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    Default Tina Ivanovic Ko rano poludi

    PLease translate this song. Hvala puno.

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    It is impossible to translate the stupidity of the lyrics, it would be lost in translation. The video is just one level better, and has nothing to do with the lyrics. Except one thing - that she is a "elite" prostitute.

    Anyway, you can summarize the lyrics into this: she got drunk, had sex with a guy she doesn't know, she feels bad or something, she partly blames him, and then the excuse in the title and refrain - it happens when you go mad "so early", having live that has dealt a blow to the whole society and her, you are prone to madness and all sorts of stupidities.

    That's the translation.

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    Sta si mi uradio
    What have you done to me
    kunem ti se evo
    I swear to you
    ne znam gde je levo
    I don't know where left is.

    Ne bih svoju haljinu
    I don't think her dress
    trazila po podu
    asked the floor
    da sam pila vodu
    and i was drinking water

    Vrtele se ture
    Revolve tour
    precice do avanture
    shortcuts to adventure
    a ja zedna
    and I'm thristy

    Celu noc sam bila
    All night I was calm
    zatisje pre ove bure
    But it was the silence before the storm
    truda vredna
    it worth the effort

    Refren. Kad se peva, kad se pije
    When he sings, you can drink
    ja nemam granice
    I have no limits
    ne znam kad je dosta
    I don't know when to stop
    pa za ruku prosle noci
    Last night hand in hand
    do zadnje stanice
    from the last station
    dovela sam gosta
    I brought the guest
    Ostade u cudu krevet moj
    A miracle stayed in my bed
    lik bez imena
    An unknown person
    kraj mene se budi
    next to me to be
    boli glava jer se pameti
    My mind caused me a headache
    kasno doziva
    The late calls
    ko rano poludi
    The early craziness

    Sta si mi uradio
    What did you do
    nisam te ni znala
    I don't even know
    a na crtu stala
    When the line stopped.

    Sad se pitam zasto sam
    Now I wonder why
    popila bez stila
    I drink with no style
    previse promila
    to much per mile

    is ok?

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    Who gets crazy early

    What have you done to me?
    Here, I swear I don't know where is left (direction)
    I wouldn't be looking for my dress on the floor
    if I were drinking water

    Rounds of drinks were spinning
    (they are) shortcuts to adventure, and I (was) thirsty
    All night I was silence before this storm
    I was worth the effort

    When it's drinking and singing time I have no limits I don't know when it is enough
    So last night, to the last station for a hand I took a guest
    My bed was left in wonder, person without a name wakes up next to me
    Head aches because the one who gets crazy early - comes to senses late

    What have you done to me?
    I haven't even known you yet I stepped on the line
    And now I wonder why I have been drinking without a style
    Too much per mill

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