The Wag Wonderer by Fun Dog One (youtube:
2014©Lyrics: Philip Redhead

(LOUD SHOUT: Fun Dog in the House!)

Rocky, you ready? (Yo!)
Arnie? (Come on, let's do it!)
...and you are? (Leslie Chowwwwwowwwww!)

Verse 1
He drinks designer beer with a curly straw,
Throws away the flesh to eat the apple-core,
Made a pillow with belly-button fluff,
And his fashion it's the right stuff,
He dares to wear flares...

Verse 2
Bought on Ebay Pope on a rope,
Loves telling chicken across the road jokes,
For fresh cream milked a cow on its back,
His boomerang did a runner and never came back,
Wonder Why?
The Boys sing: FREEDOM

Wag Wonderer
Tag Ponderer
Wag Wonderer, Tag Ponderer, Wag Wonderer
Wag Wanderer

Verse 3
Five foot two 'n' thinks he's Rocky!
Rocky IMPRESSION: Adrian
Likes Mr Chow singin' Karaoke,
Mr Chow IMPRESSION: Chitty-Chitty She Bang-Bang, hey!
Kicked out choir singing dum-dee-dee-do-YOWW!
And the Memphis sightings really are true 'cause,
Elvis Lives!
Elvis IMPRESSION: Thank you very much


Verse 4
Tweeted Alice Cooper is a husky girl
Wants Luke and Laia to come and save the world!
Darth Vader IMPRESSION; Hey Luke, I'm you're father
Wears his jeans two sizes too tight,
Likes his mum to tuck him in at night.
And he's 35!


Verse 5
So many laughs, So hard to top,
Like Cousin It chattin'
IMPRESSION: Cousin It chatting
Or Cartman bein' a cop, Cartman
IMPRESSON: will respect my Authority!
The coolest of all: Ex-Governator,
Who made his name as the Terminator.
Elvis IMPRESSON: ... Play chess?
Arnie impression: I'll be black


The boys sing: Oy Oy Oy


Arnie adds annoyed at end of song: and its not a tumor!