I want to know what are the main differences about these dialects of Hindi - pronunciation or vocabulary or even gammar rules - and if there some tips to recognize them (for example a special sound of a letter that changes depending on the dialect).


1. Braj Bhasha (ब्रज भाषा) - Brij Bhasha (बॄज भाषा) - Braj Bhakha (ब्रज भाखा) - Dehaati Zabaan (देहाती ज़बान)
2. Haryanvi (हरियाणवी hariyāṇvī - हरयाणवी harayāṇvī)
3. Bundeli (बुन्देली - बुंदेली - زبان بندیلی‎)
4. Kannauji language
5. Hindustani (हिन्दुस्तानी - ہندوستانی)


1. Awadhi (अवधी - اودهي)
2. Bagheli (बघेली - बाघेली)
3. Chhattisgarhi (छत्तीसगढ़ी)


1. Rromani
2. Domari
3. Mumbai Hindi (बम्बईया हिंदी)

Is there any other dialect? Can they understand each other correctly? What dialect do you personally speak - native and learned?