Can anyone PLEASE help me find a song I've been looking for 9 years.

Thread: Can anyone PLEASE help me find a song I've been looking for 9 years.

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  1. forourcarry said:

    Post Can anyone PLEASE help me find a song I've been looking for 9 years.

    Hello guys,

    A long time ago, back in 2005 I listened to a song called " my house or my home" (something along that word - maybe part of the lyrics) from a band which belonged to the same category as Blindguardian, Rhapsody and even Therion (maybe in the category of metal or related), unfortunately I can't recall what was the group's name (nor the precise name of the song). I do remember that the song was definitely more than 7 minutes, in fact, I think it was 10 to 12 minutes long, very close to 11 minutes.

    Back in 2005, youtube wasnt a big thing (at least for me) so I used a website which had a list of songs from different bands (of same category). Too bad that website closed in 2006 and since the name of the song had to do with "home - house - my home - my house" , it was very hard to find even to this day.

    Please, help me if you can, I've been trying to find it for almost a decade now =/ .

    thank you guys.
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    atmaestro said:


    If the music catagory is metal, then it is probably safe to say we can eliminate "Our House" by Madness or "Our House" by CSN.
    Do you have any other lyrics to help with the search?
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  3. forourcarry said:


    Unfortunately, back in 2005 I was learning english so I really couldnt understand what they were singing, I remember that in the list of related songs there were:

    Blind guardian - bright eyes
    Freedom Call - Palace of Fantasy (which was mistakenly named "angles of darkness - by rhapsody" - another song I couldnt found until december 2012 since 2005 because I didn't understand the lyrics)
    Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce, Dragon Force, emerald sword.
    Therion - Voyage of Gurdjief, Birth of Venus Illegitima
    Nightwish - various songs
    Whithin Temptation

    These were the bands along the song I've been looking for but like I've said, the song title had "home - my home - house - my house" or maybe it was the album or part of the lyrics. I really wish I could find it before I die lol , I mean sometimes by mistake, coincidence or just part of life you come across a second opportunity
  4. forourcarry said:


    I also posted it on a metal forum, but they gave me a list of advanced searched that contained more than 2000 metal songs with the name "home", kinda hard to go through everyone of them, specially because i cant see the lenght of each song. The song was aproximately 11 minutes long, which I liked because I would play free for all in warcraft 3 while listen to it and just replay every 11 minutes rather than every 3 minutes like most other songs. (again this was back in 2005, so I would asssume the song came out between 2000 - 2005)