Can u translate these audio files 4 me?

Thread: Can u translate these audio files 4 me?

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  1. Ash4u said:

    Post Can u translate these audio files 4 me?

    Hi.. I'm using a distance calling company called and unfortunately there interactive voice menu is in Spanish.

    I recorded a part of the menu and put it in this video. I hope somebody here will help and translate the audio 4 me.

    Thanx :-)

  2. momper said:


    Please, excuse my clumsy English:

    Bienvenido a Dime Cuba
    Welcome to Dime Cuba
    Para llamar pulse 1
    To call push 1
    Para enviar y escuchar buzones de voz pulse 2
    To send and to listen voicemail push 2
    Pulse 3 para enviar los números de respuesta a su contacto
    Push 3 to send the numbers of answer to your contact
    Pulse 4 si desea cambiar su PIN
    Push 4 if you want to change your PIN
    Para consultar tu saldo pulsa 5
    To consult your balance push 5
    Pulsa 6 para llamar por la ruta junior
    Push 6 to call by "junior route".

    Para enviar un mensaje pulse 1
    To send a message push 1
    Para escuchar sus mensajes pulse 2
    To listen your messages push 2

    Por favor introduzca el número al que desea enviar un mensaje de voz o el número corto asignado a su contacto
    Please, write the number you want send a message to or the short number assigned to your contact

    Usted no tiene mensajes, pulse 2 para cambiar de directorio
    You don't have messages, push 2 to change the directory
    Pulse 0 para “opciones - configuración del buzón”
    Push 0 for "options- configuration of mailbox".
    Pulse asterisco para ayuda o almohadilla para salir
    Push asterisk for help or hash mark for exit
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  3. Ash4u said:


    Thank u very much.. ur English is pretty good too.

    I was suspecting that No. 2 was for voice messages but I want to check, thanks again.