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    Galia888 said:

    Red face Florin Salam & Liviu Pustiu Ochii tai

    Να εμπιστεύεσαι τον άνθρωπο που μπορεί να δει τρία πράγματα σ εσένα:
    Τη ΘΛΙΨΗ πίσω από το χαμόγελό σου
    Την ΑΓΑΠΗ πίσω από το θυμό σου
    Το ΝΟΗΜΑ πίσω από τη σιωπή σου
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    kmmy said:


    Privesc la cer si plang
    De-o vreme sufar mult
    Nu pot sa uit ce-a fost
    Iubire fara rost...

    I look at the sky and cry
    for a while now I'm suffering so much
    I can't forget the past
    Pointless love

    Cu ce sunt vinovat
    Ce-as fi putut sa fac
    M-am saturat...
    Cat sa mai rabd??

    what am I to blame for
    what I could've done
    I'm tired
    How much more I have to endure

    Ochii tai ii vad si-acum
    Parca ma opresc din drum
    As vrea sa te fac sa spui
    Tot ce simti acum.

    i see your eyes even now
    as if they stop me from moving on
    i'd like to make you say
    everything you feel now

    Tu te-ai jucat cu mine
    Tu nu ai vrut iubire
    Si mereu te-ai gandit
    Numai la despartire

    you played with me
    you didn't want love
    and you always thought
    about breaking up

    Zilele trec mai greu
    Parca numai sunt eu
    Seara eu plang
    De dorul tauuu...

    days pass slower
    as if I'm not myself
    I cry at night
    longing for you