Like a bottle of champagne that was shaken just a bit too much, Little Big Town sprayed the CMT Music Awards stage with a rainbow of colors on Wednesday night (June 4).

The special occasion? The band's newest single, "Day Drinking."

At the beginning of the performance, Little Big Town's four members were dressed completely in white, as were the backing musicians. During a suspenseful pause, suddenly the large drums became the focal point and colorful liquid was splashing everywhere. At the end of it, Kimberly Schlapman looked like a smiling piece of pink bubble gum.

The artistic production was a well-kept secret. During a backstage visit with Cody Alan the day before the awards, Karen Fairchild told him, "We've been working on this a long time. And the CMT Awards are like a good luck charm for this band. I mean, two years in a row, we have had magical moments on this stage. So, I don't want to give anything away."

Fairchild takes lead vocals on the track, which is the first single from the band's new album due this fall. The band announced the album on their website last week although no title has been revealed. They recently filmed a music video for "Day Drinking" in Watertown, Tenn.

"We wrote this with our buddies Barry Dean and Troy Verges and had such a good time writing that day that it seemed to carry over into the spirit of the song," stated Jimi Westbrook. "It makes me think about those summer days when all that's on the agenda is hanging out, relaxing and having a good time with friends. So, if that's your plan, here's your song! 'Why don't we do a little day drinking?'"