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  1. Tania ATL's Avatar

    Tania ATL said:

    Default Forum update

    Hi all!

    I think most of you already noticed some changes in our forum's interface.

    First, all URLs have been changed. Second, no more FB likes, only thank-you buttons. Third, in section 'Learning Languages' all links to language-dedicated subforums were moved into single post.

    This all is because of recent upgrade of our forum engine. Due to security reasons we were forced to move to other version, and it does not goes along well with vbseo. That's why all the changes.

    We are trying to fix it back to normal. And for the time being you may post here your reports about any out-of-normal behavior (and other parts missing).

    May be you'll like a small chat on forums index as a compensation
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  2. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:


    I think this is a total mess, Tania. I don't like it at all!!
    We absolutely don't need blogging here. Threads were clear and fine.
    Now it's a chaos.
  3. Tania ATL's Avatar

    Tania ATL said:


    Thanks for your opinion, Amaryn! Blogs were a total experiment, now discarded. Chat at forum's home page is also an experiment, we'll see how users like it.
  4. Maviii's Avatar

    Maviii said:


    I miss the ''thank you'' and ''like'' button / now whenever we like something we will have to reply with a quote
    and so on.. its sad
  5. Tania ATL's Avatar

    Tania ATL said:


    Hey Maviii, 'Thanks' button is available as always!

    As for 'like' - admin will try to find a way to restore it ASAP.