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    BackInBlack said:

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    I drop bars that are like golden stacks
    And I haven't been holdin' back
    Every line is a bold attack
    There's neva been a colder fact
    Than the fact that, I'm still at this
    Hold the world up like an ill atlas
    With a heavenly destiny ta kill rappas
    I keep comin' wit' them grill smashas
    Just call me Cassius, ya a** is grass now
    It's already in the past now, that's how
    I do this and after I do this I'm a pass out
    Wake up later and smash out
    Smoke till I drop again
    Might f**k ya mom again
    But that ****'s like bein' aqua man
    Still, the way I feel, she might not ever walk again

    It's the 32 bar cypher
    The 32 bar cypher

    32 bars, like a barge wit' a large battalion
    Comin' at ya like a chargin' stallion
    I'm here to smack retarded rapscallions
    That aint got talent, just talk that's valliant
    So who's tallyin'?
    I'm an Idabelian
    That stems my rebellion
    I'm a motha****in' hellion
    When I have ta be, when it's really on
    If it has to be, I'm a speak on somethin' you can feel me on
    You can laugh but see your crown will still be gon'
    I snatched that sh1t, now you have to admit you're a silly con
    See I don't just rap on this silicon, I smash the booth like a gorilla son
    Like we did Sadam with bombs, I always spill a ton
    I've been steady provin' that I'm, the f***in' illest one
    I'm collected and I'm calm, and this deal is done

    It's the 32 bar cypher
    The 32 bar cypher
  2. Alex Robinson said:


    Much preferred the 2nd verse to the first, first seemed a bit lazy especially with that aqua man reference.
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    BackInBlack said:


    It was a bit lazy but hey... I dig the aquaman reference. I've always been a jester. :P Thanks for the critique bro.