    Album: The end of the world
    Song: Eye for eye, tooth for a tooth [1]

    [Verse 1]
    Leaders are marching, underlings are following at their heels.
    Like ghosts who will never find their land, their home.
    They are pissing while running, and will probably never [2]
    be able to end their lust for power and blood.
    God is dead, it does not matter, here we can manage without him
    I am entering the happy place of stock options, maybe our father in heavens would to the same

    The sky is the limit, now we are taking, (Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!)
    We have to hurry to stay in place, (Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!) [3]
    We are repeating the sins of out fathers, (Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!)
    In this way everything will remain the same, (Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!) [4]

    [Verse 2]
    Business suit is feeling tight, wristwatch is chafing my wrist.
    When I am struggling here, my business shoes are stained with bullshit. [5][6]
    The smell of a bullshit is drifting in the air. [7]
    The door of the taxi closes, and I am already in another place.
    The rebellion is over, when I get the power, I will be milled into the pieces of machinery.[8]
    We are walking towards happiness side by side, until we have no more troubles. [9]

    [Refrain x2]

    Translation notes:
    [1] "Eye for eye, tooth for a tooth" is from Babylonian "Code of Hammurabi".
    [2] There is an old Finnish saying that when some job has been done poorly, the worker has been "pissing while running".
    [3] "we have to hurry to stay in place" is modern business term, meaning that in heavy competition a company needs to work hard just to maintain their status compared to other companies.
    [4] Literal translation for "maailma pysyy radallaan" would be "the planet will remain within its orbit".
    [5] "Tanssikengät" are "dancing shoes", but this term also means the formal leather shoes used with busines suit.
    [6] "lehmän paska" is "cow dung"; this term is also used to mean lying and double-dealing in business, so English term "bullshit" is suitable translation.
    [7] "navetan haju" is "smell of cowshed", which means "smell of lies" or "smell of bullshit".
    [8] This probably means, that he will become integral part of the company hierarchy.
    [9] The last line "kunnes muutumme vaivattomiksi" can have several meanings. "vaivaton" can mean "effortless", "healthy", "has no troubles" or "does not cause any trouble". However, it can also mean that a manager has become so senile that his lack of knowledge does not cause trouble anymore.
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    omg thank u so so much. and btw its another great lyrics by Jouni Hynynen