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  1. Jimmy Adielson said:

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    Hi everybody,
    Im new here at this forum, from Sweden and I am a HOBBY musician, striving lightly to get an EP out on spotify etc while thats not the most important thing I have a really hard time with my lyrics, and have to figure them out first.

    So my lyrics is often for my music, mostley english, at the moment Im inspired of folkmusic... anyways here Is my latest lyric for a song, need some help of what you guys think, ideas and tips are wellcome, spelling..it all, be critcal!

    So its not a finished piece of lyric, a scratch, for a pretty fast song. Personally I think that the start sounds a bit cheezy or what to call it, but with music its sounds different... well what do you think about:

    Dancing Minuscules

    He makes a move to feel the groove
    aint that a funny sight
    the man sure cant dance
    heres a lesson for ya sonny
    you gotta stamp that roach down

    Ill dance
    for your eyes only

    Watching you lay in the grass as the sun goes down
    while a daddy longlegs dances on your face, he reminds me of me

    Im just a nerdy kid from the north
    with tied up hands as we are
    no one aint no one to anybody
    You gotta stamp that roach down!

    But someday
    Ill drive
    to a place called Sevilla

    Watching you lay in the grass as the sun goes down
    while a daddy longleg dances on your face, he reminds me of me

    Yeah, someday
    Ill dance
    for your embarrassment, only
  2. Teshka's Avatar

    Teshka said:


    I get the feeling that it could be a nice folk song.....cheesy? no I don't think that at all.....

    In the chorus I would just stick with 'for your eyes only'.....

    I really can't think of anything else to add. It has 'personality' and personal style and I'm curious about how it would sound musically. Stay with it, it seems promising to me
    Music is what feelings sound like
    Listen to the Love
  3. Jimmy Adielson said:


    Thank you for the reply

    Im glad for the positive comments! Nice to hear Im on the right way. Funny that you mentioned the chorus thing... the idea was like that at first and I think you are right. And Im gonna trow in another verse and one more stick after the "daddy longlegs" stick.

    Well the music is pretty much figured out, so I hope I can record it and Ill pm you a link to the song haha!

    Best Regards,