Musical song...I think?!?!

Thread: Musical song...I think?!?!

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  1. MissMay3 said:

    Default Musical song...I think?!?!

    Hi, I'm going crazy here trying to find out wich song this is...I thought it was Les Miserable,but I can't find it i connection to that musical. I am not at all sure this is a musical song,but it sounds like it.
    The problem is that I only know one or two words of the song....(ONLY) BORDER(S)...(I'm not sure about only
    The songs start out very quiet and tender and ends in an explosion of music and vocals!

    Anyone that can help?...before I go C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!
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    andreasfromUSA said:


    Where did you first hear it?
  3. MissMay3 said:


    I've heard it a lot of times,mostley song by tenors...last time was in a concert where there was a lot of music from Les Miserable,but also a few other songs sung by a tenor.