I want to put a live chat room on my site, any ideas how to do this?

Thread: I want to put a live chat room on my site, any ideas how to do this?

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  1. Wrightjane said:

    Default I want to put a live chat room on my site, any ideas how to do this?


    I have a website and quite a few members have suggested that adding a chat room would be a great idea.

    I'm searching for something I might be able to integrate well into my site.

    Has anyone tried RumbleTalk or C-box?
  2. Wrightjane said:


    If it help anyone. Here is my journey to find a good chatroom.
    I will not put the link to my music website as it is considered as violation of the TOC in here

    Any way: I have checked
    1 - Paid chat rooms (you have a trial period) - both downloads and chat services
    2 - Free chat rooms

    My conclusion: if you wish to add a chat to your website, choose a service as it is not loading your server.
    If you choose to install a chat, reserve a dedicated server (not shared server) for more than 30 chatters.

    Another conclusion is The good ones cost money. There are few that looks nice.
    I choose to use the Rumbletalk as it looks nice and can be configured very easily.
  3. Wrightjane said:


    Well, if someone is interested in a chat room for his music artist like me than I became and expert in this field. Here are my experience with finding the best one for my music page.

    1 - First I needed a chat that can be seen in mobile (all versions) so I narrowed down the search for html5 chat room that look good on both mobile and pc.

    2 - I needed a custom design, I needed my background to be black or transparent. This was very hard to find.

    3 - I do not like to install the chat in my server as this is high cpu and resource consumer. So I need a chat service.

    4 - Lastly, I needed the ability to add youtube videos.

    I have checked several chats and only 2 met my needs, RumbleTalk and Envolv.
    I choose RumbleTalk finally as it can be integrated into my page and not only as toolbar.

    Since I could not find answers in this forum, than I hope this overview will help someone.
  4. yunda said:


    Hi, I try Chat4Support.com which helps to easily put a live chat roon on website. I like this live chat and visitor tracking solution. It is definitely worth a try and it doesnt hurt when you can try their free version too. They provide outstanding support!!