Look at this, I'm livin' big life
And by big life, I mean sh1t, it's life
It's big, it's scary as this knife
At pitch midnite
So this is what the kid like
I get this b1tch did right
So ya betta hold ya f***ing' wig tight
Ask somebody, they gon' tell you this is his fight
I'm clenchin' my fists tight
Both of 'em, even the one on the mic
I don't give a f*** if you don't buy the hype
You're pretty petty, it's quite a sight
That's why I keep the deadly ready, you might die tonight
I keep this sh1t slicin' steady, Machete like to keep it Dynomite
You aint gon' forget me, and I'm high as a kite
Again, you aint gon' forget me, try as ya might

I don't give a f*** what you fools say
I just blew that sh1t out the frame
Y'all might as well put ya tools away
That what it is, sh1t, that was game
I put the flames in the gridlock
And all y'all do is suck a big co**
All day, every day, so what can I say?
Sh1t's insane, you'll still try... in vain
But I'll keep battlin' until only I remain

Just playing. I love y'all.