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    Eccer said:

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    I remember building towers
    wide enough for me.
    And the walls like the archives
    I've made down here before,
    for whence the darkness breach.
    I'm a ghost that roams and
    there's a ways I believe,
    This is happiness, this is flow
    this is how normal people would walk, and I
    should too
    like them, it's continuous...

    if all that is and was...

    Alcohol's... a what? I don't
    remember, but it seemed
    genius at the time...
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  2. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    Great rhymes!
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    Teshka said:


    Eccer you're a genius at bringing thoughts and feelings to words, that's all that I can think to say....wish I were half this good
    Music is what feelings sound like
    Listen to the Love
  4. Eccer's Avatar

    Eccer said:


    Thank you both :-) was somehow drunk last night...and I still don't remember the title I came up with that night. So that's what this piece is trying to uncover lol.
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    StadiaMania said:


    You really do paint a picture of atmosphere and feeling, good work!