Little Big Town has exciting news for fans. Kimberly Schlapman says the group is putting the finishing touches on their new album and couldn’t be happier. In fact, she says they are “this close” to being finished with the follow-up to ‘Tornado.’

“I am so excited I can hardly stand it,” Schlapman tells the Tennessean. “It’s going to be great, I think — if you ask me.”

Although the new music is still the same Little Big Town, Schlapman says it is different. They worked with ‘Tornado’ producer Jay Joyce again and Schlapman says the record is ”a little bit of an evolution into what could possibly happen next.”

Following the smash success of ‘Pontoon,’ songwriters are all vying to get Little Big Town to record one of their songs. Even though they all write, it’s getting easier to not feel pressure to only record what they’ve written.

“We’ve never been afforded so many good songs before,” Schlapman explains. “We used to have to write everything or search high and low for great songs. But we were afforded a lot of amazing songs, and it’s all about the song.”

She says the group hopes to have their first single from the new album out around the same time as CMA Music Festival. If she’s right, that would be around June 5-8 when the festival kicks off in Nashville.